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FLOGmall - international e-commerce platform for crypt holders
2018. 4. 26. 오전 11:00 출시일 (UTC)
FLOGmall is a multi-format for online stores and free message boards that unites sellers and buyers of any goods/services for any tokens all over the world.
292% 완료
2018. 7. 20. 오후 11:00
52,588 ETH
18,000 ETH
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CryptoHIT | Decentralized Platform for Financial Gaming Projects
~로써 Yury Sotnikov
2018. 4. 13. 오후 1:00 출시일 (UTC)
Our mission is to create an easy-to-use, effective and financially profitable ecosystem for gamers and game developers.
135% 완료
2018. 7. 13. 오후 1:00
2,369 ETH
1,750 ETH
완료 시간 모금할 준비 Soft cap
TYDO - Multifunctional Cryptocurrency Trading Platform: Pre-Sale
~로써 TYDO
2018. 6. 26. 오후 5:00 출시일 (UTC)
TYDO platform is a modern multifunctional platform designed for efficient interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform includes Trading Terminal with technical analysis tools, Marketplace where platform users can exchange their trading strategies and ideas for TYD tokens, and Social Trading Platform where skilled traders can share their experience, portfolio structure, and trading history. Unlike existing trading solutions available today, TYDO incorporates all above-mentioned tools into one ecosystem, and also offers its users an opportunity to operate on more than 50 cryptocurrency exchanges.
117% 완료
2018. 7. 8. 오후 9:00
117 ETH
100 ETH
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Hi:Health The global ecosystem analyst - the date broker of personal medical data based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.The personal ecosystem for diagnosing a human body in real time.Finds sources, patterns of development of different diseases and prevents future illnesses. Insurance Health life. 434 3060 6,542.30
Bitex Global ICO COMMUNITY IMPACT MEETS GLOBAL EFFICIENCY BITEX is the first locally-embedded crypto-bank 19 1658 3,527.67
Litrabit - The Token for Every Student Litrabit, is Token created to be implemented in Educational institutes, So students can trade, pay for fee, their cafe bills, library fees and do much more. It is not just a Token but a whole trading Platform. One token for all of students needs. 29 673 1,412.27
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