by KickEX
KUSD - Coming Soon
To be announced
KUSD is a utility token of the Kickecosystem that performs several basic functions

What is KUSD?

KUSD token has a semi-stable structure, the value of it is fixed by the price of its issue and fixed value in Kick Ecosystem, where it is always accepted at a price of $1 (USD).

KUSD token is based on a Proof-of-Trading mining algorithm: it is mined on KickEX exchange by users who trade and pay a commission for their completed transactions. For every equivalent of $1 (USD) paid on KickEX exchange, traders receive 0.25 KUSD to their wallet. 

What is KUSD token for?

KUSD, unlike KickToken, is a token which price is intended to be stable and similar to stablecoins or stabletokens. It is needed mainly for internal ecosystem settlements and between businesses participating in the ecosystem. The future of other stablecoins like USDT, for example, is unknown, but KUSD is completely transparent and seems more reliable to us.

KUSD is the only way to unfreeze Frozen KickToken

Unfreezing KickToken for KUSD tokens is also calculated at the rate of 1 KUSD = $1 (USD), to unfreeze KickToken worth $100 you need to pay 100 KUSD.

Will KUSD token ever be worth less than $1 (USD)?

We do not give guarantees but believe that the value of KUSD token will be maintained at approximately this level due to the complexity and cost of its production, as well as due to the established payment rules in the ecosystem: 1 KUSD = $1 (USD).

Why do you need KickToken if you have KUSD?

KickToken is the energy of the entire Kick Ecosystem, it remains the main means of payment on KickEX exchange and on KickICO platform and will provide bonuses. Unlike KUSD, the price is not fixed, which means it has much higher volatility.