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Brief Description

TYDO (www.tydo.io) platform is a modern multifunctional platform designed for efficient interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges.

The platform includes Trading Terminal with technical analysis tools, Marketplace where platform users can exchange their trading strategies and ideas for TYD tokens, and Social Trading Platform where skilled traders can share their experience, portfolio structure, and trading history.

Unlike existing trading solutions available today, TYDO incorporates all above-mentioned tools into one ecosystem, and also offers its users an opportunity to operate on more than 50 cryptocurrency exchanges.

TYDO platform aims to bring cryptocurrency traders onto one site, providing them with tools for developing and executing trading strategies and ideas with built-in easy-to-use automation solution.

With a well-defined and balanced design, TYDO platform offers a new model of traders' interactions with centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, and with each other, to develop modern approach to cryptocurrency trading and networking.

Market Challenge

Cryptocurrency is a young and very promising financial product. Modern cryptocurrency markets show rapid growth and high volatility, which, combined with 24/7 operation, can lead to lost profits. On one hand, trading in this mode dictates strict conditions and requirements for its participants. But on the other hand, it gives virtually unlimited opportunities for multiplying trade capital. In addition, in such circumstances, decisions about buying/selling must be made quickly and on time.

A user, whether he/she is a professional trader or a beginner, is not able to monitor the markets constantly. This leads to delays and affects decision-making accuracy. Thus, cryptocurrency trader is facing the following challenges:

  • High market volatility can impact profitability and cause losses.
  • Impossible to monitor markets 24/7.
  • Аrbitrage opportunities in cryptocurrency markets.
  • Decisions cannot be made on time, which leads to missed opportunities.


For the optimization and convenience of trading financial products (stocks, bonds, currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, derivatives, etc.), there are electronic trading platforms or trading terminals in the financial markets.

Electronic trading platform (online trading platform) is a computer software program that can be used to place orders for financial products over a network with a financial intermediary. *

At the moment, existing solutions for cryptocurrency markets (trading terminals) have limited functionality:

  1. Small number of exchanges where trading is possible.
  2. Impossibility of creating complex series of conditional orders.
  3. Extremely limited or lack of automation capabilities.


Cryptocurrency markets are in constant motion and can drastically change one's trading position at any moment. This leads to high demand for partial or full trading automation.

Most existing business solutions in the market of cryptocurrency trading platforms and trade automation tools (Coinigy, Cryptrader, LeonARDO, etc.) support very limited number of cryptocurrency exchanges, which currently stand at more than 1000.

Because of the abundance of cryptocurrency trading tools, traders are forced to create multiple accounts on different exchanges in order to be able to trade with maximum efficiency.

Thus, market participants are forced to either create personal expensive trading terminals and automation solutions or manually conduct trading operations on each exchange, which can be an ineffective practice that may lead to loss of time and profits.

In addition, there are many accessible trade forecasts using various forecasting methods, and ready-made strategies, but there are no simple accessible tools for automating and implementing those forecasts.

TradingView is a leader in the market of charts for financial markets, main platform for publishing trading ideas and strategies, and a service with social networking capabilities. The main element of TradingView are trading ideas published by the users, however, the platform does not offer tools for trading in the cryptocurrency markets or the automation of trading ideas.

With the help of the Pine Script language implemented on the TradingView platform, the user has the opportunity to develop a trading strategy. That said, existing tools do not let to trade in compliance with the written strategy in the fully automated or semi-automated mode. Moreover, there are no third-party products available on the market that would enable automation of trading strategy from the TradingView platform.


TYDO Solution

TYDO platform is aimed at fixing issues and drawbacks of existing Trading Terminals, maximizing profits and minimizing risks with simple and highly-customizable interface. Utilizing the best charts available today from TradingView, TYDO offers a unique trading automation solution developed for executing your trading strategies and ideas with high efficiency.

Apart from that, TYDO will offer its users an interaction platform within Marketplace and Social Trading Platform. Platform users will be able to not only develop trading strategies and ideas, but also exchange them for TYD tokens in TYDO Marketplace, leave feedback, and view portfolio structure or follow an experienced trader in TYDO Social Trading Platform.

While developing the TYDO Platform concept, our team received feedback from more than 100 active cryptocurrency traders.

TYDO platform will feature Pine Script programming language support which will allow full automation of any trading strategy developed on TradingView (with Pine Script programming language). It will also be possible to automate trading ideas created in both TYDO and TradingView.

