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Time Money will be first decentralized on-demand economy platform for people to meet, provide different services, coaching, consultation or any other help, which is time or task based.
Unique per minute calculation system and blockchain technology makes platform secure and transparent. We will ensure that these meetings between users are mutually beneficiary, great quality and rewarded. All transactions between users will be written in Smart contract-based payment gateway with transactions recorded in Blockchain, which currently is most secure system and open to the world.

Our team consist of highly respected and recognized Latvian entrepreneurs, who came together and are doing first Latvia ICO. CEO Oskars Dombrava has big experience in telecommunications and internet marketing (+10 years) and has been developing and leading project since 2016. Platform logic and workflow was developed in USA, Florida by doing focus groups, consulting advisers from worldwide venture capital and telecom companies. As soon as Blockchain became more popular, we knew it was right next step, as we wanted decentralized on demand service, meeting platform, where users are secure and free.

Currently there is no other application in the market, which allows to provide any skill set on demand and get paid that time calculated per minute basis. Well known on-demand applications are niche orientated, example Uber is for rides, Airbnb is for rentals, however there is no united and decentralized solution. We see that on-demand meeting, job market is growing and real value is time. Current trend worldwide is for people to get out of 9-5 jobs, so our platform is next logical step for that.

Time Money platform will have its internal currency- TMONEY token. TMONEY token will allow users not to depend on banks or any other financial institutions. TMONEY is based on Ethereum protocol and it will be used for all transactions in Time Money platform. TMONEY token is controlled by the Time Money users, which is independent and ruled by the community, so fees will be only for gas to transfer. By using cryptocurrency, it will give people relevant flexibility to use tokens as they want. Since TMONEY is attached to Ethereum, then it will be very easy to convert to any well recognized crypto or fiat currency.

Time Money ultimate goal is to replace old job system and increase productivity and people work worldwide.




  • Time Money application is platform, where people can receive and provide all kind of time calculated services, works and meetings.
  • Time Money is 100% secure and encrypted. We do not record chat between our users.
  • TMONEY coin is Time Money internal currency, which can be used to pay or be paid for other people time.
  • TMONEY coins can be easily converted to any fiat or main cryptocurrency.





Using the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, Time Money will enable people to interact directly and create secure transaction for their time, as well guaranties privacy and security.

Main benefits of blockchain are security, transparency of all transactions performed on the platform.

All system reporting can be verified Automation of processes through smart contracts

It becomes convenient to work with cryptocurrencies on Ethereum ERC 20.




Meeting requester rates quality of the meeting and time both parties spent, how close it was to the service initially agreed on meeting.

Meeting provider rates quality of the meeting and time both parties spent, how close it was to agreed service and professionalism of meeting requester.


User will must have rating above 4,5 stars (out of 5 possible) to be active in our system.

Users with ratings bellow 4,5 stars will be manually reviewed.

We will not tolerate bad rating (bellow 3,5 stars). Users with bad rating will be suspended from our application.


Florida has growing population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Florida’s population has now topped 20 million people. Prognosticators have been predicting this would happen for years, the way they’ve been predicting the number of Florida tourists would someday top 100 million. Florida’s population in 2017 reached 20,271,272. Only California (39,144,818) and Texas (27,469,114) had more people, according to the bureau. As well median income is larger than US average, however average age is older, so more people need help in daily tasks or just company for coffee.



  • 5 billion people don’t have bank accounts and can’t be managed via classical fiat systems, which provide Time Money possibility to grow, as these populations are connected to internet.
  • Blockchain is growing in popularity- each year there are new blockchain users and TMONEY platform will make it easier to convert any other fiat currency in TXM tokens by using Coinbase API. We chose Coinbase, as it is very stable and well recognized Exchange Company.
  • TXM will have considerable advantage over other ERC20 tokens, as most of them are not easily convertible to fiat currencies, which are used by most population.
  • TXM token will positively correlate with the number of transactions realized through the payment-processing platform.




