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01.03.2018 00:00 Erscheinungsdatum (UTC)
A decentralized peer-to-peer student platform whereby students, businesses, institutions & educators can interact with one another on an educational level in a social environment. Froshfeel announces its own decentralized cryptocurrency – froins.
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20.03.2018 23:30
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Thrive - The Premium Decentralized Advertising Marketplace
15.02.2018 09:00 Erscheinungsdatum (UTC)
Thrive is a Block-chain based Marketplace to BUY and SELL Advertising at very LOW FEES.  For the first time People get REWARDED for data sharing and for reviewing the quality of each website in the ecosystem. YOU are finally taking  back the control of the internet. Soft Cap already reached on private sales!  
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05.03.2018 09:00
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