TYDO will be an ideal product for beginners as well as expert traders with convenient and fully customizable interface, and built-in tools for efficient manual, semi- or fully-automatic trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Trading Solutions:

  • Trade on most major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • High-quality multifunctional charts from TradingView for all supported exchanges and trading pairs.
  • Extensive possibilities for conducting technical analysis.
  • 100+ built-in technical indicators.
  • Develop your own trading strategies and indicators with Pine Script compatible programming language.
  • High level of accessibility (Web-based, iOS/Android app).
  • Customizable Trading Terminal interface.

Automation Solutions:

  • Create series of conditional trading orders for full or partial automation of trading ideas developed in TYDO or TradingView.
  • Ability to fully automate trading strategies developed in TYDO or TradingView (with Pine Script programming language).
  • Make decisions about buying/selling in manual or semi-automatic mode with Telegram.

Interaction Solutions:

  • Marketplace – platform for exchanging trading strategies and ideas, as well as automation solutions, between TYDO users with TYD token.
  • Social Trading Platform – platform for sharing your trading strategies, ideas, portfolio structure, trading history, etc. Experienced traders will also have an opportunity to post trading signals.


TYDO Token

TYD token is a standard Ethereum-based ERC20 token that can be used by multiple wallets.
The token will be used as the only currency for interacting with TYDO platform.

TYD Token Usage & Token-Holder Benefits:

  • TYD Token will be used to gain access to full version of TYDO products – Trading Terminal, Marketplace and Social Trading Platform.
  • TYDO users will be able to exchange trading strategies, ideas, indicators, and automation solutions for TYD Token in TYDO Marketplace.
  • Within Social Trading Platform TYD Token will give ability to view portfolios and trade history of TYDO users. Any platform user will be able to specify if an access to his/her portfolio, trading orders, etc. requires TYD Tokens or not.
  • TYDO will take a small fee in TYD Token from every transaction in TYDO Marketplace and Social Trading Platform.
  • Pre-Sale and Main Token Sale participants, as well as token-holders, will gain access to TYDO Statistics Portal, where TYDO will publish financial reports, which guarantees full transparency.

TYD Token will be made transferrable approximately 1 week after Main Token Sale finishes. After this TYD will be tradable on exchanges.

Token Distribution


Allocation of Funds


TYDO Ecosystem

TYDO fundamental priorities are security, reliability, and functionality.

TYDO will be hosted on Amazon servers that provide maximum security, flexible scalability and enable the use of the product with maximum efficiency and minimum delay from anywhere in the world.

We are using the most advanced JavaScript technologies, which guarantee reliability, speed, and ability to withstand heavy loads 24/7.

API keys provided by you, which are necessary to fully use all the platform features, will be securely encrypted. It will be almost impossible to get an unauthorized access to the API keys.

TYDO platform includes the following products:

  1. Trading Terminal with automation capabilities.
  2. Marketplace for exchanging trading strategies and ideas.
  3. Social Trading Platform.


TYDO Trading Terminal

Live market data and charts

Current market situation will be updated via the API and will include:

  • Market chart
  • Market depth
  • Current opened trading orders
  • Order history
  • Trade history
  • Available funds for trading

TYDO platform will include multifunctional charts from TradingView that cover all key technical analysis indicators which will allow swift technical analysis of the market directly from TYDO Trading Terminal interface.

Trading engine and order entry

TYDO Trading Terminal will allow to work with all types of traditional trading orders:

  • Limit
  • Market
  • Stop-Limit
  • Stop-Loss

Automated services solutions

TYDO platform offers unique trading automation tools for trading strategies and ideas.
Tools for trading strategies automation include:

  • Development of trading strategies with Pine Script compatible programming language on TYDO platform.
  • Automation of trading strategies developed with Pine Script with minimal effort.
  • Semi-automation option – make decisions on buying/selling from Telegram.

Tools for trading ideas automation include:

  • Conduct technical analysis of the market on TYDO platform, including right from the Trading Terminal interface.
  • Set up a series of trading orders according to your trading idea – delayed/conditional buy order, take-profit order when price reaches certain level, stop-loss order to minimize losses and risk.
  • Semi-automation option – make decisions on buying/selling from Telegram.

