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APELO- the new way to contact with celebrities ICO ICO
1,500.00 Soft Cap, ETH
35,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
15 Sep, 2019 - 25 Nov, 2019 Campaign Duration (UTC)


Decentralized Platform that connects celebrities and fans.


   Apelo is a decentralized platform, where fans can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite celebrities, athletes, or internet influencers. Our mission is to create the most authentic and memorable experience in the world.


  We realized, that the selfie video from celebrities are the new autographs, and we intend to democratize and bring this experience to the masses. Now you no longer need to hope for a random clash with a celebrity to take a picture or shoot a video with them. You can order it from us!



  Many people think that celebrities are unattainable people and treat them like something incredibly distant from themselves. Of course, everyone would like an autograph for himself or their loved ones, as a gift from their idols. But how to do it? You need to buy a ticket to a concert or try to catch them on a ceremony so that you can get a chance to meet them. But no one will give you a guarantee that you will be able to communicate with them. Now you dont need to do that! You can order from us not just an autograph, but a direct video message from celebrities for yourself or loved ones. Video messages from celebrities are new autografs and the future of comunications between the stars and their fans. It's a lot cooler and surprises everyone who orders it.


  Our platform solves the question of how to contact and ask the celebrity for a personal video shootout. We fully automate this process and people will only have to go to the site, select a celebrity and write him a message with a technical task and pay a small fee. This is already implemented and works incredibly simple.
There are a lot of celebrities who would like to write video messages or congratulations to their fans, but they do not have a suitable platform that would suit it, a platform that will moderate and operate all of this. This is where we help the stars and their fans to contact each other.


  • The main feature is the novelty and incredible emotion given by our service. As it is known, emotions are very important and they are one of the most demanded parts of our world.
  • There is nothing cooler compared with this gift for loved ones, as the video is specially addressed to you from your idols.
  • the prices of our service are kept in the range from $ 20 to $ 150, and the average price is $ 40, which allows us to remain affordable for almost everyone worldwide.


  Blockchain technology will make our service truly fast and affordable around the world. With the help of our tokens and blockchain technology, we will create a unique ecosystem. It will connect millions of people with their idols.
Tokens will allow to move away from bank acquiring, which will reduce commissions, as well as increase the speed of transactions hundreds of times!


A key feature of the Apelo platform will be its internal currency, APELO Coin. In order to implement various functions, as well as minimize processing time as much as possible, we need an internal currency based on a block chain. This will solve all the problems associated with managing, the time interval between the receipt of the order and its processing.

 At the initial stage, we will transfer 80% of the company's gross profit to cryptocurrency before reaching the break-even point in profit. After reaching this point, we plan to transfer all profits to cryptocurrency, and pay dividends to our investors.


For the sake of clarity, the herein described proposal and voting routines apply only to the APELO platform, e.g. they can be applied to vote on what are the best new features to develop. They are not related to the associated legal entity or shareholders.


Each investor is able to propose topics for voting on the platform forum. As the shareholders Union grows it is important to establish a mechanism that ensures only serious proposals can be voted for. There are two ways to ensure this:

     1. Minimum amount of tokens:

 At the time of making an offer, the participant must have a certain amount of tokens. The value of the amount may be changed by decision of the shareholders Union through another proposal.

     2. Preliminary discussions:

A forum, where ideas and proposals, such as new functions or budgets, can be described, discussed and promoted or discarded. Each token holder can vote for or against the offers. Only the proposals with the highest number of votes shall be included in the official voting process. Thus, the shareholders Union receives only relevant proposals, as not all proposals will receive sufficient support to enter into the formal proposal process. The number of proposals can be changed from the default by the Union following the above-mentioned proposal process.


Blockchain-based voting and vote counting protects all participants from double voting or malicious vote counting and strengthens the credibility of the results. In traditional organizational forms, a decision once made and approved may still not be implemented due to management problems. Blockchain-based smart contracts can guarantee the implementation of the solution. for example, let's take the marketing budget for the next quarter. Smart contract will free up budget funds only if will be achieved the necessary quota of the vote. APELO will analyze and possibly expand the platform's additional features to blockchain technology in the future. One of the first future functionalities is a blockchain-based payment gateway and blockchain - based reward system.


The loyalty and reward system is designed to increase the attractiveness of the platform. Rewards 
will be earned in tokens.

 Rewards for customers:

Active participants will receive rewards. APELO is developing a loyalty program specifically for customers who will use our platform. We implement a bonus discount for those who will buy our services in tokens, thereby stimulating the transition to tokens from fiat money. Customers who hold a certain amount of tokens in their profile will be rewarded with a loyalty benefit. For example: the client charges 100 EUR  in tokens, as well as transfers voting rights in the discussions on the forum, he will receive 50% of the bonus tokens earned from the activity on the forum. This will create more loyal customers.

Reward for sharing expirience:

The fundamental engine of trust in e-Commerce is the shared experience of customers. 
APELO encourages customers to share their experiences through: 



 For each rating and comment, the customer receives tokens. As the quality and usefulness of reviews to other customers may vary, high-quality reviews (rated by other customer endorsing the usefulness of the comment) receive additional tokens depending on how many customers found the rating useful.

 Celebrity awards:

Every product becomes attractive to customers when it is of high quality, attractive to a wide audience at a competitive price. Therefore, celebrities will earn tokens when their "personal rating" is high and if users appreciate their talent. Thus, a rating model will  be implemented, based on the reviews and comments of the customers. Having a high rating will allow them to use a dynamic pricing model for reducing 
commission held by the platform. Customers will also be asked to share their experience of interacting with a celebrity in exchange for tokens.


APELO  now charges a 25% platform fee from celebrities. As the company grows, we will reduce these fees to 10%, which will make us more attractive to celebrities and put pressure on our competitors who work in the fiat sector. This fee will not be charged to celebrities who prefer to donate their money to charity.

APELO coin will be the main payment currency on our platform, and after blockchain integration will be mainly used in the ecosystem. Over time, we want to move away from fiat transactions and completely switch to APELO coin.


The more our service grows, the higher the demand for tokens will be. Because of this, the price will only rise and almost never be able to fall. We will also have a limited number of tokens issued, and they cannot be reissued or forked. These 2 factors guarantee the growth of APELO coin price.



We present you our plans for the future



According to our observations, the private token sales leads to a sharp drop in the cost of the token in the first months of entering the stock exchanges. Therefore, we will limit ourselves with ICO bonus program.



We want to distribute tokens as honestly as possible, so that they do not fall in price, but only grow up.





Our team is a unique combination of extensive business experience, software development skills, marketing, as well as people from show business with rich experience in the niche!



WHITEPAPER- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KpMZEPN6_E1-Fhruulq2RJMrYuJXwZQt

VISIT OUR SITE- www.apelo.ru

ICO landing page- www.apelo/ico