This campaign is still a work in process.
Exact numbers and minor details may be changed later. 


While the ICO market is still very young, it is developing at a rapid pace, as evidenced by huge campaigns such as Bancor and Status. There are some serious issues that may occur, even with large campaigns, that may disable the entire Ethereum blockchain. This can result in inactive operations, lost money, thousands of dissatisfied users, and a decrease in the value of the ETH currency and other currencies as well. If this continues, the companies working on the Ethereum blockchain will not be able to function properly and all funds invested in them will be lost.

KICKICO is a platform for safe and easy fundraising for ICO, preICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. Our goal is to create a platform that will not collapse the Ethereum blockchain in the case of a lot of raised funds, and to provide people from all over the world with an easy and convenient way to encourage investments in their projects.

Unlike many other similar projects that have entered the market recently, KICKICO is not another clone created without understanding the problems of the ICO and crowdfunding markets, the difficulties faced by authors, and the needs of investors or backers. KICKICO takes care of all difficulties that the authors will face when creating ICO campaigns and distributing their tokens, and relieves the crowdfunding project authors of bureaucracy and incredibly high fees. However, foremost, KICKICO is unique due to its economic system based on its own KickCoins cryptocurrency, designed to protect investors and backers from failed or fraudulent campaigns, as specified below, in the Crowdfunding section.

PreICO Campaign Details


Goal: 1500 ETH with the limit of 5000 ETH

Our goal for the preICO is to attract 1500 ETH. Objectives: The marketing of the subsequent ICO campaign, and the initial distribution of our currency, KickCoins. We have our own funds and means of promotion, but if we want a full-fledged, large ICO to increase KickCoin value, we certainly need some extra funds. We have found professional executors to promote our platform in China, the USA, Russia, and some other countries.

Beside that, some of these funds will be used to enlarge the development team and implement all the necessary features that we have planned for the ICO. We want to do all most important things before the ICO, including the reception of fiat money, which can have a very good impact on the subsequent campaign, but such solutions require significant costs, both technical and legal.


KickCoin Price Growth



Why Buy KickCoins Now

We have made an approximate forecast of an increase in KC value. According to our plan, it will happen because the KC price is now only 0.000167 ETH. The ICO price will be twice as high, with one KC equal to 0.000333 ETH. 



1 ETH = KC





х 30




х 15




х 10

Year 1



х 5

Year 2-3



x 1


This means that if you take part in the preICO now, we offer to increase your capital at least three times, with a very probable increase to about 30 times. We are deliberately not taking into consideration situations that happen rarely, such as when the value of a campaign’s cryptocurrency increases, say, to $10 (x180 times) or $50 (х900). The prices in USD are for comparison only and here we use an approximate rate, 1 ETH = $300. 


Rewards and Extra Discounts

We offer a bonus system that depends on what reward you purchase. After you deposit a specific amount, you will automatically receive the best reward available for those funds. For example, if there is a reward for 100 ETH, then you will receive it after you deposit 100 or more ETH, but if you deposit 99 ETH, you will receive the lower tier reward. Extra bonuses during this preICO:



1 ETH = KC


Tier 1




Tier 2




Tier 3




Tier 4




Tier 5




Tier 6




Tier 7




Tier 8




Tier 9




Tier 10




Tier 11




Tier 12




Tier 13




Tier 14




Tier 15




Tier 16




Tier 17




Tier 18




Tier 19




Tier 20




Tier 21




Tier 22




Tier 23




Tier 24





Drawing for 1,000,000 KC!

We are going to arrange a drawing for a LARGE prize, 1 million KC (equal to 500 ETH), among all participants who backed us during the preICO campaign with the amount of 10 ETH or higher and who are registered on the KICKICO site.