Price alerts and notifications

TYDO platform includes 2 types of notifications that inform the user about changes on the market:

  1. Alerts – simple alerts about price situation on the market. Alert is triggered when the price reaches certain level determined by the user. Alert can be set up directly from TYDO Trading Terminal interface.
  2. Notifications – a type of alert that is triggered by the price or certain level of technical indicators (RSI, MACD, MA, KDJ, etc.), or a combination of both. Notifications require action from the user – decision about buying or selling. Notifications are used to complete semi- or fully-automatic solution for trading strategies and ideas. Notifications are displayed in Trading Terminal, Telegram, and/or e-mail. User can also make a trading decision from Telegram.


TYDO users will have an opportunity to subscribe to major blockchain & cryptocurrency news providers they are interested in. News items will appear right in TYDO Trading Terminal or Telegram. It will also be possible to receive the news by e-mail.

The user will be able to apply filters, including key works or cryptocurrency names, to receive the news he/she is interested in.


TYDO Marketplace will allow platform users to exchange their trading strategies and ideas, as well as automated and semi-automated trading solutions designed specifically for them, for TYD tokens.

Items that can be traded will include:

  • Trading ideas
  • Trading strategies
  • Trading signals
  • Automated or semi-automated solution (together with trading idea or trading strategy)

Social Trading Platform

TYDO Social Trading Platform will enable users to create a smart investing community by sharing trading and investing experience, and networking with each other.

Experienced traders will be able to share their trading signals based on trading ideas or strategies, their portfolio structure and trading history.

Novice/occasional traders will benefit from Social Trading Platform in the following ways:

  • View trading strategies and ideas of more experienced traders/investors
  • Receive trading signals and view trading history of experienced traders/investors
  • View portfolio of an experienced trader/investor
  • Connect to any trader within TYDO Social Trading Platform to share trading and investing experience

Comparing Competitors with TYDO Platform




Core Team


Andrew Burmitskii

Andrew Burmitskii is an entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor. He has an extensive experience in providing automated services solutions and is knowledgeable in all aspects of product development. He is also an expert software developer with years of experience as a Full-Stack Developer.

Andrew successfully founded and managed several B2C and B2B ventures. He is the CEO and founder of Digital Hanger - a professional full service IT company that specializes in web solutions and custom application development. Andrew is a Blockchain enthusiast and crypto-business researcher. With the background in IT and Software Development, he is passionate about the innovation and functionality of trading technologies.

Anton Sokolovskyy

Anton Sokolovskyy is an experienced Business Analyst and Business Consultant with strong Project Management skills and natural interest in technology and innovation. He is also skilled in Market Research, Forecasting, Strategy Development, and Data Analysis. Anton is an accomplished business development professional with MSc in Business Administration (International Management focus) from the University of Agder (Kristiansand, Norway).

Anton is an investor, cryptocurrency trader, and researcher. He spends most of his time experimenting with cryptocurrency trading and blockchain platforms and continues to discover new opportunities with cryptocurrency.

Anastasiya Romanovska

Anastasiya Romanovska is an accomplished support professional with focuses in Law from the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. She is a person with interest in Social Media, Communications, Analytics, and the ability to be a key player for the successful BPM Implementation.

Anastasiya is a Marketing specialist experienced in the development, implementation, and execution of strategic marketing plans, coordinating marketing campaigns and managing the day to day marketing activities of the organization. Moreover, she has been working in the field of personnel management for more than 5 years, and is knowledgeable in all areas of PM and HRM, such as: high-quality selection of specialists at different levels, team mentoring, and organization of events, campaigns and other initiatives designed to assist in the achievement of the company’s aims.

Kateryna Sokol

Kateryna Sokol has more than 10 years of experience related to Management, Financial Analysis, Budgeting Processes, Strategy and Organization Development. She has hands-on knowledge of business development, process optimization, planning and project management. Kateryna is a skilled professional able to analyze figures and implement recommendations based on the findings, with the most profitable outcomes. She studied Economics at the City University of New York.

Kateryna has a keen interest in the latest developments across the cryptocurrency landscape. Currently, she is focused on global cryptocurrency market evaluation, cryptocurrency trading, and technical analysis.

Technical Team

Digital Hanger

We have established a partnership with Digital Hanger software development company that will handle most of TYDO platform development under our direct supervision.

Digital Hanger is a professional full service IT company with a team of experts in technology and industry professionals. The company has solid, broad-based experience and specializes in web solutions and custom application development. For more information about Digital Hanger and its team please visit digitalhanger.com.


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