Рейтинг проектов Стань частью сообщества и голосуй за кампании, формируя будущее всемирной цифровой экономики! Войдите для голосования
NVIS - The Invisible Internet. Asset Loss Prevention. NVIS is the use token on a global network for ad-hoc contracts with ultra secure, interconnected and untraceable nodes to provide the best privacy and asset protection from theft. 57 259 232 200.59
ZoneX eSports Platform Мы планируем организацию и проведение международных киберспортивных онлайн-турниров, по 50 играм, в более чем 220 различных форматах. Все финансовые взаимодействия на платформе между участниками будут происходить с помощью смарт-контрактов. 19 69 68 110.46
SellSnap - Global Marketplace on blockchain Sellsnap - decentralized marketplace, open to everybody willing to buy and sell goods using crypto-currency, and control delivery via using smart-contracts on blockchain, as well as to enjoy various benefits and rewards that come with it. 8 112 73 72.03
SOLID ART SOLIDART, unlike other concepts that develop ideas in the music & video industry using the blockchain platform, believes that it is important to change the means of delivering content before the liberation of the source of media content. If society gets rid of the pressures of the current industry while accessing digital media, the sector will act according to the people. They will have to change the policies they apply according to user needs. Changing the pattern of demand in the market will ensure that it keeps pace with its current supply. With SOLIDART’s Live Media Broadcasting and License Platform, digital media sources (Artists, Videographers, Producers, Music Supports, Managers) will be obliged to join under this concept. When SOLIDART strengthens, it will be in the business of allying with platforms that have the same target. Do not forget we believe in the power of the community. 2 24 6 67.25
Cooonet: City in the Cloud Decentralized global dynamically comprehensive online learning and digital services P2P marketplace, seamless and secure e-service transactions and state of the art ICT, fully digitized and brought into the blockchain and cloud computing era. Invest in Digital Education and a borderless Gig Economy! 0 18 70 62.50
POTENTIAM: Revolutionizing the Music Industry one Block at a Time. Own A Slice Of The Billion Dollar Music Industry. 10 23 133 62.27
Change the world with biomass power generation We will build a biomass power plant fueled by the world's first horse shit, sell the electricity we generated to electric power companies and gain profits. In addition, horses after use as fuel is reused as fertilizer of the field, it is a project to build an energy system with minimum environmental burden and spread it from Japan to the world. 3 27 82 57.79
ILP - платформа для умного обучения людей ILP - платформа для умного обучения людей 0 20 73 51.17
The first solar-powered fruit crypto farm So, we are a team of CoinBerry startup authors, who are enthusiastic entrepreneurs and professionals, and we are launching a fruit crypto farm - a physical complex of production facilities for growing strawberries in a high-tech greenhouse all year round. Heating of the greenhouse it’s the heat generated from the mining farm, which receives electricity from its own solar power plant. In addition, we form a technology cluster in the form of a mining farm, created for the purpose of combining private miners into a consolidated pool, giving its private investors the right to lease / own some of the computational capabilities of the cryptoferm. The CoinBerry project is preparing to become a resident of the Territory of Advanced Development (TAD) of Vladivostok, which will give preferential tax holidays for up to 5 years. Considering the forthcoming Russian draft law on the regulation of the cryptocurrency, the CoinBerry project remains as an island of a tax benefits for private miners. 36 53 186 44.83
BestMeta—Blockchain Exchange for the Gaming Market BestMeta is the first decentralized gaming environment. Using Blockchain we boost the market of video games providing direct and transparent access for gamers to support and engage with the projects they like through tokenized ecosystem. 21 29 7 42.85
SyncFab Manufacturing Blockchain SyncFab provides a Smart Manufacturing Blockchain through Smart City public-private partnerships with manufacturers at the local, regional and national levels. Our goals are to advance efforts to decentralize manufacturing economies of scale on a transparent distributed ledger via a public, peer-to-peer ecosystem, powered by the MFG Utility Token. 0 17 71 42.44
NextGen Drivers Blockchain Ecosystem and CARCO token Pay system NextGen Drivers Blockchain Ecosystem, that offers a simple communication, payment service and entertainment! 18 18 61 41.64
Providence Crypto Casino & Resort Providence is building the first fully​ ​cashless​ ​Crypto​ ​Casino​ ​&​ ​Resort​. A location for cryptocurrency and gambling enthusiasts to meet, party, and relax out in the real world and at a very attractive location in Malta, Europe. 8 12 62 39.99
Cryptoloans Первая блокчейн платформа безопасного кредитования, торговли и обмена криптовалютами. 1 23 85 37.65
Arenaplay.io - Gaming Platform and 3D MMORPG Play games and Get Paid - Platform with Games where players time is valued. 9 14 59 37.47
Terawatt (LED) Terawatt will help aggressively drive L.E.D. lighting adoption utilizing a DAO to harness geographically specific tax rebates, through token incentives, voracious marketing, and key partnerships. We aim to help replace all incansdecent, CFL, and HPS/MH bulbs with L.E.D.s. 7 18 66 35.55
Millidor - глобальная онлайн стратегия Миллидор – клиентская глобальная онлайн стратегия с элементами РПГ в лучших традициях классического фэнтези. Здесь вы можете стать правителем своего королевства - суровым, деспотичным воякой или дипломатичным торговцем – выбор за вами! 1 16 65 33.49
InDeep - The Future of Blockchain Gaming Technology Our goal is to create revolutionary gaming platform based on blockchain technology. InDeep project was founded out of necessity to make gaming world stable, safe and secure. 4 15 63 32.20
Vesa - блокчейн сервис независимого копирования криптовалютных сделок Vesa is a fintech startup that allows newbie investors effectively earn on cryptocurrency rates. By means of the project, investors can automatically repeat the chosen trader's actions on the exchange, paying them a small commission. Instead of chaotic first steps on the market, investors follow a proven trading strategy of an experienced trader. And traders get an additional income for their trading talents. As a result, it gets easier and safer for new investors to enter the cryptocurrency market, which has a positive effect on cryptocurrency capitalization and popularity. 1 9 26 27.99