Ariana Sanchez
D24 - Delivery Decentralized ICO ICO
60,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
120,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
12 Jun, 2019 - 06 Jul, 2021 Campaign Duration (UTC)

Decentralized Delivery for a $30B+ market

Seeking to create the first decentralized home delivery platform similar to grubhub. Unlike other ICO’s, we developed our platform first and wen’t live for 1 month in 1 city.


Table of contents

  • Token Sale Stages
  • Project Description
  • Delivery Economics
  • What is D24 Coin
  • Token Structure
  • Roadmap
  • Soft Cap Budget Allocation
  • Projections


D24 decentralized delivery platform where merchants deal directly with clients
and the middle man is eliminated with blockchain technology, We have a working profitable platform with over 1 thousand orders completed.

Why us?

D24 is unique and can be better described as a reverse ICO. Instead of getting investors first, we instead built our platform, operated in 1 city for 1 month and handled 1 thousand orders. Our reason for doing this was to squash any bugs, perform live experiments and more importantly to prove profitablity to our investors. Private presale investors may view all our orders in our admin area with a signed confidentiality agreement and posess accredited investor certification.


Our main goal is to take monotony out of life. 

The Problem:


Companies like grub hub and eat24 charge outrageous fees to list merchants on their platform, and even more to get better visibility. Merchants have went as far as to say it feels like extortion with commissions shooting up as far as 50%. Source: NPR

The Solution:


D24 decentralized delivery platform where merchants deal directly with clients and the middle man is eliminated with blockchain technology.


Token economy


  • Dividends: Token holders will receive 5% of gateway fees per order. Fees will be disbursed to token holders on a monthly basis
  • Projections: We are expecting a 21% growth per year: Below is a graph of grub hubs growth since inception year 2011


Use of Proceeds:



And that is exactly what we did. D24 is not your run of the mill ICO,: We value investors. Therefore, we invested our money first, built our platform and app. We then launched in a foreign market to iron out any bugs and achieve operational efficiency, While 100% efficiency is not yet achieved we now know exactly what is required to achieve this goal and it starts with your investment.


To achieve 100% efficiency, The following solutions must be implemented

  • Decentralize - remove the middle man
  • Delivery drivers must have app, vetting, & managed by merchants with voting power, clients may review.
  • Merchant Hub - API for integration and App to handle incoming orders with SMS alerts, App Alarm


Development Team:

Our project has been created and managed by Mindroots Pvt. Ltd


Owner of successful restuarant Burger Bros. in the capital of Dominican Republic, Dimi is the right person to take D24 global. Understanding the needs of restaurant owners and working with current platforms such as uber eats and, Dimi knows first hand what is lacking in the top delivery platforms.



Contact us

Email: [email protected]