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K Systems LTD KSYS Token: Blockchain for Evolution!
通过 K Systems LTD
2018年9月6日 下午10:00 发布时间 (UTC)
The KSYS Token is the K Systems LTD Token: Our company is a registered UK firm (#11291459, Unique Taxpayer Reference 765811430 A) , building and deploying dApps for the Aerospace and Automotive Industries (AS/EN 9100 Quality Standards and CAD/CAM/CAE Parametric Blockchain Based 3D Suites like K-ATIA) , manufacturing the K Systems Supercomputer Series and providing ICO and Security services for startups. All of the K Systems LTD products and services are only purchasable with KSYS Tokens. The total supply will not be increased and KSYS Token holders will keep their coins as they have a real value within our ever-growing K-Economy Model, and, as we all know, if "Holders HODL, the value increases", making it interesting for everyone to adopt the KSYS Token as their Favorite Crypto Currency!
3% 完成
2018年12月30日 下午10:00
32 ETH
1,000 ETH
结束于 上调 Soft cap
沃思(WorldTRX) 一个建立互信的企业电子商务生态系统
通过 Chee Wee Loke
2018年10月24日 下午1:00 发布时间 (UTC)
拥有30多万个大型企业用户群和 21 亿美元的交易量,为沃思 (WorldTRX) 成为建立互信的电子商务生态系统奠定了坚实的基础。 我们已经开始建立一个企业级区块链采购生态系统,使买方和供应商之间能够进行可信的商业交易。在这里重塑传统的供应链行业的解决方案,針对采购过程中存在的一些缺陷。我们可以将业务付款周期从10天缩短到10分钟。WTX币将为WorldTRX生态系统内的跨境贸易提供方便有效的支付工具。
0% 完成
2018年12月8日 下午11:30
5,000 ETH
结束于 上调 Soft cap
GENEXI - Biotech Accelerator
2018年9月10日 下午6:00 发布时间 (UTC)
Genexi accelerates the transition of cutting-edge biotech projects from research to the market.
207% 完成
2018年10月10日 下午6:00
183,434 ETH
88,600 ETH
结束于 上调 Soft cap

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Pointerry is a new look at shopping. Pointerry is a new look at shopping. The benefit for both a seller and a consumer is possible! Share with friends your favourite city places and get points. Exchange points for goods and services and earn discounts! Turn ordinary shoping into a game! 1 25 70.03
ICO GIBN 全球工业BLOCKEYN生态系统 23 28 65.50
Sleekplay: Blockchain-based Monetization Platform SleekPlay is a content monetization platform that reinvents the way online multimedia content are consumed, distributed and monetized. Sleekplay as a new cryptocurrency and blockchain powered platform is designed for long-session applications, rewarding users for contributing device computing power while creating a new stream of income for application developers. 0 21 56.30