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Uniting The World

Making Cryptocurrencies Accessible For Everyone




Table of contents

  1. Pitch
  2. Unique Selling Point
  3. Vision
  4. UNA Economy
  5. Wallet
  6. Technical Details
  7. Detailed Description
  8. Roadmap
  9. ICO Bonuses
  10. ICO Pricing
  11. Funds Use
  12. Team
  13. Kickonomy
  14. Join our community



UnA Project was launched with the sole purpose of making digital currencies accessible and easy to use. Most blockchain projects and digital currencies, including Bitcoin, use technical jargon that many people don't understand. These digital currencies are also not as user friendly as they could be.

We believe that this creates a barrier to entry for most people who would otherwise benefit the most from digital currencies.

Our native currency and wallet was created to simplify, educate and provide people with an all in one solution, while also teaching them on how to use digital currencies, and the benefits that this technology brings.


Unique Selling Points

  • Simply & Easy To Use Wallet
  • Educative Experience
  • Integrated Mining
  • Automated Mining
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Private Transactions
  • Faster Transactions
  • Integrated Exchange
  • Low Fees
  • Existing Product
  • African & Emerging Market Focus




Core Features






Our Vision for UNA is to be a global and all in one ecosystem targeting and improving the lives of millions in emerging markets, especially Africa.

Our solutions will be simple to use, and be easily integrated into existing systems. The UNA platform will allow people to send, receive, mine, exchange, and earn digital currencies for their contributions and participation.

We'll be the bridge taking people from old and outdated systems to the new and exciting world of blockchain and digital currencies, while also creating financial freedom.




UNA Economy

The UNA economy will consist of mutliple solutions aimed at making digital currencies accessible and simple to use.

Our product consist of the following:

  • UNA Wallet
  • Educational Resource
  • Digital Exchange

The total supply of UNA is 22,512,800, which is in line with the the total GDP of Africa (in amount, not in value)



The UNA wallet is one of the simplest digital currency wallets available, and we strive to make it even more user friendly and full of features.

The wallets are available across all major operating systems, and also supports multiple languages.

At the moment, users are able to send, receive, and mine UNA directly from the wallet. Mining requires little energy, since it is CPU based. This is also vital, especially in countries where electricity is considered a scarce resource.

Other integrations that are soon to follow are our Automated Mining feature, and integrated exchange. We will also soon be launching mobile wallets.




Technical Details

No premine (10% going to be mined by The una project developers during network testing for ICO purpose only)

  • Minimum fee 0.00010 UNA
  • No tokens (initial coin (not token) offering)
  • Proof of Work: CryptoNight (cpu mining)
  • Block time: 90 seconds
  • Emission speed factor: 16
  • Block size: Automatically adjustable
  • Emission curve: 22,512,800 UNA coins by the end of 2018
  • Max supply: 22,512,800, linked to annual GDP of Africa
  • Sender privacy: Ring signatures
  • Recipient privacy: Stealth addresses
  • Amount obfuscation: Ring confidential transactions


Detailed Description

What is UnA?

It is a cryptocurrency, but it is not another alt-coin.  First and foremost it's a very powerful tool that can be used to access multiple services across our ecosystem, which is what gives it value.

How does UnA work?

Being a decentralized cryptocurrency, it cannot be controlled by anyone. This is a system based solely on EQUALITY.

All people, organizations, governments, even banks are equal within this system. Your UnA wallet is "your own bank" where your money is protected by the highest level of security due to the 256 bit encryption.  By using UnA you can trade with anyone in the world without the presence of a middleman who charges ridiculously high fees just for transferring your hard-earned money. 



Below features and developments are listed in order of priority. We have a lot planned for UnA Project, but this is just a general indication of what can be expected.

  1. Mining Started (17/11/2017)
  2. Desktop Wallets Released (15/02/2018)
  3. Pre-ICO Launch (01/01/2019)
  4. Mobile Wallets
  5. Automated Mining
  6. Integrated Exchange
  7. ERC20 Compatible Wallet
  8. Loyalty & Rewards Platform



ICO Bonuses

Along with the UNA receive from participating in our ICO, we will award our backers with the following bonusses when contributing.

=>5 ETH = 5% UNA Bonus

=>10 ETH = 10% UNA Bonus

=>25 ETH = 15% UNA Bonus


ICO Pricing

Only 2,000,000 UNA coins (Two Million) will be distributed according to the following schedule.

  1. 2,000,000 UNA coins (9% of the total amount of UNA coin supply to be distributed during pre-sale). Please note that UNA is NOT an ERC20 token. Upon receival of the ETH, we will manually contact and send UNA coins to your UNA wallet specified (not smart contract). The following form needs to be completed after participation:

  2. Price for all coin sale participants will be $0.1 US per coin. Please note that the pricing of 1 UNA assumes 1 ETH = $120 (1 ETH = 1200 UNA COINS / 1:1200 Ratio). This ratio is fixed and is implemented in order to disregard unexpected ETH price movements.

  3. Soft Cap for the sale is 50 ETH

  4. Hard Cap for the sale is 1600 ETH

  5. Duration of the pre-sale will be 3 months.


Funds Use

All funds raised during ICO will be used for marketing, exchange listing and further project development.




Together, or team has over 20 years of experience within the tech space. We have all be involved in launch and growth of various other startups, including one of the biggest ride sharing companies in Africa called Lifti, as well as blockchain exchange startup Golix.




We see KickICO as a very valuable platform for startups, and also believe that the crowdfunding assistance provided by KickICO leads to financial security and wealth, since many of these projects are aimed to improve the lives of millions, while also creating jobs.

This falls in line with our vision and goals, and we will therefore accept KICK coins on our platform as soon as we launch our ERC20 compatible wallet.




Join Our Community


Email: [email protected]