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Executive summary

The team of IntroBlockchain OÜ, JSC, is glad to present the INTRO Token that will become a license to the INTRO Services for real estate market participants.

Our team has been creating software for developers since 2016. Our IT-project was originally initiated by the Gosstroy Group, a major Russian real estate development holding, est. in 2009. Today, the development portfolio of Gosstroy includes 14 completed residential and commercial objects, as well as 13 under-construction buildings with total area of about 150,000 sq.m. By construction volume, Gosstroy is one of Top 150 developers in Russia.

In early 2017, the IT Division of Gosstroy was separated as an independent business. In early 2018, the company had 42 staff members and about 20 freelance contractors. The main profile of the company is the creation of Business Intelligence System for off-plan property investors, as well as the development of IT-products for business and state actors.

The rapid growth is largely caused by the growing demand for BI systems from market players and regulators. Over 20 construction companies, several governmental agencies and industrial associations is now using the products of IntroBlockchain OÜ. Our users include the representatives of National Association of Housing Developers, Union of Construction Companies of Ural and Siberia,  Chelyabinsk Interregional Union of Builders and other professionals from 18 parts of Russia, where INTRO business is present.

However, the potential of scaling of our BI system is not limited to the market of Russia and the CIS countries. According to our research, more than 10 million homebuyers a year invest in off-plan properties in the BRICS countries. Most of the residential property in India, Brazil and Russia are sold at the construction stage. Still, off-plan development remains a risky investment due to low market transparency.

We were the first to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to collect and process data on off-plan development investments from the official state registries. Now our system INTRO Analytica quickly processes raw data on property rights claims, helping to create accurate market forecasts. At the next step, we plan to integrate the blockchain technology for data protection and secure transactions between developers, investors and home buyers.

Our mission is to make the global off-plan property market transparent and to protect the developers and homebuyers against insecure investment.

INTRO Tokens will become the access key for the INTRO ecosystem, which brings together developers, investors and home buyers from all over the world.

Why we believe that the demand for INTRO Tokens will grow?

Here are the most significant benefits:

1. INTRO services are created in cooperation with experienced developers of the Gosstroy Group, representatives of state agencies, real estate agents and other experts.

2. The development of two INTRO products — INTRO Analytica and INTRO Sale — has been completed by now. You can test the web applications from your PC right now.

3. Commercial version of INTRO Analytica was launched 3 months ago and now generates $8,500 revenue per month.

4. The pre-launch subscribers pull is collected for those products that are still in development. INTRO Sale release in Russia is awaited by 20 developers and 3 major real estate agencies. INTRO COINvest has over 1,000 early subscribers among Russian home-buyers.

5. Marketing & legal support in target foreign markets will be provided by local agents.

6. INTRO Tokens are an integral part of the INTRO ecosystem. They are used in reward programme and provide access to the maximum service packs.

7. The use of BI system provides a strategic advantage for the real estate market players: developers, real estate brokers and private investors.

8. Token emission is limited and global expansion of service will increase Token value.

9. Launch of new services in the INTRO ecosystem will increase the demand for Tokens.

10. After ICO all operations within the system will be transferred into Token-based transactions.

11. Tokens received by the users in the INTRO system will be frozen for 1 year.

INTRO ecosystem

INTRO is a BI (Business Intelligence) system for the participants of off-plan development – builders, investors, homebuyers, banks and other agents.

INTRO IT products provide access to advanced market analytics for industry professionals as well as for private homebuyers. The register of under construction objects and investors’ contracts are stored in the blockchain, which in turn receives data from official state sources. This allows for effective market analysis without violating the proprietors' rights to personal data protection.

INTRO system users will be able to find the most attractive off-plan properties in dozens of countries and invest in the ongoing construction under smart contracts. The blockchain ensures reliability of the information about the building plan and transaction security, while avoiding costs of intermediation by real estate brokers, lawyers or profiteers. Smart contracts enable the users to save up to 30% on property investment.




INTRO Analytica

INTRO Analytica is a BI system for the players of off-plan development market.
Today, the INTRO Analytica system is used by developers, investors, banks and the Russian authorities, as well as by the leading architects and mass media.
The concept of BI-platform for analysis of off-plan development in Russia appeared in 2016. The pilot version for state authorities was launched in summer of 2017, and already in October 2017 the sales of B2B version began. INTRO Analytica is in demand among developers: over 20 large Russian construction holdings are currently using the system. Interest in the product is growing and the service coverage is quickly expands in the Russian regions and neighboring countries.
Demo access to the system:  Login: ICOdemo Password: 100INTRO


INTRO Sale is a private online auction for developers property buyers.
Developers often suffer cash flow gaps during the construction cycle and urgently need cash inflow. In such cases, developers often offer properties at net cost to their partners who further resell them at a market price.
INTRO Token holders will be able to join the Intro Sale affiliate network and participate in private auctions. The bidding will be carried out during a limited time with all the bids written in blockchain. This ensures that the best price wins and token holders make a property investment at attractive terms.
Beta testing of the system among the users of INTRO Analytica proved that developers are interested in closed bidding, as they help not to break the overall sales plan for the object due to occasional discounts.
The development of INTRO Sale began in July 2017, the release takes place in January 2018 
 Web: Demo access: Login [email protected] Password: 1TokenINTRO
For Android:


