Braingroom - EduTech Revolution Through Blockchain Crowdfunding Crowdfunding
10,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
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17 Jun, 2018 - 31 Aug, 2018 Campaign Duration (UTC)

Braingroom is a blockchain supported online marketplace for micro-clasess for educational and lifestyle segments which is transparent and safe for users to choose either through offline or online mode of delivery. Braingroom provides easy access for all users looking for skill development courses across various fields and also to provide an effective platform for tutors and academies to create a comprehensive online teaching profile and to create a brand for themselves.

Our Mission:

  1. To connect superior trainers across the globe to niche target segments across the nation through our robust training aggregation portal.
  2. To bring all learning events, activities, classes and sessions to a common platform.
  3. To help people gift others one or more learning sessions as a symbol of "Knowledge sharing".
  4. To help connect with people with similar learning interests in their city or in their locality.

The Opporutunity:

School: Around 45% increase in prviate tution requirment in the recent years, and increased focus and spend on skill developement for kids. 

University: In countries like India, 97% of Technical Graduates look for sector specific or software jobs post graduaiton. However, only 3% of Software Jobseekers, and 7% of Core Jobseekers have the required Skillset. Graduation Degrees are not accurate representations of the Skillsets of the Students who are seeking specilaised jobs. 

Experianced Jobseekers: Continous change in technology and market place had pushed the need for experianced jobseekers looking for short terms coures for upskill to achive better empoyement opportunites. 

The Product:

App and web platform for Learners to choose and book quality tutors or micro-sessions (offline / online) and for Tutors to enlist online / offline to get bookings as per demand. 

The Market:

70 to 75% of learners are open to finding and booking classes online if its a transparent and user friendly medium. 

The addressable market in major cities in India is around USD 750 Million, and for the entire country is around USD 3.6 Billion. The Singapore market is around USD 55 Million. The global market is around 50 Billion. 

White Paper:


Contact:Telegram: @karthi_nitk