15 oct. 2018 00:00 Date de lancement (UTC)
EDIFICO, will revolutionize the market of the timeshare and the lodging in general, by means of a vacation membership, offering a TOTAL RELAXATION concept, through its EDI TOKEN, it will provide access to a paradise in a safe, fast and discreet way.
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15 déc. 2018 23:30
2,000 ETH
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29 août 2017 13:00 Date de lancement (UTC)
ICO campaign of KICKICO platform. ICO starts on 29th August and will end on 16th September, or when the hard cap is reached. For participating, you will receive KickCoins (KICK). The exchange rate is 1 ETH = 3000 KICK.
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16 sept. 2017 18:00
84,635 ETH
50,000 ETH
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Arbitrage Crypto Trader
24 oct. 2017 03:00 Date de lancement (UTC)
Arbitrage Crypto Trader is a desktop trading terminal for convenient trading on 2 exchange markets simultaneously. We accept KICK!
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5 nov. 2017 23:59
234 ETH
200 ETH
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18 oct. 2017 08:00 Date de lancement (UTC)
1st Blockchain Credit Bureau as well as a Transparent Social & Green Microfinance. Involving 2 billion unbanked cash-people into the new world Global Crypto Economy.
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17 nov. 2017 23:59
32,128 ETH
3,000 ETH
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