Anti Danilevski
2,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
5,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
28 Jul, 2017 - 13 Aug, 2017 Campaign Duration
5 000,00 ETH Raised
722 Backers
16 Duration, days
2,000.00 ETH Soft cap
5,000.00 ETH Hard Cap

UPD: Thank you everyone! Our preICO is almost FINISHED! 

First 3 in 1 platform for ICOs, crowdfunding & crowdinvesting

KICKICO was founded by crowdfunding experts who were frustrated with the astroturfing and scams on crowdfunding 1.0 platforms.

Cryptocurrencies are the magic ingredient that made our vision technically possible; they give us the opportunity to build a crowdfunding platform that delivers decentralization, transparency, and verifiability.

KICKICO combines two industries: blockchain and crowdfunding. On centralized platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, backers must rely on the promises of the campaign creator, which are broken all too often. Our crowdfunding platform uses smart contracts to give mathematically verifiable protection to backers.

KICKICO supports three kinds of fundraising campaigns: ICO, crowdinvesting, and crowdfunding. No other platform can boast the same flexibility.

A crowdfunding revolution is happening. Crowdfunding got some hype around 2009 as a more democratic means of funding projects, but there has been amazingly little innovation since then. We are futurists, with a plan to reshape crowdfunding using the blockchain.

Why KICKICO matters

08510c38c1684c3.png3 IN 1 FUNDRAISING

 Raise funds by creating ICO, crowdfunding & crowdinvesting campaigns.

7c2f202fcdcb594.pngPROTECTION FOR BACKERS

The funds go to a smart contract, which sends backers KickCoins in return. This way, if the gadget never gets made, or the film never gets shot, the backers still get something for their money.


Become a part of the shared crypto-economy. The books, games, gadgets, clothes, and whatever else that gets funded on our platform all become part of a marketplace of indie products that can be traded for KickCoins, stimulating trade with a captive audience.

f3e3a62e76d81ba.pngWORKING PLATFORM

Unlike many other ICOs, that raise funds before the product is made, we have a final product, and campaigns are already live on our website.


ICOs or ‘Initial Coin Offerings’ are becoming incredibly popular. However, there are no regulations around them, and a lot of fraudulent campaigns, where founders disappear after they have raised funds, essentially scamming the public. This reminds us of some Kickstarter campaigns we have seen.



The founders of ICOs also face problems. The space is currently very fragmented, there is no comprehensive list of ICOs, and developers must create their own landing pages and publicity campaigns from scratch. This reduplication of effort wastes time and resources that could otherwise have gone into developing a better product. 

And finally, companies that would like to enter the ICO market, but do not have their own cryptocurrency or tokens, are completely deprived of such an opportunity. If you are not an Ethereum developer, it's incredibly challenging to launch an ICO. Thus, as of today, there is no single convenient venue either for creators of ICO campaigns or their backers. There is no single platform that allows for convenient viewing and discussion of campaigns without prior technical knowledge.

KICKICO allows anyone can create a campaign and offer tokens without any special technical knowledge. All you have to do is create a text description, and design a campaign page. If a user needs to create their own cryptocurrency or tokens, they can do it by setting a few parameters in the campaign settings interface. Then the user uses a simple, easy-to-understand UI to create a reward system, similar to the ones on first-generation crowdfunding platforms. Rewards may be a hand-knitted sweater, 100500 tokens of their ICO campaign, a percentage of the tokens of a crowdinvesting campaign, or all of that combined. The reward system allows users to set as follows: 10 ETH from an contributor gives them 1000 company coins, and 20 ETH gives them not 2000 but, for example, 2500, as a bonus.

After it is approved by moderators, an author can launch their campaign manually or schedule its launch for any time. There is nothing else you need to know about using the platform, because KICKICO will do all the rest for its users.


We've been engaged in crowdfunding since 2012. With our help, hundreds of companies were able to bring their ideas into reality through successful fundraising. In 2014, our team began the creation of our own independent crowdfunding platform. We have conducted numerous studies of crowdinvestors’ behavior, and got to know the disadvantages of the existing crowdfunding websites from the inside. We identified the following problems with crowdfunding 1.0:

  • 80-90% of projects fail to deliver on the promises they made to backers;
  • Backers are left high and dry when this happens. Unless they take the campaign creators to court (which has happened many times), they have no way of recouping their money.
  • Crowdfunding is more expensive than it seems, often too expensive for indie projects. It’s expensive for six reasons: 
    • Crowdfunding 1.0 platforms typically take 5%
    • Legacy payment processors typically take 3.5% or so
    • Most campaigns use professional PR and marketing teams
    • Legal fees caused by the bureaucracy around it
    • Taxes
    • Rewards to backers
  • As a result, a lot of crowdfunding is actually astroturfed; a large company just funds its own crowdfunding campaign to give the illusion of popular support;
  • Crowdfunding 1.0 platforms are largely based in the United States, and legal and banking obstacles make it difficult for people in other parts of the world to take part.

