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  • Coin Name : BALI COIN
  • Coin Ticker : BALI
  • Coin Function : Utility Coin
  • Coin Type : Ethereum Token
  • Smart Contract Address
  • Block Explorer
  • Supply : 70.000.000
  • Algorythm : ETHash (POW)


Bali Coin is a Travel Discount Voucher created in the form of ERC20 Ethereum Token. Supported by Ethereum Blockchain with its peer-to-peer and Smart Contract features is the technology behind its creation.

Therefore, it is Secure. Fast. Accurate. Convenience.

The transactions can be done by anyone anywhere in the world to anyone anywhere in the world. Hassle free. Anonymously. No third parties. No intermediaries.


Bali coin is vouchers for wholesale prices and discounts on travel activities, such as: purchasing flight tickets, booking hotels, hiring cars, buying gifts, tour guides, etc, at Bali Coin Network of Merchants.

It is also the ultimate solutions for tourists who have the following problems when they travel abroad:

  • Lost credit/debit cards
  • Credit/Debit Cards got declined
  • Credit/Debit Cards got hacked
  • Fail to withdraw money from ATM
  • Etc.

Apart from that, Bali Coin holders who take advantage of this Time Limited CrowdSale Program can expect a nice gain in the near future while helping the growth of the tourism industry. Especially 
grass-roots entrepreneurs in the travel industry.


To become the most used Crypto Travel Discount Vouchers which can be used all over the world.

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Ethereum Blockchain For Secure, Anonymous and Fast Transactions.


Autonomous Process and Verification.


Transparent, Auditable with Zero Intervention Transaction Records.


Blockchain Connected Mobile App for Android & iOS with User-Friendly Interface.

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  • Bali is one of Indonesia's 34 provinces and Bali has been named as World's Best Tourist Destination in 2017 by TripAdvisor. This is why when you talk about Bali, you talk about a legendary tourism destination. Bali is the icon of Indonesian Tourism. This is the reason behind the name of our Ethereum Token: Bali Coin. 
  • For the time being, Bali Coin is the only Travel Discount Vouchers that provides local and international tourists with wholesale prices for purchasing airplane tickets to go from Bali to all big cities in Indonesia and vice versa, and also for booking hotels in Bali and all big cities in Indonesia.

    You can do it RIGHT NOW through and through a lot more OTA (Online Travel Agencies) in the near future.
  • Bali Coin is also the only Travel Discount Vouchers in Indonesia that provides the ultimate solutions for the following problems addressed by Lilly White, a Spiritual Book Writer from Canada:

  • Bali Coin will make your travel expenses more efficient (Miss Julia Spence from Sydney)

  • Bali Coin is the world's first and only Ethereum Token that was endorsed and got a great support from a Legendary Figure in the Tourism Industry in Bali: Agung Prana.

    He has received 32 International and National Awards for his remarkable capabilities in advancing environmental awareness and promoting understanding between international scientists, conservationists, business owners, fishermen and community leaders. He is highly regarded as one of Bali’s visionaries who has developed a new concept in community-based tourism — bringing dignity and new economic opportunities to local villagers while supporting the fight against extreme poverty in North Bali. 

    On April 18, 2018, he will be receiving his 32nd Award. He was Nominated Top 3 Grand Final Winner Tourism Tomorrow 2018. The award will be given at the prestigious World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) event, which will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    In the following video,Mr. Agung Prana said that Bali Coin is good for Balinese Tourism Industry because Bali Coin can help grassroots Tourism Merchants, Homestays, Hotels growing by giving them opportunities to advertise for free in Bali Coin's websites and apps to reach wider Target Audience from all over the world. He also said: "I'm grateful for the presence of  Bali Coin here in Bali. I'm fully supporting Bali Coin and I will introduce the Bali Coin Team to my friends and colleagues from the Hotels and Restaurants Owners Associations in Bali...."

Mr. Agung Prana's Taman Sari Resort & Spa at Pemuteran (#1 Best Seller at and Puri Taman Sari Resort at Marga, Tabanan are the early adopters of Bali Coin. You can stay there at wholesale prices using Bali Coin. 

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  • According to Indonesian Tourism Board between 4 and 6 million international tourists visit Bali every year.
  • There were 265 million local tourists' traveling activities in 2017 alone and these numbers may increase significantly in 2018.
  • Indonesian Government estimated 20 million international tourists will be visiting Indonesia in 2019 and expected around US$18.45 billion of an incoming fund from their traveling activities.
  • Asphurindo (Indonesia's Hajj and Umrah Travel Business Owners Association) estimated 1 million Indonesians will be visiting Mecca for a Muslim Pilgrimage Journey called Umrah and each one of them is spending between $2,000 and $4,000 for their traveling needs.  

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1. We had been doing Roadshow Workshops to introduce Cryptocurrency and Bali Coin to potential Bali Coin users and Merchants in Bali and Jakarta.

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2. We have built a strong connection with Asphurindo. We provide its members with a half-day workshop on "How to Build A Brand in Time of Crisis" topic to give them new ideas and solutions to solve their problems. One of these new ideas and solutions is using Bali Coins for fast, secure, accurate and convenient transactions. 

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3. We have introduced Bali Coin to and got full support from many communities, e.g.: Golf, Yoga, Environmental Development, small to medium enterprise owners, etc.

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4. We have established a long-lasting partnership with MBOIG (Mercedez Benz Owners Indonesia Golfers) Community and we are sponsoring MBOIG Golf Tournament which will take place in May 2018.

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Above is the Poster of the MBOIG Golf Tournament that we are sponsoring. It was designed before we closed the deal as one of the tournament's sponsors.