INTRO COINvest is a social application for homebuyers.
Home owners in new buildings have many common goals — starting from quality control of construction to the selection of the housing maintenance company. These tasks are much easier to solve in cooperation with future neighbors and experts whom one can meet via our social app INTRO COINvest. Through a convenient application, the buyers will be able to chat with each other, developers’ representatives and, if necessary, lawyers and technical experts. Moving in a new residential block or a village, the neighbors will be able to save on buying household goods through the club of joint purchases. The application will help homebuyers to find an expert for property review and make sure that the building meets all technical standards. The offers of interior designers and property lawyers will be available as well. The COINvest users will be able to rate their developers and service providers. The ratings will be stored in unchangeable blockchain in order to keep a truthful record on the company operations. The application users will be rewarded with INTRO Tokens for any useful activities in the system (friends' invitation, activity in chats, writing reviews, etc.). The more tokens one collects on his/her personal account, the higher will be the discount in the partner retailers of furniture, household utensils and DIY-materials.
The app development is underway from September 2017, the launch is planned for July 2018


INTRO REstate is an online store of off-plan properties at developers' prices.
INTRO REstate provides search throughout on-sale properties in under-construction buildings in all the regions covered by the INTRO system. Smart contracts allow investors to make a deal with the property developer at a minimum transaction fee and without any intermediaries.
If you are looking for a property for living, you can post a request at INTRO REstate and receive only those offers that meet your requirements.  Then you can choose the best option and close a deal in a regular way with a paper-based contract or through your personal account in the system with a smart contract. In addition, a homebuyer will be able to apply for a mortgage in several banks through his/her INTRO REstate account.
The concept of INTRO REstate workflow is the following.
Property buyer deposits money for a chosen property, which get frozen on the INTRO REstate account. Developer recieves a request to register the investor's property rights and submits  documents to the state registration authority. When developer confirms that the off-plan or ready-made property is registered, INTRO REstate makes an authomated request to the state authority and writes the response in blockchain. In case of positive response, INTRO REstate send the withholded money to developer. 
Foreign investors can purchase properties via INTRO REstate if the chosen property is located in the jurisdiction that allows real estate ownership / off-plan investment by foreign nationals. Hence, the investor will have to disclose his nationality to search relevant properties. All operations can be conducted online without personal presence in the property jurisdiction.
A standart sale contract and off-plan investment contract will be installed in the system for those willing to invest in the Russian real estate. Relevant contracts compliant with a local legal system will be introduced for other countries as well. As blockchain development will progress, the purchase procedure will get simplier and quicker.
If you are a real estate investor, then the service can help you to analyze the market and choose the offers that are the most liquid and attractive for investment, and then invest in one or few of the proposed properties in the INTRO REstate system.
For developers, INTRO REstate is an additional sales channel attracting international investors and homebuyers. The availability of the smart contract allow investors and developers to use more beneficial schemes of payment during the construction phase.
Development of INTRO REstate is scheduled for 2018.

Potential markets





INTRO Token Advantages

For homebuyers

Homebuyers will be able to purchase under-construction properties directly from the developers. The system evaluates the project reliability: the legal permits, construction plans and registration of off-plan property investors' rights. These details are entered into INTRO system from the state sources and kept in the blockchain, which excludes any fraud schemes.

Using INTRO services, the buyers can save up to 10% on intermediaries’ fees. The direct access to official data is critical when buying real estate abroad as foreign property investors often face difficulties.

For property investors

Investors will receive discounted offers from developers worldwide. Off-plan properties will be put up for a private auction on blockchain starting from the net cost. It provides the Token holders with the most beneficial investment opportunities while developers use the private auction as an excellent fund-raising option.

A broad geography of analytics and investments

Now real estate investors have to pay for analytical services in foreign countries, but INTRO Token holders will receive the international market data and investment offers. The system will expand with respect to the requests of users, so you will be able to find all the hidden gems of the global property market!


The regular service fee on transactions in INTRO Sale and INTRO REstate is 3% on the deal amount. The Token holders have an advantage paying as little as 1% in transaction fees.

Activity bonus

INTRO subscribers are able to influence the developer's ratings. Active users will be rewarded for any activities in the system as leaving property reviews, using chats & feedback forms, adding pictures of properties, etc.

Bonus Tokens will be granted for any useful contributions to the system. Then the active users will be able to spend their bonuses in the partnering retail chains or for legal, technical and other services.

The reward system will support the Token turnover in the ecosystem and on crypto-exchanges. The limited emission and bonus system will constantly increase the INTRO Token value. Worldwide service expansion will multiply the number of users of INTRO services and the turnover of Token transactions.

Together, these factors will boost the capitalization and demand for INTRO Tokens.

ICO Schedule

INTRO Token is a license for access to the feature of IT products in INTRO ecosystem. The total of 200,000,000 INTRO Tokens of ERC20 standard will be issued on the Etherium smart contracts.


Token Distribution


Distribution of the money received in the course of Token Sale



















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