We set out to create a platform that would fix or mitigate these problems. Now, after 3 years of design and planning, our solution is finally ready.

By using Ethereum, we greatly reduce transaction fees, and we can replace a lot of the bureaucracy with code. Cryptocurrencies are open to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of what country they are in. And KICKICO offers protection to backers for the first time, by sending our own cryptocurrency, KickCoins, to them as soon as they fund a campaign.

You can read a more detailed description of the platform in our Whitepaper.



We assembled a team which is motivated to make the world of crowdfunding better, and together we want to build the first blockchain crowdfunding community, and offer it the platform it deserves. This is impossible without innovating, so we need funding to develop the the codebase: launch a crowdfunding chat-bot, community system management projects, security audits of the internal modules, and more.






You wouldn’t find here 20 or more people with big headlines. KICKICO carefully selects advisors, so they would add value to our project - make it better. We reached specialist from different countries, made negotiations & here is our list.



Roel Wolfert, Netherlands

Bancor Currency advisor and
Qoin CEO and founder

Roel Wolfert is a senior executive in the FinTech world, with positions at Qoin, VGRIP and Bancor. He has more than 20 years of global experience in the world of finance and payments having worked on key industry initiatives including SEPA, CLS, Contactless. Roel has an MA in Economics from Maastricht University, and an Executive degree in Innovation from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.



Scott Morris, USA

Ithacash, CEO and Founder

Scott Morris is a community currency systems expert and social entrepreneur. In addition to founding Ithacash in Ithaca, NY, he consults with communities and others interested in using technology to shorten the distance between action and impact. He is on twitter as @CS_Morris and has a TEDx talk, “Putting People and Planet Before Paper Wealth” on youtube.



Edgar Kampers, Netherlands

Qoin, Chief Currency Officer

Edgar is Chief Currency Officer at Qoin, where he focuses on policy strategy, monetary design, legal advice and compliance, fundraising, as well as monitoring and research.



Jonathan Millet, UK

News BTC, CEO, Bitcoin Investor.

- Jonathan is a Hardcore crypto believer, Investor in Altcoin, Known for strong salesmanship and Believes in the right execution.



Anton Gerasimov
As an architect of the new blockchain-related microprocessor he helps KICKICO create blockchain-related projects.



Vladimir Ostapenko
As a person behind world's largest ridesharing company named Fasten he helps us integrate KickKoins in real-world economy. 



Jayanand Sagar, India


CTO/BD NewsBTC, Serial Entrepreneur.

Jayanand is a Seasoned Entrepreneur who loves to create new products. Hustler, Hacker and Hipster. Believer in Cryptocurrency Business Models.





Qoin’s mission is to help people, businesses, government and semi-public institutions to fulfil their potential by leveraging on the advantages of community currencies. As we believe that money can be redesigned to meet our individual and collective needs more effectively, we strive to create vibrant local communities empowered by locally owned and locally run community currencies.


Want to see more? Check out our Team section on the site.



PreICO Campaign Details



Goal: 2000 ETH with the limit of 5000 ETH

Our goal for the preICO is to attract 2000 ETH. Objectives: The marketing of the subsequent ICO campaign, and the initial distribution of our currency, KickCoins. We have our own funds and means of promotion, but if we want a full-fledged, large ICO to increase KickCoin value, we certainly need some extra funds. We have found professional executors to promote our platform in China, the USA, Russia, and some other countries.

Besides that, some of these funds will be used to enlarge the development team and implement all the necessary features that we have planned for the ICO. We want to do all most important things before the ICO, including the reception of fiat money, which can have a very good impact on the subsequent campaign, but such solutions require significant costs, both technical and legal.

KickCoin Value Growth



Why Buy KickCoins Now

We have made an approximate forecast of an increase in KC value. According to our plan, it will happen because the KC price is now only 0.000167 ETH. The ICO price will be twice as high, with one KC equal to 0.000333 ETH. 



1 ETH = KC





х 30




х 15




х 10

Year 1



х 5

Year 2-3



x 1

This means that if you take part in the preICO now, we offer to increase your capital at least three times, with a very probable increase to about 30 times. We are deliberately not taking into consideration situations that happen rarely, such as when the value of a campaign’s cryptocurrency increases, say, to x180 times (and this is also possible).


