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UPDATE: John McAfee Joins the CryptoSecure Team

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  • CryptoSecure has a fully developed and market-ready cryptocurrency security solution that hackers cannot see!
  • Cyber criminals cannot hack what is not there!
  • Further CryptoSecure products in development will render all hacking and/or cryptocurrency theft attempts futile.


CryptoSecure security products provide for immediate total cryptocurrency and communication security ensuring private keys and accounts are not hacked, as well as assuring privacy. Further CryptoSecure products in development will further revolutionize security and trust in cryptocurrencies.

CryptoSecure Unique Business Case

  1. First products developed and market ready.

  2. CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’, the world’s first hackproof cryptocurrency trading and communications application to launch during ICO.

  3. CryptoSecure wallet in development.

  4. CryptoSecure decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange in development.

  5. Industry disruptive technology in development that will transform security and trust in cryptocurrencies.


CryptoSecure SECURE Coins

SECURE coins are all issued through ERC20 compliant Ethereum platform as the utility coinage of the CryptoSecure economy.

SECURE coin utility is in its currency functionality and its use to purchase CryptoSecure product and usage rights.

Following the ICO exchange, all CryptoSecure product and use purchase will be by payment with SECURE coins.

As there is no other product available in the market that sidesteps hackers, significant demand for the CryptoSecure products, and thereby the CryptoSecure SECURE coins, will assure expected market liquidity and acceptance.

As further CryptoSecure security products and market initiatives are developed and launched, the demand for and liquidity in SECURE coins is forecast to increase significantly.

Demand for the SECURE coins will be driven by:

  1. Supply and demand

  2. SECURE coins use by users as payment for monthly or annual use of the CryptoSecure products

  3. SECURE coins used assure further levels of security and trust as additional products are developed and released to the market

The CryptoSecure economy will grow exponentially in direct relationship to the growth in CryptoSecure product subscribers. As the products are sold through annual or pay as you go monthly subscription, there will be a growing user base providing monthly and annual incremental revenue to the CryptoSecure economy.

Further utility enhancement for the CryptoSecure SECURE coins will be demand driven through release of additional applications utilizing CryptoSecure patented security technologies, such as the planned decentralized exchange to be enabled with CryptoSecure security technology. Overall there are numerous market opportunities for additional products and applications utilizing the unique CryptoSecure technology capability to side-step hackers.

Immediately following closing of the CryptoSecure ICO application will be made to have the CryptoSecure SECURE coins listed on a number of the major cryptocurrency exchanges. 


In all cryptocurrency transactions security of Private Keys is paramount and privacy is a core driver of the decentralized community. If a Private Key is hacked the account cryptocurrencies are stolen. With increasing incidence of Private Keys, exchanges and ICOs being hacked and the current exponential growth in the cryptocurrency market sector, Private Key security, privacy, and trust are critical. CryptoSecure products are the only known solution that can secure cryptocurrencies as cybercriminals cannot hack what they cannot see as demonstrated in the CryptoSecure Youtube video.


How CryptoSecure Works

CryptoSecure sidesteps every known attack vector assuring the entire technology stack integrity. No other known technology can ensure the integrity of all possible combinations of software modules, applications, browsers, plug-ins and live internet connections on a device. 

The four major components of the CryptoSecure security solution will comprise:

  •  A CryptoSecure digital identity that changes with each transaction

  •  A military grade product that prevents private key compromise and account takeovers

  •  A CryptoSecure wallet product using an “invisible keyboard” for all transactions

  •  An authentication process for each transaction replacing and/or supplementing the two-factor authentication commonly used on mobile devices and most PCs

By using CryptoSecure, private keys, wallets and/or accounts will not be able to be compromised, nor will a user’s identity or transactions. Each transaction will be conducted by an ‘invisible’ trusted avatar using an ‘invisible’ private key within the user’s CryptoSecure ‘invisible’ wallet or account. In each case the avatar, private key, wallet or account disappears after each transaction.                                                            

CryptoSecure Technical Discussion and Detail


Cyber Security is a major and complex issue, especially within the largely unregulated cryptocurrency market sector which adds even more moving parts to the complexity and challenge.

