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Petlife is the platform for providing 24/7 veterinary medical assistance by means of telemedicine and blockchain.

Due to the application a pet owner ensures necessary medical assistance for their pet: remote consultations, interpretation of the medical testing results, data storage and electronic prescription, while a veterinarian holds consultations, makes medical reports and receives payment.



This is the ready-made prototype of the telemedicine service. The service is based on the clinical stages of providing veterinary medical assistance with the use of modern technology. There is collection of clinical information by a patient and a veterinarian, preparation for testings, primary and further consultations, control over medicinal treatment, Second Opinion Service, treatment quality control, medical data storage, generation of reports based on the results of consultations, payment for services by the patient or insurance company, monitoring of the key indicators. Petlife has passed the clinical testing and now it is to start working on the market. We have received reviews of the medical community and the opinion of the first clients. 

We are developing the model of the clinical assistant that will be function by means of self-learning neural networks. This module will develop the optimal way of treatment based on intermediate and input data, for example, complaints, symptoms, testings results, anamnesis.







Petlife stores medical data of every pet whose owner seeks a consultation. The electronic medical record contains the results of testings, complaints, anamnesis, preliminary diagnosis. The application collects the medical data about a pet and makes the medical record. The medical record enables the veterinarian to prepare for the consultation, monitor the changes of the clinical indicator, assess the treatment dynamics, ask the patient to have an additional medical examination and write a new prescription.


Petlife allows to provide online remote consultations. The veterinarian can conduct a scheduled or emergency consultation with the pet owner. Up to 16 veterinarians from different clinics can discuss difficult clinical cases simultaneously. At the end of the consultation the veterinarian makes a medical report, sets the treatment course, gives recommendations, appoints some medical examinations and writes an electronic prescription.


Petlife is the first application in veterinary medicine that uses smart contracts based on the blockchain technology. Petlife’s smart contracts are the computer algorithm. It controls payment for services, storage and data record in the blockchain medical record. Due to smart contracts pet owners, veterinarians, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies meet everyday challenges: treat pets, communicate, seek for necessary medicines and pay for services.


The Petlife artificial intelligence technology determines regularities in the information got in the previous researches, analyzes and forecasts the deterioration of the state of health based on the previous experience, allows the veterinarian set an effective treatment of the pet, develops prompts and alternative ways of solving issues.


VCPR (Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship) is the jural definition of the remote consultation in veterinary medicine. The USA and European countries have accepted this definition. The major objective for us at the beginning of the project is that the service should meet the VCPR legal requirements in terms of telemedicine.



Veterinary medical record includes veterinarians’ reports, preoperative epicrisis and operation protocols, results of ultrasound, functional, and radiology diagnostics, prescriptions and recommendations. The Petlife App updates all the chain of blocks online and shows the treatment dynamics and the pet’s state of health.


Blockchain provides the access to medical data and veterinary medical record. Invariability of the chain allows the veterinarian to evaluate the quality of treatment, give a competent answer or make a report for judicial proceedings. The veterinary medical record is the clinical tool for the control over the quality of treatment, for the monitoring of the dynamics of the previous treatment and results.


Blockchain provides the solution of 2 objectives related to payment for veterinary services: direct transborder payments without international charges on conversion of currency; express payment between the providers of veterinary medical assistance such as insurance companies, clinics and pharmaceutical companies.


Andrey is the founder of the Telemedicine OÜ, the Petlife project. He describes Petlife, the team, the concept of development and the partners.


Alexander is the CFO of Petlife. He talks about the development strategy of the project, the amount of investments we would like to attract and the way they will be used.

Vlad is the CTO of Petlife. He talks about his department, the purpose of using smart contracts and how blockchain helps to solve everyday problems.


Scenario of token price increase:

Negative x5

Realistic x9

Optimistic x12


Token name - PETL
Designation - Utility token
Issue volume - 143 000 000
Maximum quantity of tokens available for public sale - 88 700 000
Value of 1 token - 0.2 USD
Minimum purchase - 5 USD
Details - ERC-20, Ethereum-Based Token
Amount of crowdfunding rounds: 3
Crowdfunding stages: Presale, Retail sale S1, Retail sale S2
Softcap 4 000 000 USD (3 500 000 EUR)  
Hardcap 15 000 000 USD (13 170 000 EUR)


The purpose of the PETL token issue

Attracting third-party investments of $4 - $15 million for the development of the veterinary blockchain card, mobile application, investment marketing and start of monetization for target markets.

The purpose of the PETL token purchase

Payment in the Petlife service. The PETL token is connected with the use of the product and provides the user with the exclusive access to the product and the rights to the interaction - termless discount up to 30% on all the services provided by Telemedicine OÜ in the Petlife mobile and web application, consultations of veterinarians, insurance companies products, veterinary products and medicines including all the new services that will be developed for the application. Earnings on user experience implies exchange of tokens within the service within the communication between users, and exchange of experience, for example, paid consultations on care of rare animals.




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