Rewards and Extra Discounts

We offer a bonus system that depends on what reward you purchase. After you deposit a specific amount, you will automatically receive the best reward available for those funds. For example, if there is a reward for 100 ETH, then you will receive it after you deposit 100 or more ETH, but if you deposit 99 ETH, you will receive the lower tier reward. Extra bonuses during this preICO:

Reward ETH payment 1 ETH = KC Bonus, +%
Tier 0 0.1 6000 0.0%
Tier 1 0.2 6000 0.0%
Tier 2 0.5 6000 0.0%
Tier 3 1 6000 0.0%
Tier 4 2 6030 0.5%
Tier 5 3 6060 1.0%
Tier 6 5 6090 1.5%
Tier 7 7 6120 2.0%
Tier 8 10 6150 2.5%
Tier 9 15 6180 3.0%
Tier 10 20 6210 3.5%
Tier 11 30 6240 4.0%
Tier 12 50 6270 4.5%
Tier 13 75 6300 5.0%
Tier 14 100 6330 5.5%
Tier 15 150 6360 6.0%
Tier 16 200 6420 7.0%
Tier 17 300 6450 7.5%
Tier 18 500 6480 8.0%
Tier 19 750 6540 9.0%
Tier 20 1000 6600 10.0%
Tier 21 1500 6660 11.0%
Tier 22 2000 6720 12.0%
Tier 23 3000 6780 13.0%


Drawing for 1,000,000 KC!

We are going to arrange a drawing for a LARGE prize, 1 million KC, among all participants who backed us during the preICO campaign with the amount of 10 ETH or higher and who are registered on the KICKICO site.

The prize pool will be distributed among the first ten randomly selected investors of the preICO campaign. Important note: It will only be distributed among those who are registered on the KICKICO site and meet the bounty conditions as written below.




in ETH










































How the drawing will go: Each user who is registered on the site (this is important!) and who paid 10 or more ETH will have an assigned number. The drawing will then take place on an independent site,, with the information available to everyone interested. The winners will be determined after the first and only draw, and receive their prize amounts soon after. Of course, we could create a smart contract and make everything automated, but, to avoid any doubt, we are deliberately using a different, time-tested solution.

BOUNTY: What’s the catch? Of course, there’s a catch. If you want to take part in the drawing, you need not only to back 10 ETH, but also meet the bounty conditions, i.e.:

  1. Be a registered user on this platform;

  2. Like our official page;

  3. Share this post on Facebook.

And you must do that BEFORE the drawing takes place when preICO ends. If your account on the platform is not linked to Facebook, then, when sharing the post, specify the drawing number of your form on the KICKICO platform (given to all backers of the preICO campaign). Secondly, the amounts received by the winners will be frozen for 6 months. We could say that it would only for the good of the winners, which is surely true, but even moreso, we care about the market and the KC rate, because the prize amounts are quite significant.


About KICKICO platform


KickCoins and KICKONOMY

KickCoins (KC) is a ETH-based token on ERC-20 standard. KC is generated in two versions. The first, generally accepted option is the generation of pools for the needs of the company, such as payment for localization services, referral programs, bounty awards, etc., as well as pre-sales for pre-ICO and ICO.

KC received by people who financially supported the campaigns on the platform (backers) will be accepted for payment in a variety of projects, as in those that successfully collect funds on our platform and become participants of KICKONOMY, as well as existing and functioning ones,for this will be formed a special department dealing with agreements with interesting companies. Games, applications, platforms, exchangers, and even offline projects will become participants in the KICKONOMY network. We already have a number of such companies that will be launched right after the platform release in September / October 2017, also with those already functioning and interested in cooperation. For those who will be running on the platform, this is necessary for the feauturing on the platform (which gives a lot of traffic and visibility), placing projects in the KICKONOMY directory and to get completely free traffic and customers willing to spend not only their KC, but others money.In addition, we will use our marketing budgets to support precisely these campaigns because it is more profitable for us than simply to advertise the platform itself. The more successful projects, the better and more attractive the platform will be. This indirectly positively affects the course of KC.


The formation of a large number of projects participating in KICKONOMY is the basis for the growth of the cost of the KC: if more games, services, shops and other businesses will use KC, the more demanded and the higher their liquidity will be. KICKICO is building its business model specifically on the creation of such projects, increasing their number and connecting existing ones to KICKONOMY. However, not only this will positively affect the cost of the KC. Cryptocurrencies are very sensitive to significant events, and we understand this.

The launch of large campaigns on the platform will attract additional attention, which is connected with them. Each launch of such campaign on the platform will positively influence the reputation of the platform and the KC course.

