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Campagne recemment finit

Terawatt (LED)
5 févr. 2018 00:00 Date de lancement (UTC)
Terawatt will help aggressively drive L.E.D. lighting adoption utilizing a DAO fund, harnessing geographically specific tax rebates, through token incentives, deflationary and private payment currency, LED bulb sales, voracious marketing, and key partnerships. We aim to help replace all incansdecent, CFL, and HPS/MH bulbs with L.E.D.s.
2208% Complet
28 févr. 2019 23:30
53,005 ETH
2,400 ETH
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GENEXI - Biotech Accelerator
10 sept. 2018 18:00 Date de lancement (UTC)
Genexi accelerates the transition of cutting-edge biotech projects from research to the market.
207% Complet
10 oct. 2018 18:00
183,434 ETH
88,600 ETH
Fini à Relevé Soft cap
PingPaid Решение для оплаты - Поздравляем вас с PingPaid!
15 juil. 2018 10:17 Date de lancement (UTC)
Новая платежная система, использующая любой криптовалют или токен PingPaid для оплаты или получения платежа по блочной цепочке за отсутствие или минимальную плату.
102% Complet
30 sept. 2018 10:16
21,557 ETH
21,000 ETH
Fini à Relevé Soft cap

Commmunity Choice

SWAT by PM Corp SWAT is a 15 month old Ambitious Block Chain Project with a Mission to enable Sustainable Financial Inclusion and Empowerment through Distributed Digital Dominance. PM Corp is the Parent Company of SWAT. 42 47 211.70
Agrolifecoin Agrolifecoin is a social network of agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing, where everyone can have their own stores to sell or buy products, both farmers and companies dedicated to the sale of agricultural products and tools. But this time in cryptoc 39 45 131.54
Walkex Walkex is an exchange that operates cryptographic currency trading, and offers many other products and services related to cryptocurrencies, such as DEX, IEO Launchpad. 107 55 125.00
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