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Note: Devia (DVA) Tokens are not securities. Tokens can only be used for participation in the ecosystem, paying for services, or as a method of compensation paid by comanies to token holders. Token holders are thus not entitled to future Devia profits or revenue.


Ai built for the Future

Devia is a Decentralized Cloud and Ai driven marketplace where companies pay users for their anonymous data and targeted ad click through purchases, which would ultimately lead to a more intelligent Ai assistant capable of assisting people in all aspects of life.

Table Of Contents

1.) Abstract

2.) Vision

3.) Devia (DVA) Token

4.) Token Sale Structure

5.) Kickonomy Integration

6.) Token Sale Milestones Plan

7.) Data Distribution

8.) Data Security

9.) Incentive Ecosystem

10.) Process

11.) Value To Companies

12.) Team     



Companies are actively collecting user data and selling this data to other companies, while also bombarding users with irrelevant online ads. This creates a bad online experience and leaves users at risk, while allowing companies to profit off of their data. We are building the first of it's kind AI driven platform that will change the way data is collected and used, while also incentivizing users for their anonymous data. Eventually we will partner with "Butter Browser" and expand to better targeted ads where users only receive ads that are relevant to their interests. Users will receive cash back in the form of tokens when purchasing the product / service advertised on the ad.

We have identified a need for a more intelligent Ai system that is controlled and built by people for people, and is also not controlled by any single entity. A system that can also enable companies to stand out from the rest, while delivering better and more suitable products to their customers. Competition today is fierce, and it is very difficult for any new company to compete. This requires a good online presence, and a lot of capital.

Through Devia, companies will be able to establish a competitive advantage by harnessing the blockchain and actually paying customers to assist them in building their company through the delivery of useful data. All of this usefull data will then be used to develop the worlds best decentralized cloud based Ai system accessible by anyone.

Our platform will be built on Ethereum, and integrate smart contracts that will revolutionize the data  and ad space. The ultimate goal is to allow users to share their anonymous data with companies, that would allow companies to provide better products or services based on customer needs. The users will benefit from being paid by companies for their data, having an intelligent Ai assistant in their pocket, while also receiving products / services that are more suited to their needs.

Anonymous data include Online Interests, Location of Purchases, Transactions, Amounts and Establishment Types. This can all be shared, without putting the user's identity or personal information at risk. Social presence could also be shared by extracting only the non-sensitive information in which the user shows an interest.



It is predicted that AI technology will eliminate 40% of all jobs by 2030. While many believe that this holds serious threat to society, we believe that it will only improve the quality of life by allowing people to focus more on things they care about.

People will benefit by helping companies to deliver more value to them, while also having access to an advanced cloud based Ai personal assistant across all their devices, that specifically aims to cater to individual needs and to make life a little easier. People will have more time, work less hours and spend more time with family. All of this, while still receiving a salary simply for delivering data. Our vision is to create a more equal society in terms of financial well-being, while also helping companies floarish by providing services that actually benefit customers.

Data is already being collected and sold without the knowledge of users. Most free applications do this, including most of the top tier companies and services we use on a daily basis.

Since these companies are benefiting from user data, users deserve to be compensated as well.

We believe that we can build a decentralized cloud based Ai system that collects millions of incentivized data points from users, while also rewarding data scientists for developing the AI and Maching Learning Systems. This will give people the power of Ai in their palm, and allow them to vote and limit the way they want AI to be implemented in their lives, while also ensuring that it actually benefits society.

The collection of Big Data is currently one of the biggest problems plaguing the development of Ai. To achieve Artificial General Intelligence, the system needs to have access to millions of data streams from people with multiple backgrounds. We are thus breaching the gap between human and Ai to achieve human and Ai symbiosis.

Google is currently on the forefront of AI, but the obstacles they are facing would be solved through blockchain and through the collection of incentivized data from society as a whole.

Google I/O '17: Youtube


Devia (DVA) Token

DVA Tokens will be used within our ecosystem. Companies will need these tokens in order to buy customer data services, while users will receive these tokens as compensation for their data.

The amount that users earn will depend on the amount of information they share, as well as their location. Tokens will only be received from companies that are in the same geographic region as the user.

As the demand for data rises, so will the value of the token.

Users will earn these tokens on a daily basis. Tokens will be stored in the user wallet, and can be used for purchases at supported merchants, or be sold or traded for other cryptocurrencies.


Tokens can be:

  • Exchanged
  • Traded
  • Kept as an investment


Methods Of Data Capturing:

  • Progammable Debit / Credit Card
  • Payment App
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Browser


We plan to partner with multiple services that are able to capture and protect user data.


Token Sale Structure

We will issue a total of 1000,000,000 Devia (DVA) Tokens.

