KickToken Swap
and Hodlers’ Bonus

KickToken Swap in


KickCoin will be upgraded to KickToken and you can get up to 150% Bonus!

KickToken Swap highlights:

  • Swap (snapshot) time: August 29 12:00 UTC+3
  • The higher the KickTokens balance - the more Bonus KickTokens you get!
  • Hodlers’ Bonus: up to 150% bonus KickTokens according to the conditions below
  • Bonus lockup: bonus KickTokens will be locked until KICKEX Exchange is launched in Q4 2019 *
  • Only personal accounts are eligible for the Hodlers’ bonus: no exchange accounts will receive KickToken bonuses.

* Detailed instructions on how to unlock the bonus KickTokens will be published prior to the KICKEX exchange launch.

KickToken Swap Hodlers’ Bonus

The higher the KickTokens balance - the more Bonus KickTokens you get!

Swap Bonus is a great chance to get additional KickTokens during the swap. KickToken Bonus depends on the amount of KickTokens held on an address at the time of the snapshot. The higher the KickTokens balance - the higher the Bonus.

Bonus KickTokens will be credited according to the balances based on 11 tiers as follows:

KickToken Bonus Tiers

Tier KickToken balance MIN KickToken Bonus
1 20M+ 150%
2 10M+ 100%
3 5M+ 90%
4 3M+ 80%
5 1M+ 70%
6 500K+ 60%
7 250K+ 50%
8 100K+ 40%
9 50K+ 30%
10 25K+ 20%
11 5K+ 10%

KickToken swap bonus update!

KickToken SWAP Bonus campaign deadline is extended to 16th of September 15:00 UTC+3, since some of the exchanges stopped KICK deposits/withdrawal prior to the initial swap date. You can still stack up more KickTokens and climb up another tier or two to get a KickToken bonus!

The extended bonus will be credited based on the amount of new KickTokens held on the address from August 29 (tokenswap snapshot) until September 16, 2019.

How to swap to KickToken and get the Hodlers' bonus

Move all your KickTokens from exchanges and other wallets into 1 personal wallet that you control (have access to the private keys)

Wait until the snapshot time to receive new KickTokens. And hold them until the bonus unlocks

Hold KickTokens on your wallet until the KICKEX Exchange launch to start unlocking bonus KickTokens

The swap will happen automatically. In order to receive the new tokens, users have to hold KickTokens on personal wallets when the snapshot is taken. The snapshot of the blockchain will take place on the 29th of August 12:00 UTC+3.


Please, be aware that exchanges will not receive the Swap Bonus. Make sure to withdraw your KickTokens from exchanges before the snapshot to be eligible for the bonus.

!!! Important !!!
The bonus tokens will be locked up until the launch of the cryptocurrency exchange KICKEX in Q4 2019. And if a user moves his unlocked KickTokens from his wallet before KICKEX launch, bonus KickTokens will be reduced proportionally.

KickToken Swap reasoning

KickToken Swap is configured to put in action strategic advances in token smart contract structure and keep it up-to-date:

  • First, it’s the upgraded smart contract structure to allow a better facilitation of the tokens as a payment means, in particular for micropayments applied: in gaming, subscription services etc.
  • Second, a few adjustments have been made to the smart contract to prepare for the upcoming KICKEX Exchange launch and allow more integration and use cases for the token within the whole platform.

KickToken is available on the following exchanges:

Find more details about the upcoming KickToken Swap in our medium blog.