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BALI COIN CROWDSALE PROGRAM Bali Coin is a Travel Discount Voucher created on Ethereum Blockchain Technology, ERC20 Platform. It's for Travel and Tourism Industry. Our Pilot Project is in BALI, Indonesia. BALI coin will help all eco-system in tourism industry to increase their profit and value, especially to help grassroots businesses in the tourism industry by forming the BALI coin network of merchants 29 1186 2,386.54
K Systems The KSYS Token is the K Systems LTD Token: Our company is a registered UK firm, building and deploying dApps for the Aerospace Industry (AS/EN 9100 Quality Standards) and providing ICO Setup and Security services to startups 16 1028 2,089.94
Tipsner We are an exchange with popular people instead of companies! (MVP is already working and bringing income – 5 649 1,309.73
Q-BASE.CLUB Implementation of your ideas and projects is possible even without money! Q-BASE.CLUB is an international project place. 59 550 1,120.44
bi_platform bi_platform is a marketplace for easily smart contracts 1 358 736.13
Hi:Health The global ecosystem analyst - the date broker of personal medical data based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.The personal ecosystem for diagnosing a human body in real time.Finds sources, patterns of development of different diseases and prevents future illnesses. Insurance Health life. 0 313 632.53
FLUX PUBLIC SALE Decentralized way to monetize any game. 3 252 513.31
SISHUB - Security Intelligent System The SISHUB project is developing an anonymous messenger and a decentralized system for sharing data through the utilization block chain technologies. 12 225 475.46
Banana Papa The essence of the project is the organization of production of banana chips in Colombia with the subsequent sale of products to the markets of the USA, Europe, Russia and Asia. The product itself is a dried sliced ripe banana (hereinafter referred to as Banana Papa), made from the most common banana variety, "Cavendish" (which we are accustomed to seeing on the shelves in supermarkets). 16 208 451.60
U Run It: The only gambling platform 100% managed by its community Players control the house, host all the games and receive most of the profit. 0 211 424.03
MonsterBit Blockchain Game MonsterBit – is an analogue of famous cryptogame with interesting additions for both players. 122 179 361.64
UnA - Uniting The World UnA is the simplest and first dynamically adjusted digital currency linked to the GDP of Africa. Our focus is on Simplicity and making digital currencies accessible to everyone. We already have an existing product. 8 140 292.96
AGCoin (AGC) Greenhouse complex of new generation We produce AGCoin and build a greenhouse complex (has a capacity of 40 bio-greenhouses) for year-round growing of organic vegetables, fruits and berries. 7 113 246.31
Litrabit - The Token for Every Student Litrabit, is Token created to be implemented in Educational institutes, So students can trade, pay for fee, their cafe bills, library fees and do much more. It is not just a Token but a whole trading Platform. One token for all of students needs. 16 114 228.10
Stockus Биржевая платформа Stockus - оригинальная, многофункциональная, виртуальная площадка, предназначенная для игры на классических и криптовалютных биржах. Платформа включает в себя Виртуального биржевого брокера, социальную торговую площадку, где трейдер 0 106 224.91
BestMeta—Blockchain Exchange for the Gaming Market BestMeta is the first decentralized gaming environment. Using Blockchain we boost the market of video games providing direct and transparent access for gamers to support and engage with the projects they like through tokenized ecosystem. 43 104 206.10
Elysian - A platform to build Ecommerce websites on the blockchain Elysian is an innovative, decentralized Ecommerce platform that provides drastic improvements in security and unprecedented user experience by integrating blockchain technology into our ecosystem. Customer data storage becomes more secure, and users are able to actively engage in platform or website navigation through the implementation of aesthetically pleasing technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. The platform is an intermediary between Ecommerce businesses, which build their websites on our platform, and their targeted demographic of consumers. 25 93 192.10
Spot Light - Your Reach is Your Reward The safest way to purchase products and services in a self-sustaining crypto economy that leverages all of the most effective digital marketing platforms, and consolidates them into one high quality, referral based solution that rewards YOU. 8 56 118.21
Thunder Stone -Dedicated to blockchain gaming developing and releasing Devoted to be the future “Blizzard” in blockchain gaming industry. 10 55 113.00
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