7,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
0.00 Hard Cap, ETH
25 Mar, 2018 - 28 Apr, 2018 Campaign Duration (UTC)


Country of Origin: Sweden
Token Sale Start Date:     25 March 2018
Token Sale End Date:       28  April  2018

What is Vipe?
Vipe is an innovative payment system that enables its users to have the most easy to use and reasonably-priced services for cryptocurrencies.
Users are enabled to easily store and exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat currency with the most satisfactory rates for the
user. And the much more preferable part of the system is that Vipe don’t charge users for sending and receiving crypto assets. That means free transactions for all users, including Vipe (VPE), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) cryptocurrencies. Exchanging between assets including VPE, BTC, 
ETH and USD are instant with almost non-existing fees
. Users are also enabled to use VipeCard; the solution for spending crypto assets and cash withdrawal from ATM’s all over the world. Combining all of these features, Vipe gather all of the crucial requirements to have a complete cryptocurrency solution.

The Problem and Vipe Solution
In recent years, cryptocurrency usage enables us to buy a house, or even a supercar. But when it comes to transfer assets to someone or spending a small amount may cause high fees and it may exceed the actual product/service we are taking. This means, the liquidity of cryptocurrencies is low. Liquidity is the measurement of how easily and quickly an asset is transferred, bought or sold without affecting the market price. In this manner, cash is the most known and liquid asset. Vipe’s solution is to gather the liquidity of cash and the secure and private environment of cryptocurrencies together. By doing this, efficiency in transfer expenses, time saving and easy usage features are obtained.

Technical Information
Vipe Technologies uses its own enterprise blockchain system. Every detail about transactions and all user operations are stored on a centralized platform. This platform also provides a backup feature that secures our users to have involuntary asset losses. In other words, all users are protected against any kind of vicious process. As the worth of VPE increases and the earnings of Vipe Technologies grow, our server headquarters will scatter through different locations on distinctive regions. This strategy provides top level security and spare logic. for Vipe system.

VPE Token
Vipe aims to put forward a constantly-evolving token that will always counterbalance the demand of the users and provide all features of the blockchain. The abbreviation “VPE”, is the label for the Vipe cryptocurrency. A total number of 100.000.000 VPE Tokens are produced. One VPE can be divided in to 1.000.000 units. The smallest unit of VPE is called "Vip". In this manner, 1 Vipe equals to 1.000.000 Vip and 1 Vip equals to 0.000001 Vipe.

Our prominent software development team created a cryptography method called "I2 algorithm", containing a complex and unique function that is used on each Vip. As a result, 100 trillion Vip’s are generated.

No Fee Procedure
Vipe offers its users to store, send and receive VPE for free forever. There aren’t any amount or another limit. In addition to this, Vipe also offers to send BTC and ETH for free. There will be still imperative transaction fees that miners take for BTC and ETH transactions, but Vipe won’t charge users for that. Instead, these fee expenses will be covered by Vipe Technologies’ income. Since Vipe Technologies will derive profit from capital gain after ICO completion and exchange entrances, Vipe Technologies divide this value to offer users no transaction fee procedure. In this manner, a user who received VPE to his/her wallet at least once, will be able to start sending BTC and ETH for free. Vipe system automatically detects the activeness of the user. Thus, the activeness of the user designates the no fee for BTC and ETH transaction right of the user. There is a minimum of two transactions of BTC or ETH per day is guaranteed to all users. Afterwards, by use of VPE as the fee amount, BTC and ETH transaction expenses are decreased by %50


Definition of ICO
ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. Necessary funds to start a project are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture through ICO. Participants of an ICO have the advantages of both using the projects features and an advantageous condition in the near future when the project succeeds.

ICO Stages
Vipe has 3 ICO stages to distribute a certain amount of VPE tokens. These stages are Pre-ICO, ICO Stage 1 and ICO Stage 2 respectively. All three stages has advantage on the token sale price, as early so cheaper. The price of 1 VPE token starts from 0.5$ after all stages have completed. In addition, the discount on the token sale prices are %50, %40 and %20 respectively. Distribution of ICO token sales is shown below on the chart.

  • Pre-ICO        /  25 March - 04 April 2018
  • ICO Stage 1  /    06 April - 16 April 2018
  • ICO Stage 2  /    18 April - 28 April 2018


Vipe offers airdrop program applicants free VPE tokens in return for their social network activities that will widen interest for Vipe positively. These networks include Facebook, Twitter, Video Sharing Services, Blog/Medium and BitcoinTalk.

For further information about our airdrop program,click here

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