Successfully completed campaigns give us three positive events: the campaign is being prepared for launch, the campaign has been launched on the platform and the campaign has successfully raised funds. Each of these reasons supports not only the campaign itself, but also a platform, together with KC.

Since KICKICO takes half the commission of ICO campaigns in their tokens, the positive growth of these cryptocurrencies affects the entire portfolio of the platform and, thus, indirectly supports the value of KC.

We have formed a department that embarks on the strategic development of KICKOINOMY by connecting existing large companies. We plan to connect the top players of different markets. Just a few large campaigns, for example, the level of Wargaming, can increase the demand for KickCoins by several times.


Emission of KickCoins

The initial emission of KickCoins is limited to 800,000,000 KC during the pre-ICO and ICO campaigns. Unsold KC, that were created for sale during pre-ICO and ICO and that won’t be sold out, will be frozen on a smart-contract without the possibility of their subsequent withdrawal or use (they will actually be eliminated).

At the start, they will be issued in the following proportions:

Closed Round 0,7%








Founder pool



Advisory pool



Bounty pool



Lottery pool



Seed investors

0,6% 20,000,000

PR & promo

3,5% 23,000,000





Monthly bonus

All holders of the KC in the first two years will receive a monthly bonus accrued to the current number of KC in their wallets (the schedule is given below). Thus, many people won’t be interested in selling the KC immediately after their appearance on the stock exchanges: after two years the number of KC on the accounts of those who didn’t sell them immediately after the ICO will almost triple, and those who bought the KC right after the ICO - will double. We are implementing this system so that while we build KICKOINOMY and develop a network of projects to increase the demand for KC and that they are liquid and their cost increased. Gradually, when more and more companies will appear. In two years, when enough companies will take part in KICKOINOMY, so the demand for a KC created by capitalization will be replaced by demand for the KC in a network of such projects. Even those who bought them on exchanges will get bonus interest, so we believe that the demand for KC will be constant and sufficient, and the cost of KC will increase. Those who enter the stock exchanges will be repaid by those who contribute in cryptocurrency for a long time.

Bonuses are accrued by a smart-contract in automatic mode.

Bonus Schedule

In this table you can see the total number of KickCoins that will be in the hands of buyers. These accrual rules are the same for each individual buyer of KickCoins: all you need is substitute your own value.

Date Issue Bonus, % Bonus, KC
October 31, 2017 800 000 000 5,00% 40 000 000
November 30, 2017 840 000 000 2,00% 16 800 000
December 31, 2017 856 800 000 1,00% 8 568 000
January 31, 2018 865 368 000 2,00% 17 307 360
February 28, 2018 882 675 360 5,00% 44 133 768
March 31, 2018 926 809 128 10,00% 92 680 913
April 30, 2018 1 019 490 041 5,00% 50 974 502
May 31, 2018 1 070 464 543 4,00% 42 818 582
June 30, 2018 1 113 283 125 3,00% 33 398 494
July 31, 2018 1 146 681 618 4,00% 45 867 265
August 31, 2018 1 192 548 883 5,00% 59 627 444
September 30, 2018 1 252 176 327 10,00% 125 217 633
October 31, 2018 1 377 393 960 5,00% 68 869 698
November 30, 2018 1 446 263 658 4,00% 57 850 546
December 31, 2018 1 504 114 204 3,00% 45 123 426
January 31, 2019 1 549 237 630 4,00% 61 969 505
February 28, 2019 1 611 207 136 5,00% 80 560 357
March 31, 2019 1 691 767 492 10,00% 169 176 749
April 30, 2019 1 860 944 242 5,00% 93 047 212
May 31, 2019 1 953 991 454 4,00% 78 159 658
June 30, 2019 2 032 151 112 3,00% 60 964 533
July 31, 2019 2 093 115 645 2,00% 41 862 313
August 31, 2019 2 134 977 958 1,00% 21 349 780
September 30, 2019 2 156 327 738 1,00% 21 563 277
Total issue: 2 177 891 015    


For clarity, we visualized the same table as a graph. In blue, it shows what will happen to KickCoins, if the buyer decides not to sell them immediately after the ICO, but keep until the end of the entire bonus emission period:




We’ve been wanting to fix crowdfunding since 2015. Cryptocurrency brought us closer to that goal -- it gave us opportunity to build an absolutely transparent platform with the blockchain ideology. Ahead of us is the integration of cryptocrowdfunding in our present. We perfectly imagine what stages we need to go through to become a key blockchain crowdfunding platform in the world.  









KickCoin Freezing

KickCoins will be frozen until the ICO finishes. Then, in the first weeks after the ICO is complete, KickCoins will be unfreezed added to exchanges and markets.


Got questions? Join us!

We'll be glad to see you amongst our devoted community!

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