39% will be sold through the Token Sale

39% will be used as an incentive to contributors to the Devia Ecosystem

15% will be held by the Company

3% will be awarded to Advisors

4% will be rewarded to KickICO

The amount raised in the Presale will represent 5% of the Token Sale hard cap. This means that if $500 000 is raised during Presale, the Hard Cap on the Token Sale will be 500 000/0.05 = $10 million. Soft Cap = $5 million.

Funds raised during Presale will be used for marketing and development purposes in preperation of Token Sale.

Token Sale price of DVA will be determined by the demand during Presale.

Current price = $0.025 per DVA Token


Kickonomy Integration

We chose KickICO as our preferred partner and ICO launch platform.

We believe in the vision of the Kickonomy, and know that KickICO is paving the way for the future of fundraising. Until now, fundraising has been the number 1 problem for many entrepreneurs, and without it, innovation would not be possible.

All our investors will receive a 10% discount in Devia (DVA) Tokens if they invest through the KickICO platform. This is to ensure that our early adopters get the best deal since they are the ones that believe in us from the start. This is also to promote KickICO and the value they offer.




Token Sale Milestones




The Token Sale soft cap will be at $5 million. This will be the point where we will have enough capital to develop the majority of our platform (both company and consumer side).

All funds raised in excess, up until our hard cap, will allow us to streamline the system, market more agressively and ultimately scale much faster.


The majority of funds raised will be used for:

  • Development (+- 75% of funds)
  • Marketing (Press Release, Social Media Campaigns, Media)
  • Strategic Partnerships (Card Providers, Payment Apps, Merchants, Browser)


Data Distribution




Data Security

The Devia platform will ensure that user personal data (Name, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Payment Details) are protected. We will achieve this through the integration of Blockchain Protocols. Users will never have to share sensitive information. Every user that registers will receive an Identity Key, which is the only identifier available to companies. Users only have to install our platform on their device of choice, and all data collected on that device will be safeguarded.

Our AI algorithm will sort through all data provided by the user, and identify and secure all sensitive information. Only anonymous data will be collected and companies will incentivize users for this data directly through our marketplace. Users will also be able to choose the data and amount they want to share.

The more data the users share, the higher the incentive will be. Rewards will be in the form of Devia (DVA) Tokens, which will increase in value through supply and demand factors, and due to the limited supply of Devia (DVA) Tokens. The more companies require data, the higher the value of the Devia Tokens will be.


Incentive Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem will be multifunctional as we will serve both companies and consumers.


The platform can be broken down as follows:

  •  User Facing Registration, Wallet & Data Capturing (This is where users are registered and presented with their unique ID. They will also have access to a wallet that allows them to spend DVA Tokens while the transactional data gets monitored.

  • Company Facing Registration, Wallet & Data Insight Delivery (This is where companies can buy tokens, pay users for data, and get valuable data insights and strategic recommendations.)


Both platforms will be highly customizable and easy to navigate. The marketplace will also be autonomous. Data will be shared automatically depending on user settings, and there will be no need for users to select the companies with who they want to share with, or for companies to select specific data.

This will create a fair marketplace, where there is no need for data marketing. The only factors infuencing the amount earned by users will be location and data sharing factors.





Our platform serves as a decentralized marketplace where users of data (Companies) pay providers of data (Users) with Devia (DVA) Tokens, while all personal data is being kept safe and out of reach from any company. Users will get an identifier key, that will serve as their identity. No personal details required.

All data collected will be provided to companies in an insightful manner. Data will also be relevant to the company's respective industry. Our AI system will also assist companies in using the data to improve functions, operations & products.

Due to the limited amount of Tokens issued, the value of the Token will only increase, which is a great investment for all holders of Devia (DVA) Tokens.

Our platform is based on Ethereum (ERC20 Standard), and uses smart contracts to reward users.




Value To Companies

Through the customer data collected, we will be able to assist companies in providing better products and services that customers actually want and need.

Companies will register to our data service, enter their industry as well as other necessary information such as location, and current products. They will then instantly be able to see all their direct competitors, alternative products, while also receiving recommendation on how to better serve customers, improve their marketing strategy as well as their products. They will also have access to all the most affordable and quality suppliers, making business a breeze.

Our AI system will mostly be responsible for handling the data, and providing the data in a meaningful way so that companies can use it.

All of this information will be derived from the data collected from users / customers. Data is region specific, meaning that companies will only receive data that is relevant to their target market.



Our team is made up of a group of passionate and talented individuals with expertise in Economics, Finance, Blockchain, Marketing and Development.


Tiaan Basson - Founder & CEO


Erich Wasserman - Co-Founder & CTO


Harry Hanlon - COO


Fabian van der Merwe - Advisor & Blockchain Expert



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