  • 2020 December: After successful launch in Florida (critical user base and critical requests), we will add each 2 weeks new state and create promo campaigns there, so by end of 2019 we plan to cover whole USA. For this task we will hire US marketing agency with proven track record.
  • 2021: Plan to launch Time Money platform in European Union. Due to separate country regulations, we expect EU launch to be more complicated than US launch, so we will focus on each country with monthly campaigns. Local marketing agencies for countries will be hired.
  • 2022: Plan is to launch in Russia and Asia, we will seek local CEO or possibility to corporate with existing platforms there to do successful integration in markets there.
  • 2023: Plan is to completely replace all time calculated jobs with integrating them in our platform as more convenient solution.
  • 2024: Plan is to connect at least 25% of world workforce on our platform and distribute FREE mobile devices in development countries where poverty is very big issue and our platform as standard working tool for their economy.
  • 2025: Plan is to connect at least 50% of world workforce on our platform and integrate as well all task based jobs, services in decentralized united world economy.
  • 2025: Plan is to make Time Money worldwide recognized platform for transparent decentralized job, meeting, task and service system.


Oskars Dombrava




Certified crypto currency and blockchain school expert. 8-year experience in telecommunications and 9 year experience internet marketing worldwide, especially in US. Certified project manager and CEO of internet marketing company Web Media Kings.

Agnis Melits




Certified programmer, with Master degree in Computer systems and 10 year experience as programmer for various projects worldwide. Currently works with projects worldwide in South Africa company. Have experience in different programming languages.

Martins Kamars




CEO of digital design company MKRiga. Designed banners, graphics, clothes and other accessories for more than 10 years. Worked with such worldwide recognized brands like Hennessy, Stoli and many more. Official designer for Time Money.


Kaspars Buls




COO of one of biggest telecommunication operators in Baltics. Previously COO of BITE Lithuania, now COO of BITE Latvia. More than 10 year experience with B2B, B2C mobile platforms and businesses. Great experience in Sales.

Janis Dombrava

JANIS DOMBRAVA - Member of Parliament of Latvia



Progressive politician with very good knowledge in macro economy and international relationship. Adviser on international job market, economy and growth, as well security policy and country policy in job market.

Andris Stinka



CEO of biggest small business to consumer portal in Poland, with new age GPS tracking system. Previously successful founder of Daype.com, one of top 20 classified ads portals in the world. Huge experience and worldwide recognition in Data mining, scraping and parsing.

Ferris Zaher

FERRIS ZAHER -Sr Analyst/ Advisor at tmoney.io


18 years financial market experience. Trader/ Coach/ Money Manager. Forex Gold Oil Options Dow ES NQ and Stocks. MBA in finance, MIT in Information Technology Management.







TMONEY platform main goal is to decentralize system how people work with each other and replace current system. People will be able to offer their unique skills and use their time as asset. We will accept all users, who are legal age and want to do legal activities. Our platforms initial currency will be TXM, which be payment tool in our platform; all transactions will be documented in blockchain and transparent. Because the users collect cryptocurrency contributions, they get a unique opportunity to choose a convenient residence for taxation.

We will have lowest fees on the market- 10% of transaction, so it will give us competitive advantage over other platforms. As well TMONEY will not be niche limited and unlimited service gives us unique opportunity to disrupt traditional market.

Unlike 99% of ICO campaigns, we do not just create another cryptocurrency in an already crowded market. We are building a TMONEY platform, in which TXM will be a tool and a method, and not only the basis of future profit.

We will accept all popular cryptocurrencies and fiat money, which users can convert to TXM coins via TMONEY Wallet. Different audiences will engage with each other and do ondemand meetings that they could not even think of before. We have an excellent, competitive team that will cope with any difficulties and will realize everything that is stated in the Whitepaper. Not only does the TMONEY platform directly increase the value of TXM, but it also supports service providers to ensure that they get paid, giving them a liquid currency in the form of TXM. TXM will be available in crypto exchanges too, but most exchanges we are planning through TMONEY platform.

We will make sure meetings between users are secure (encrypted), mutually beneficial (two-way review system, rating system), fast (GPS system) and rewarded (payment system). Backers who have TXM coins on their accounts will be able to exchange them for services on platform, hold them or exchange for any other crypto currency or fiat money. We expect TXM token value to raise, as more users join TMONEY platform and provide services. We will focus heavily on marketing, that is why our prediction is to expand to whole US in 2019.

We believe TMONEY platform will become new way how people spend their time and it will replace traditional job system and meeting system. Thanks to blockchain technology all transactions will be transparent and controlled by TMONEY users, however transaction subject will be fully encrypted, and so users can provide and are paid for any service they find of value in. TMONEY will disrupt whole economy and job ecosystem and you have possibility to be part of that.

More info:

TMONEY Official website | TMONEY Whitepaper