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Providence Crypto Casino & Resort ICO ICO
25,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
114,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
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Discover a New Age of Gaming

Providence represents a casino that is the first of its kind: 100% cashless and operating solely with cryptocurrencies enabled by integration of blockchain technology and digital assets. Now, you can walk into a casino with your cryptocurrency and exchange it for casino chips to play your favorite adrenaline-rush casino games.

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Table of Contents

Actual Physical Casino & Resort

Providence is the first cashless physical casino and resort in the world. The proposed hotel is to have 148 bedrooms, a ground floor restaurant with waterfront terrace, a new second-floor restaurant (above the casino), a rooftop pool, and conference space, and it will be high-end 'boutique' in quality.

The proposed hotel and casino will be located in the ‘city’ of Vittoriosa, south of the Capital Valletta on the north-east coast of Malta. Vittoriosa (or Birgu) is one of the ‘Three Cities.’


The Concept

Through Blockchain Technology and Providence Exchange integration, clients will be able to walk into our physical casino and exchange cryptocurrency for chips that will enable them to play their favorite adrenaline-inducing casino games. In essence, Providence will enable players to turn their cryptocurrencies into fun and usable assets in the physical realm, thus addressing a major issue with currently limited solutions in the real world. Blockchain technologies alleviate the resort’s Gaming and Retail sector of conversion burdens. To compound convenience, providence pegs generated revenues to current exchange rates.


The Online Casino with Lightning Network

Even though our core business will be revolving around a physical casino and resort, we are not disregarding the online aspect of gaming and entertainment. We are well aware that the recent trends in the domain (and especially crypto world) are showing huge growths in the numbers of players that are stepping into entertainment venues via various online platforms and projects. This is why Providence will also have its online casino platform that will offer all our customers the ability to play their favorite games online.

The Providence Online Casino will have latest implementations regarding technical background and performance. The key aspects that will be rolled in our initial launch of the platform will include:

•   0 confirmations required on deposits

•   All games implemented using Provably Fair system

•   Multi-currency (BTC, LTC, ETH, PVE)

•   3 games available in the start (Blackjack, Dice, Roulette)

Lightning Network Beta

One forward-looking aspect that we will be launching in parallel to the Providence Online Casino is the Lightning Network implementation. The “Providence Lightning Beta” will feature instant deposits with Lightning Network on Bitcoin.

The Providence Exchange

We are in development of our proprietary exchange for the needs of casino and resort operations supported by our business model. PVE Token trading pairs will be introduced with several major cryptocurrencies in the initial launch of the platform. Likewise, the whole volatility protection mechanism will be incorporated inside the exchange and users will be able to lock down their winnings and positions as explained in the concept section. Additionally, the exchange will be able to scale out later on as new business models and opportunities in the space will be introduced.



The Team

Providence team is composed of highly skilled members in their respectful fields. The project is supported by its pioneer investors and advisors with investments, consulting and operational activities.


Michael Doherty

John Anthony Gonsalves

Alen Huskanović

Ivan Reif

Zoran Antolović

Luka Klancir

Ötvös Szabolcs

Damen Chiam

Token Economy

Providence Token

Providence will introduce its token, short-coded PVE. PVE’s utilisation is to power the Providence Network. It will be used as the internal settlement currency, buy-in currency for casino gamers and consumers as well as a token traded on the markets. A total of 200,000,000 Providence tokens will be created following the Ethereum ERC20 Standard.

Token Sale Structure

Token name

Providence (PVE)

Token type

ERC20 application token to be

used for transactions and consumption

Token price (Main Sale)

1 PVE = 1/600 ETH (1 ETH buys 600 tokens)

Total supply


Token Sale Cap (51%)

102,000,000.00 PVE

Accepted currencies in Token Sale


Minimum Contribution Amount for Token Sale

0.05 ETH

Sale Participant Eligibility

Anyone except Singapore, US and China due to legal restrictions

Total percentage(%) of tokens
allocated for the Token Sale Contributors and it will be distributed in two ways


1) Community Contributors


2) Vlora Asset Management


Total percentage(%) of tokens allocated to Casino Bankroll 


Total percentage(%) of tokens allocated to Marketing & Promotions


Total percentage(%) of tokens allocated to Bounties


Total percentage(%) of tokens allocated to Founders, Strategic Partners and Employees


Token Distribution


Main Token Sale


Token Holder Benefits

All our tokens are spendable and are pegged to a nominal value of Ether (1 ETH = 600 PVE) at the time of Token Sale. Contributors are incentivised to utilise PVE’s in our casinos or other offerings through our venture. Providence Tokens are primarily consumption oriented, however, if you decide to hold PVE tokens, you can still benefit from our reward system. The incentives and rewards are as following:

  1. Smaller transaction and Credit Card fees allow us to save a percentage of money spent on credit card transactions and redirect this value back to our consumers when they buy in casino chips with providence tokens. You will be getting an 1.5% extra chips on every buy-in you do on the casino premises. 
  2. Every Quarter Year, Providence Crypto Casino & Resort will allocate 20% of profits in PVE Tokens into a Jackpot system that will be implemented on the Online Casino and will be provably fair. Each Providence Token holder will get a jackpot ticket for every 20 PVE tokens held with a combination of numbers to enter the reward pool. The jackpot will run on a pay-out structure that will be based on a group share system and the exact pay-out models will be introduced once the reward system is implemented.
  3. Each Providence Token holder will be entitled to a reward in PVE tokens which is composed of 1.0% Providence’s total quarterly volumes in the whole network where PVE is used as a payment system and this includes Physical Casino, Hotel and other Retail Outlets that join our venture.

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