The prize pool will be distributed among the first ten randomly selected investors of the preICO campaign. Important note: It will only be distributed among those who are registered on the KICKICO site and meet the bounty conditions as written below.




in ETH










































How the drawing will go: Each user who is registered on the site (this is important!) and who paid 10 or more ETH will have an assigned number. The drawing will then take place on an independent site,, with the information available to everyone interested. The winners will be determined after the first and only draw, and receive their prize amounts soon after. Of course, we could create a smart contract and make everything automated, but, to avoid any doubt, we are deliberately using a different, time-tested solution.

BOUNTY: What’s the catch? Of course, there’s a catch. If you want to take part in the drawing, you need not only to back 10 ETH, but also meet the bounty conditions, i.e.:

  1. Be a registered user on our site;

  2. Like our official page;

  3. Share a post on Facebook (will be announced later).

And you must do that BEFORE the drawing takes place on July 31. If your account on the platform is not linked to Facebook, then, when sharing the post, specify the drawing number of your form on the KICKICO platform (given to all backers of the preICO campaign). Secondly, the amounts received by the winners will be frozen for 6 months. We could say that it would only for the good of the winners, which is surely true, but even moreso, we care about the market and the KC rate, because the prize amounts are quite significant.


About KICKICO platform

You can read a more detailed description in the company’s Whitepaper.


We accept only the BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies during the first stage of the platform launch, but very soon, other cryptocurrencies will be accepted as well. Later, presumably in September, we will accept USD, EUR, and other fiat currencies. The acceptance of fiat money significantly expands the audience, especially for crowdfunding campaigns where those who participate in them are either not accustomed financially to use cryptocurrency, or not at all aware of how to do it properly. Thus, we massively lower the threshold for new people entering campaigns and, at the same time, develop the cryptocurrency market with each new campaign.

Funds are transferred to authors in the ETH cryptocurrency, that is why both authors and investors can be in any part of the world. This makes the platform available for residents of different countries, including Asian markets (where the majority of the population have no opportunity to invest with fiat money), as well as for those who have no access to banking systems. While it is customary and usual for the world of ICOs and cryptocurrencies, it is something unusual and peculiar for crowdfunding, practically a USP, and the opportunity to accept cryptocurrencies expands the target audience of crowdfunding campaigns as well.


ICOs and Ethereum Blockchain Problems


Probably everyone who has had to deal with ICO campaigns has encountered a situation when a campaign’s smart contract was drawn up in a poor and unprofessional way. As a result, the campaign itself and those who wanted to invest would unintentionally perform a DDOS-like attack on the whole Ethereum network. Consequently, the network would become inoperative for many hours, with payments not going through and money lost. Smart contracts on KICKICO are created for users, and they have an inherent system that will not allow something like that to happen. Invalid payments will be cut off BEFORE they get into the Ethereum blockchain, due to being pre-checked on the platform itself. The payment tier (reward) system will allow us to create all necessary limits and relieve the authors of the necessity to create artificial restrictions for gas/Gwei, the main cause of disasters in the Ethereum network. Thanks to the tiers, the authors will be able to limit the maximum amount not only with the amount they need (for example, 1000 ETH) but with the number of such rewards as well (for example, under 10). Then, after all large tiers are purchased, only lower ones remain, available for all the rest in large or unlimited quantities. This will allow small investors to participate together with big players that could otherwise close a campaign with a single payment.

Solution: queue; cooldown timers on rewards; and validity check on-site before sending transaction to the blockchain.


Ease of Use

Anyone can create a campaign of any type on the platform without any special technical knowledge. All you have to do is create a text description and design a campaign page. If a user needs to create their own cryptocurrency or tokens, they can do it by setting corresponding parameters in the campaign settings that will be automatically created by the platform. Then the user uses a simple and easy-to-understand UI to create a reward system where they indicate prices and describe what users will receive for purchase. It may be a hand-knitted sweater, 100500 tokens of their ICO campaign, 50% of shares (tokens) of their crowdinvesting campaign, or all of that combined. The reward system allows users to set as follows: 10 ETH from an investor gives them 1000 company coins, and 20 ETH gives them not 2000 but, for example, 2500, as a bonus.

