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~로써 Albert Kirillov
2018. 6. 12. 오후 3:32 출시일 (UTC)
KASKO2GO combines a blockchain-based car insurance on demand, Israeli military grade AI fraud detection solution and telematics with dynamic driving conditions analysis via a mobile app.
128% 완료
2018. 6. 25. 오후 11:30
6,630 ETH
5,140 ETH
완료 시간 모금할 준비 Soft cap
Zuflo Exchange and Finance - One Platform
~로써 Zuflo.IO
2018. 4. 30. 오후 2:00 출시일 (UTC)
First Integrated Exchange & Finance Platform on Blockchain / Sidechain with Financing, FX Integration, & AI tools with Proof of Business Identity Sidechains.
253% 완료
2018. 6. 20. 오후 11:30
12,685 ETH
5,000 ETH
완료 시간 모금할 준비 Soft cap
Box2Table  - First Blockchain Solution for Restaurants and Suppliers
~로써 Edvin Lisovskij
2018. 5. 15. 오후 3:00 출시일 (UTC)
Box2Table is a technology company that provides food & beverage enterprises with a comprehensive cloud-based Software as a Service with a Point of Sales terminal; an automated inventory management system powered by AI; a decentralized blockchain trading platform and smart loan system between owners of small and large businesses as well as producers and distributors of products around the globe.
14% 완료
2018. 6. 19. 오후 11:30
22 ETH
150 ETH
완료 시간 모금할 준비 Soft cap

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