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SQUAREX - transformation of cryptocurrency into real square meters
によって SquarEx
2017/11/18 0:00 開始日 (UTC)
SQUAREX is the first full cycle ecosystem for real estate bringing revolutionary changes in the ways of construction, investment, rent and purchase the property
10,000 ETH
開始まで: Soft cap
INS Ecosystem
によって Peter Fedchenkov
2017/11/27 11:00 開始日 (UTC)
Decentralized Ecosystem Directly Connecting Grocery Manufacturers and Consumers
30,000 ETH
開始まで: Soft cap
Re-engagement platform for airlines and travel
によって Jon Edward Santillan
もうすぐ発表 開始日 (UTC)
Audience.to is a blockchain based that helps airline and travel companies to build loyal customers, increase sales and improve conversion by re-engaging website visitors effectively via web push notification, email, SMS and on-site display using big data and marketing automation; $0.3M USD ARR; International customer incl. Etihad, Nile Air, Air Seychelles, Informa and Musafir.
5,000 ETH
開始まで: Soft cap
Magic Wand and Book of Incredible Power
によって HitStarter
もうすぐ発表 開始日 (UTC)
An interactive control system is applied in this game: to cast a spell, the player needs to say it aloud (the phone recognizes the player’s voice) and then wave the phone like a magic wand.
400 ETH
開始まで: Soft cap
Devia - Get Paid For Your Data
によって Tiaan Basson
もうすぐ発表 開始日 (UTC)
Devia is a Decentralized Cloud and Ai driven marketplace where companies pay users for their anonymous data, and use this data to deliver products or services that better serve society.
2,000 ETH
開始まで: Soft cap
によって Gabriel Varaljay
もうすぐ発表 開始日 (UTC)
我々は、オープンソースの革新的な技術との生活の新しい方法を構築しているのは心。私達は世帯のあなたのまわりですべての知識を共有する:-スマートな庭-スマートな家-再生可 (再生可能デバイス) -ロボット工学 -3d 印刷
1,000 ETH
開始まで: Soft cap
GoNetwork -  disrupting trillion dollar mobile & virtual goods economy
によって Rashid Khan
もうすぐ発表 開始日 (UTC)
Update: Make sure you subscribe at https://gonetwork.co for updates and special offers! GoNetwork is going to disrupt the trillion dollar virtual content and mobile economy! Just imagine... Using cryptocurrency in all the games and apps you use. Earn crypto by playing games or using apps and much more! Buy game coins and apps with GoToken! Trade assets! Own GoTokens? Just sit back and earn daily by staking! Developed by seasoned app entrepreneurs who have created apps that are featured by Apple. Achieved top spots on the AppStore worldwide! Apps with over 15 million download will start using GoToken by the end of 2017! GoToken revolution is coming! Are you ready?
60,000 ETH
開始まで: Soft cap
Star-Lord: let's play together!
によって Star Lord
もうすぐ発表 開始日 (UTC)
Meet Star Lord, browser-based MMO game. Play the great emperor, conquer the galaxy, use alchemy in deep dangerous space, reveal the true history of our world!
200 ETH
開始まで: Soft cap


によって Ruslan Tugushev
2017/10/12 0:00 開始日 (UTC)
Storiqa - Global marketplace for a local business powered by Blockchain. Direct access to buyers from all over the world without financial boundaries. The use of blockchain-technologies destroys the boundaries between sellers and buyers, allowing the creation of a unique open trading platform with infinite growth potential.
100% 成功
100% 終了
2017/10/13 0:00
1,209 ETH
1,209 ETH
終了日: 貢献額 Soft cap
によって Anti Danilevski
2017/08/29 13:00 開始日 (UTC)
ICO campaign of KICKICO platform. ICO starts on 29th August and will end on 16th September, or when the hard cap is reached. For participating, you will receive KickCoins (KC). The exchange rate is 1 ETH = 3000 KC.
169% 成功
169% 終了
2017/09/16 18:00
84,635 ETH
50,000 ETH
終了日: 貢献額 Soft cap
Magisters of Magic - Online 4X strategy
によって Petr Tsap
2017/08/15 13:00 開始日 (UTC)
4X Strategy with elements of rogue-lite RPG and citybuilder about the world broken into many pieces. Asynchronous multiplayer and global maps are included. First ever independent project on the KICKICO project! We are the first to combine crowdfunding and ICO!
140% 成功
140% 終了
2017/08/28 23:59
280 ETH
200 ETH
終了日: 貢献額 Soft cap

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ENVIENTA-将来の手頃な価格で自立した生活空間 我々は、オープンソースの革新的な技術との生活の新しい方法を構築しているのは心。私達は世帯のあなたのまわりですべての知識を共有する:-スマートな庭-スマートな家-再生可 (再生可能デバイス) -ロボット工学 -3d 印刷 17 260
SGA Consulting SGA Consulting services – innovative, fully automated service providing trade recommendations for opening/closing positions on the financial markets with for profit clients. 7 218
eClapper - Entertainment meets people. eClapper reinvents the way we understand and enjoy the entertainment industry, through a unique social trading platform, allowing users to invest in the global entertainment industry, enjoy its economic growth and support promotion and distribution. 7 95

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