5. Bali Coin has managed to get exposures from several offline and online media. 

Bali TV interviewed Mr. Adam Yusfan Edwin, one of Bali Coin Co-founders, at the Cryptocurrency Workshop we held at Puri Taman Sari Resort, Marga, Tabanan, Bali. He explained the benefits of having and using Bali Coin for traveling. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic said that Bali Coin could also function as digital profit maker in the long run, due to the fact that Bali Coin's value may increase in the near future. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic explained how Bali Coin could benefit local, and international tourists, as well as Tourism Merchants that accept Bali Coin Discount Vouchers. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic mentioned how Agung Prana (the one in the middle in the photo above), a highly respected figure in the Balinese Tourism Industry, appreciated Bali Coin and what it stands for.

6. We have run a "10% Discount on Flight Tickets to Bali + 20% Cash Back in Bali Coin" Promo Program during March 2018. Below are some of the testimonials we got from Bali Coin users who took advantage of the program.

They were basically saying that they bought tickets to go to or from Bali using Bali Coins as Discount Vouchers and the transactions went smoothly, fast, convenient and hassle-free.

7. We have hired a full-service Advertising Agency that will take care of Bali Coin Brand Building Campaign (Offline & Online) which includes Digital Marketing, PR, Brand Activation and Below the Line Activities. Here are some examples of their creative works:

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7. We already in sync with many Bali Coin Compatible Apps ( ImToken Wallet , Trust Wallet, BlockFolio and many others)

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8. Bali coin also took part as the exhibitor at Blockchain indo 2018 event, which will be held in Jakarta on May 11-12, 2018. Event by Crypto Event and the participants from all over the world with 1500 attendees, 40 speakers, 50 exhibitors, including Bali coin.

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We have done a lot and we need to scale-up to achieve our target on time or even sooner. That's where you, future Bali Coin Investor, come in.


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IDEA & RESEARCH ( 2015 )

  • Research on Tourism Industry & Online Payment which includes flight tickets, hotel bookings, accommodations and other tourism facilities.
  • Development of website & Android app and partnership with as the Payment gateway and booking agent.


  • Building location-based merchants for android and submission to Play Store.
  • Partnership with merchants (hotel, restaurant, cafe, salon, convenience store, fitness center, spa, and many more).
  • Users can browse through hundreds of merchants around their locations to get the best deals.


  • Research on Cryptocurrency & Blockchain for the alternative payment system.
  • Investment & trading on Cryptocurrency, based on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other platforms on Exchanger ( Poloniex, Tidex, Kraken, Hitbtc, nova exchange and other).
  • Building applications using Blockchain API from and


  • Building Ethereum Smart Contract, web development of
  • Create Social Media Channel.
  • Promotion and deal with new merchants to create tour packages.
  • Gathering the initial team and early investors through Social Media & Google Advertising

ICO SCHEDULE 1 ( Q4 2017 )

  • Preparation for pre-ICO of Bali Coin and launching of pre-ICO (online & offline) November 15 to 30, 2017.
  • ICO Bali Coin from December 1 to 30, 2017, and Blockchain audit for 1 month (January 1 to 30, 2018).

ICO SCHEDULE 2 ( Q1 2018 )

  • Coin transfer to Investor ERC20 wallet (January 2018)
  • Integration of Bali Coin as a discount tool on Travel Kita website & Integration of Bali Coin as a discount tool at Merchants listed on Info Sekitar Application.
  • Partnership with major online booking site,,, and many more.
  • Partnership with banks for card payment using e-money.
  • Listing on Free Exchange, and Mercatox


  • Listing on major exchangers such as Poloniex, Kraken, Livecoin, HitBTC, Tidex, and Others in.
  • Submit to Coin Market Cap
  • Development of Bali Coin Mobile App for users and merchants.
  • Development of an internal exchanger
  • Future development of Bali Coin
  • Legal procedures


  • Research on Consumer Insights
  • Whitepaper and Roadmap Revision
  • Website Redesign and Rewriting 
  • Bali Coin Brand Building Campaign Plan & Execution Throughout the Year of 2018
  • Bali Coin Tactical Campaign Plan & Execution Throughout the Year of 2018
  • Bali Coin Digital Marketing Campaign Plan & Execution Throughout the Year of 2018
  • Bali Coin PR (Public Relations) Campaign Plan & Execution Throughout the Year of 2018

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From Left to Right :

Alexander Amalo - Co-Founder, 15 Years of Experience in Web Development, Blockchain Developer and Researcher

Aries Hendra Wardhana - Co-Founder, Business Development, 19 Years of Experience in Hotel Management & FB Division, Network Building Expert.

Yusnan Gisting, SE - CEO/Founder, 20 Years of Experience in Hotel & Restaurant Businesses, Tourism Expert.

Rizky Nur Zamzamy - Co-Founder, 29 Years of Experience in Building National and International Brands, Digital Marketing, Advertising and Marketing Communications Expert.

Adam Yusfan Edwin, S.Kom - Co-Founder, 20 Years of Experience in Software Development, Server Administrator, Crypto Investor.

You can find the rest of the Team Members at

If you are interested in supporting Bali Coin,  just send your ETH from your Ethereum Wallet ERC20 account (NOT FROM YOUR EXCHANGER ACCOUNT) to the following address or QRCode:


We will send your Bali Coins as soon as we receive your ETH.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact Alexander Amalo (Alex) at his personal Telegram Account: @alexamalo or Join our Telegram Group

Thank you for reading our Kick-ICO Campaign this far.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as Bali Coin Newest Investor soon.

Have A Great Day!

Best Regards,

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P.S.: Please join Bali Coin Global Telegram Group and follow our Social Media Accounts here:

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