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Genomequity Genomequity is a collaborative platform that rewards users for sharing their DNA with researchers. Our goal is to create one of the world's largest collections of genetic information. 2 26 60.34
Braingroom - EduTech Revolution Through Blockchain Blockchain based app and web platform for Learners to choose and book quality tutors or micro-sessions on a global basis. Singapore based start-up with offices in India, Middle East and Africa aims to unlock and disrupt the mico training market for good. 0 15 51.17
Vipe Exchanging between assets including VPE, BTC, ETH and USD are instant with almost non-existing fees. 0 19 48.00
REANIMATOR NEW ERA OF BLOCKCHAIN CINEMA The REANIMATOR team is creating a revolutionary box office platform called CRYPTOMOVIE, which will the first to introduce blockchain technologies into the global cinema industry and eliminate box office revenue fraud. The CRYPTOMOVIE platform is completely transparent and has numerous advantages over the existing services of online and offline movie ticket sales. To test the beta version of CRYPTOMOVIE, we will use the original sci-fi film rnr, produced by the LAM film company using the funds raised during the pre-sale in November-December 2017. 0 13 40.57
Most Innovative Crypto shopping portal An effective and trusted world wide shopping portal anytime, anywhere in a few simple clicks FREE shipping world wide if you shop using Kic coin 0 13 40.17
Digital Safe Platform- A Decentralized Place for all Professionals DSC is coming as TWO in ONE Project - A system where All Crypto Users will be encouraged and supported with a Decentralized Marketplace for all Professionals and a LIVE Trading/Exchanger's Platform 0 19 37.74
BitChord BitChord is the first-of-its-kind blockchain-based platform that enables guitar players to earn by creating quality original content and engaging directly with audiences 0 11 33.57
PHOTOLIKE / ФОТОЛАЙК quick online photo contests with gifts for the winners 0 4 10.00
移动医疗保健。 Blockchain。 STO。全球 MEDIBIT是您可能遇到的最雄心勃勃的项目之一,旨在拯救全球数百万人的生命。 它如何工作? 通过将寻求对其诊断的医疗状况的第二意见的患者与咨询医疗保健从业者联系起来。 为什么BLOCKCHAIN? 在采用这项技术之前,这种服务无法以经济有效的方式运作,确保患者的数据安全。区块链技术使这成为可能。 什么启发了这个项目? 数百万人别无选择,只能信任他们的医生。医生接受培训,以便在诊断时遵守医疗保健系统。 但这样的做法总能奏效吗? 0 2 4.00
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