Major Issues to Security and Privacy – The Challenge

Tackling cryptocurrency private key security, wallet and account transactions, asset security, and privacy, involves major technological innovation able to resolve multiple threats including:

  • Key-loggers
  • Spyware
  • Man-in-the-Browser
  • Man-in-the-Middle
  • Ransomware, Viruses, and Trojans
  • BIOS/Firmware Hacks
  • WebGL Shader processes hiding in the GPU
  • Elements of social engineering
  • Passwords, private keys, other data
  • Public Wi-Fi networks

 If not resolved, the problems that exists today will continue to escalate dramatically.

If cryptocurrencies are to be more efficient, secure and private, five major security issues need to be addressed and resolved:

  • Private key security

  • Identity security and privacy

  • Wallet, account and transactional security

  • Exchange security

  • Methods of securely communicating and transacting in a massively wireless world

The CryptoSecure Solution

In its simplest and most basic explanation:

No one can hack into anything that DOES NOT EXIST and/or CANNOT BE SEEN.

The CryptoSecure solution for cryptocurrency security of private keys, transactions, wallets and accounts ensures your assets always remain safe and are never exposed. With CryptoSecure:

  • A new invisible virtual ID is created for every transaction

  • Transactions are conducted through instantly created invisible virtual devices

  • On completion of each transaction, the virtual ID and device disappear

  • Users have integrated CryptoSecure cryptocurrency wallets

Basically – a new cloud-based CryptoSecure ‘machine’ is created for each new transaction. It’s like buying a new computer for every transaction and disposing of it when the transaction is complete.

The CryptoSecure wallets and accounts ‘Remote Isolation’ technologies ensure the endpoint device being used is secure, anonymous and untraceable from hackers – the optimal invisibility.

Coupling this level of security with a planned CryptoSecure enabled peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency Exchange will provide the most comprehensive security and trust within the industry.


Issues Overview

  • Most cyber-attacks target access through a PC, tablet or Smartphone end points, as these are the weakest link in any network or online presence. ‘Dirty’ browsers and devices should not be used when security is paramount (as in transactions involving cryptocurrencies).

  • Most connected devices regularly using the Internet, especially when connected wirelessly, are already breached (dirty) and at risk of exposure to identity and financial theft.

CryptoSecure can deliver the entire technology stack within which transactions are conducted ensuring the integrity and security of the total system. CryptoSecure technologies will provide users with pristine new endpoint virtual computers built almost instantly at randomized Internet addresses. These invisible devices are then used for all online transactions.

  • For CryptoSecure wallet and account users, the user and the endpoint are both secure, anonymous and untraceable.

  • CryptoSecure bypasses all known hack attack vectors including BIOS hacks, key loggers, man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser, ransomware, etc.

CryptoSecure Technology


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  • Client options for deployment include USB boot image for PC hardware and SaaS for existing operating systems and users. Remote data centers host the backend service.

  • 3 Factor Authentication (FA) guarantees it is a specific user logging in from a specific machine. Username/password, CryptoSecure software and hardware signature of the device ensure the user session cannot be hijacked.

  • Optional 4FA or 5FA options, such as biometrics or location, can further improve security.

  • A virtual user (avatar) is instantaneously created through a blockchain enhanced Trusted Computing environment to conduct transactions.

  • A hardened Linux Internet virtual machine (VM) is instantly randomly created forming a pair-coupled connection with the physical device. Thin client architecture displays a virtual user and a virtual desktop over an encrypted connection.

  • A temporary file system supports printing and file transfers with the local device.

  • The architecture is self-evolving creating future-proof infrastructure on-the-fly. Thousands of new virtual machines every few minutes, if needed.

Security Factors – Including Planned Future Enhancements

  • CryptoSecure replaces the visible user with an invisible virtual avatar that disappears without trace after each use.

  • CryptoSecure replaces ‘dirty’ (infected) PCs, tablets or smartphones with pristine new endpoints which evaporate without trace after use.

