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The project, the analogue to which it does not exist.

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HELP token project is aimed to charity. The main object of the project is the improvement of the receiving and sending the international donations with a minimum fixed fee, the centralization of the philanthropic foundations and organizations on the unified blockchain platform, the consolidation with traders and cryptoinvestors. The charitable blockchain platform will be the main project purse.

HELP token is the cryptocurrency having charity objectives but as usually it is used as the commercial tool for traders.



Charity blockchain platform is the main development of the project. The leading goal of the platform is to attract traders for philanthropy outspreading and participating. The right side of the platform is provided for charitable foundations divided into groups according their activities. Everyone can find the interesting activity and made a donation into the charity's account. There will be a special loyalty program for philanthropists. We hope to increase the flow of funds for those in need and make public the issues to the wider communities. The cryptocurrency is not allowed or even fully forbidden in many countries by law. It is precisely for this reason the conversion will be done on the platform. This will make the activity of the foundations easier and will not give the possibility to violate the law.


Any capital investment into cryptocurrency entails the financial risks. We have no way to guarantee the continuous increase of token, but we will make every effort to make it fluid at the maximum rate. c5d28e37b2c391a.png
Once HELP token is added to the exchanges, the project team will put up a certain quantity of tokens for auction, and when the tokens are bought by the participants, the team will stop the cryprocurrency input on the present platform for a year. The auction is held by the traders not bearing a relation to the developers. 

On a quarterly basis 10% of the profit will be provided for the token purchase for the further burn starting from the year 2021. The burn will take place until the amount reserved for free sale reduces that rate by half i.e. by 50 per cent.

The quantity of the tokens for ICO purpose makes up 0,1%. This amount is sufficient for the start-up of blockchain development indicated in the project and will minimize the possible decline of token rate

Primarily the token use is involved in transactions of the charity foundations and organizations, sending and receiving donations via blockchain platform which is the main token wallet. Also it will be used within the project ecosystem and on the websites of the partners.



Project importance for charity is apparent. 

   Combining charity, the crypto industry and blockchain technologies, we will get a convenient modern solution to the problems. The planned HELP token platform is a decentralized, blockchain-based, online platform that will allow our users to easily carry out transactions and Finance charitable activities on a global scale. The maximum quantity of payment systems will be connected to the platform. Buying HELP token will be possible not only on cryptocurrency exchanges, but also on our platform, which will greatly simplify the process of donations. Charitable foundations and supporting projects will be built into certain blocks of the platform. Donations can be made directly from the platform's personal account.

Investments in the project will be primarily aimed at creating and developing the products envisaged by the project. After that, the funds will be used to popularize the project, attract users and funds, and list on the stock exchanges.

Currently, the main task of the project team is the implementation of the platform to which charitable foundations and organizations will be connected. According to the roadmap, the development will start in November 2019. After testing, we will start connecting to the platform of charitable foundations and organizations. At the moment, the project supports a large number of charitable foundations, and preliminary agreements on connection have been reached with many of them. Since the use of the platform is free for charity actors, we hope to transfer all charitable activities on a global scale to the use of blockchain platform.


We have carried out legal due diligence and we can guarantee that HELP token is not a security and does not need to be registered. We focus on the regulation on the regulation of ICO, operations with cryptocurrencies, digital tokens. The HELP token project meets the Initial coin offering legal norms at the ICO stage, so we are pleased to provide our users with a reliable and safe solution for the needs of charitable activities.

1. We will develop the instruments of payment, about which we wrote above, it will make the charity more convenient and significantly change the situation for the better by removing barriers.
2. Charity will be shown in circles where huge sums of dollars are in circulation. Namely, the placement of charitable funds and projects on the blockchain platform, it will attract the attention of traders, some of whom may be interested in charity, and thus will be a new flow of donations.
3. The separate site for charity created by us will encourage philanthropists to make donations, as they will be rewarded for it.
4. Our donations from the commission for transactions in charitable funds.
5. Personal charity project will not only help the needy, but can be an example to follow, the secondary projects of which we will support.




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