  • Every component within the entire CryptoSecure technology stack is controlled so secure use of private keys, wallets and accounts can be assured.

  • The fundamental principles of CryptoSecure are simple. The visible user is replaced with an untraceable avatar sidestepping the endpoint device and any inherent issues completely. It is analogous to an anonymous wallet or account holder using a completely new computer for every critical online transaction or communication.

  • CryptoSecure sessions are locked to specific devices ensuring they cannot be hijacked.

  • Virtual machines (VM’s) are built in less than two seconds and evaporate without trace when transactions are completed along with all local history. Each login initiates a completely fresh rebuild with no past history.

  • The VM’s hardened Linux image is designed to minimize the attack surface and the self-evolving architecture ensures latest version updates of all software modules.

  • Drive-by-Download vulnerabilities which exist in any browser or plug-in are handled by an instantaneous rebuild feature which is like a factory reset. This also guarantees the latest versions of all software modules.

  • Existing security measures, like 2FA, are augmented - not replaced.

  • Potential compromises in wireless keyboards, BIOS/firmware or using Key-loggers, screen snapshots or other malware are sidestepped.

  • CryptoSecure security solutions provide a temporary, disposable, BankVault ‘SafeWindow’ online presence immune to malware, as well as being invisible to hackers.


CryptoSecure Roadmap

The most significant advantage that CryptoSecure has over most other cryptocurrency ICO initiatives is that CryptoSecure will hit the ground running with proven and internationally recognized fully developed security products that represent the ONLY known current solution to cryptocurrency, private key and account security. This advantage uniquely positions the CryptoSecure economy for immediate and major revenue generation.

From this base, further development will enhance, as well as add to the product diversification and range, opening up many other significant revenue-generating opportunities.


  • An exclusively licensed (cryptocurrencies and blockchain use) software App that is progressively being modified for specific cryptocurrency applications. It is downloadable on any PC or smart device. Whilst it cannot control the local Operating System it foils key-loggers or screen-snapshot malware by using an “invisible” and safe keyboard.

  • The “Invisible Keyboard” creates the illusion of a keyboard on smart devices and an encrypted connection ensures only the remote VM it pairs with can interpret a user’s actions on the smart device. As no character ever exists on the smart device itself and it is invisible to the device operating system.


  • An exclusively licensed (cryptocurrencies and blockchain use) software App that is progressively being modified for specific cryptocurrency applications. It is downloadable on any PC or smart device. Whilst it cannot control the local Operating System it foils key-loggers or screen-snapshot malware by using an “invisible” and safe keyboard.

  • The “Invisible Keyboard” creates the illusion of a keyboard on smart devices and an encrypted connection ensures only the remote VM it pairs with can interpret a user’s actions on the smart device. As no character ever exists on the smart device itself and it is invisible to the device operating system.


A dedicated CryptoSecure cryptocurrency wallet. The wallets are established as multi-currency allowing easy implementation of several different cryptocurrencies. All cryptocurrency funds can be automatically secured via 2FA or 3FA cold storage allowing you to keep your crypto funds locked up and preventing all external access.


  • For ultimate security, CryptoSecure will provide a hardware device (USB key) providing complete control over the entire system and technology stack. All attack vectors known are sidestepped including malware, viruses, as well as BIOS hacks.

  • The premium product is fully developed and exclusively licensed for CryptoSecure use and incorporation in cryptocurrency and blockchain applications.


Before release by CryptoSecure, it will be modified as a cryptocurrency wallet optimized to address specific additional cryptocurrency security and functionality requirements.


  • A CryptoSecure user avatar incorporating Trusted Computing user identity security will be incorporated, pending successful completion of development, as a free upgrade.


  • The peer-to-peer CryptoSecure enabled exchange will provide for a level of seamless end-to-end security unmatched within the cryptocurrency markets.

  • Being established as a peer-to-peer exchange, the exchange will maintain no client accounts, or records of closed transactions, thereby preserving privacy rights, and confidentiality.

  • The CryptoSecure Exchange will operate on a flat fee basis.


  • A proposed highly sophisticated transactional tracking layer that provides instant alerts regarding any data changes and/or intrusions whatsoever. Subject to successful completion of development, this feature will be integrated as a free upgrade.

The CryptoSecure Team

The CryptoSecure economy is managed by Crypto Investor Inc which is incorporated in Belize under British Law. Crypto Investor appointed key management coordinate all product marketing and oversee further and continued product development. The CryptoSecure product development is conducted by the teams of the CryptoSecure product licensors, GoPC Pty Ltd (BankVault), and Key Capital Corporation. These teams are respectively led by Graeme Speak and Christopher Nichols.


Darcy Johnston

Darcy Johnston is a co-founder of a major Crypto Investor joint venture. He coordinates and oversees Crypto Investor Inc administration and relationship management. Additionally, Darcy serves as the CryptoSecure Project Manager leading product development with the project licensors and partners. He further oversees product marketing across social media and other public relations related initiatives. He is a proven marketing executive having strong IT skills and a conviction for Bitcoin, altcoins and industry applications for blockchain, cryptocurrencies and crypto-security.


Ryan Lee

Ryan has over 12 years of extensive experience in the regulated financial services industry. He has led investment initiatives, spoken at numerous seminars, and mentored other professionals. Ryan particularly excels with business development and has successfully commercialized and assisted in bringing many projects to market. Ryan has excellent relationship management skills and his ability to listen, adapt and apply the issues of all stakeholders, makes him a successful and vital component of many key projects. Ryan serves as the support Project Manager for CryptoSecure and will also lead institutional introduction and participation and co-ordinate participation and relationships with regard to CryptoSecure.com economies.


Evgeny Rozhnov

Evgeny Rozhnov is the Crypto Investor Inc and CryptoSecure Lead Technical Advisor. Evgeny excels at managing distributed project teams optimizing costs and working with some of the best of talent across the world. He has managed and overseen numerous projects throughout Europe, and in USA, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Brazil, with a number being multi-jurisdictional developments. Significant major projects include managing the T-mobile Software Development Center of 130 developers working on large complex projects accruing over 120 man-years of development effort. He led the turnkey construction of Russia’s largest data center for linxdatacenter winning the Datacenter Dynamic award for Innovation in Mega Datacenters in 2011 joining previous winners of the prestigious award including Barclays, Microsoft and Fujitsu. Evgeny provides and manages all CryptoSecure programming for the incorporation and integration of CryptoSecure development products with the Licensor partners as well as the CryptoSecure IT needs.


Brian Golter

Brian Golter, BSc, will provide CryptoSecure with IT and management support for product development and operations. He is highly qualified and recently retired from the US Air Force where he led Software Operations for the $20 billion Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS). JSTARS provided daily software intelligence and cryptographic updates to 17 aircraft systems globally supporting over 3,200 combat flights. Brian also led eight major software updates during the second Gulf War, and in recent years, he was JSTARS Software Division Chief overseeing the JSTARS program, operations, software enhancement, testing and implementation, database management and software configuration and control.


John McAfee, Senior Strategic Advisor

John McAfee brings considerable expertise, both technical and industry specific to CryptoSecure. Mr. McAfee is a well-known brilliant, and controversial Internet and crypto pioneer and visionary. He spent his early years as a programmer for NASA’s Institute for Space Studies, and later created the world’s first commercial anti-virus software that still bears his name and is recognized as a leading global brand. Today he concentrates his passion and genius on the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain. He is a champion of the people and a fierce advocate against the increasing incidence and nature of cyber-attacks.


Chris Nichols

Christopher Nichols is the President and CEO of Key Capital Corporation. In past projects he has led the development of a patented random generated one-time pad crypto-key validated and tracked transaction solution built on Sun Microsystem’s Trusted Solaris platform. Christopher and select Key Capital appointed consultants will co-lead and support the on-going development and enhancement of all CryptoSecure security technologies in conjunction with BankVault. Key Capital has granted CryptoSecure exclusive licenses to all development of proprietary technologies, that will be the subject of patent applications, for the specific application and use in securing cryptocurrency Private Keys and trading, as well as for any other blockchain applications.

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