After it is approved by moderators, an author can launch their campaign manually or schedule its launch for any time. There is nothing else you need to know about using the platform, because KICKICO will do all the rest for its users.



From the point of view of crowdfunding campaigns, KickCoins, the platform’s own cryptocurrency, are the key difference. KickCoins are received by people who transfer their funds to support campaigns launched on the platform (investors). If it is an ICO campaign, it has its own tokens. And in this case, investors buy two currencies for the same money: ICO campaign tokens and KickCoins. In case of a common crowdfunding campaign, an author sells rewards (for example, special weapons in their future game, its copies; if it is a film, tickets or even a role in it, etc.), its investors will also receive a reward plus KickCoins. Thus, even if the company does not fulfill its promises (the game is not published, the film is not shot, the authors ran away with the money to another planet), users will be able to sell KickCoins on the markets and get their money back. Moreover, since the KickCoin rate will eventually grow, money can be returned with profit. More details on the platform’s economy and why it will work are in the Economic System of the Platform section.

In addition to protecting backers, we allow authors to raise funds for any (legal) purposes and be from anywhere. Implementing the blockchain and transferring funds to authors in ETH rather than in fiat money removes all bureaucratic obstacles that they face on other platforms. Moreover, authors need not be in a “prosperous” country, they can be in a place where there is no banking system or bank cards.

As the platform develops, we will take on the job of an escrow agent and not only do a more careful pre-check of campaigns placed here, but also control the expenses of campaigns willing to work according to such a system and under special escrow agreements.


Economic System of the Platform

KickCoins Distribution

After creating a campaign on the platform, an author spends their fees to buy KickCoins distributed with respect to rewards and granted to investors according to their payments. Thus, campaign authors practically buy KickCoins from the platform in exchange for their tokens and fees from investor payments, but at a more profitable rate.

For example, an author’s target fundraising amount is 1000 ETH. The rate at exchanges will be, for example, 1 ETH = $380 while the KC rate is still under $1 (please keep in mind that the rates are ONLY for example and actual rates will be taken from the markets via API). This means that the minimum value of KC will be allotted for the campaign, i.e. 380,000. It follows that an investor will receive 38 KC for 1 ETH. Correspondingly, if an investor buys a reward for 10 ETH, they will receive 380 KC. Thus, investors receive their rewards and KC at the market rate, but not under $1. Such system sets the minimum value of KC similarly to what is done during preICO and ICO campaigns. It should be kept in mind that the KC rate at exchanges can grow, which will also increase the minimum value of KC on the platform. For example, KC are traded on markets for $1.8, with the rate on the platform being recorded as $1.85 (if the minimum rate increases, it is done based on the results of forecasting its value in 4-6 months). As a result of every subsequent recording, if any, the amount of KC given to investors decreases while the value of the currency in their eyes increases. This system alone can massively increase KC value, and, as compared to those who bought KC on the preICO at the rate of $0.0950, growth can exceed tens of thousands of percent in a relatively small time.





The combination of KickCoins and campaigns launched on the platform gives a wonderful opportunity to form a KICKONOMY ecosystem whose participants will accept KickCoins for payment. That could be anything at all: a game where purchases or even its copies are sold for KickCoins; a service provider that allows you to pay KickCoins for services; even a cafe where you can have a meal for KickCoins. It could be either virtual goods and services, subscriptions and one-time events, or physical goods, because KickCoins are real money that will be traded at exchanges.

Each subsequent company participating in the KICKONOMY that successfully completes its fundraising on the platform and reaches release increases the demand for KC and their liquidity at the same time. Moreover, every campaign that participates in the KICKONOMY forms three newsworthy events that affect the KC price. The first one is when a campaign is launched and starts to develop the KICKONOMY, the second one is when a campaign is successful and promises one more place to spend KC soon, and the third one is when a project is released and now accepts KC. Thus, we can constantly stir up the cryptocurrency market with positive news, thus increasing the KC value.

But the question remains: Why should companies participate in the KICKONOMY? Firstly, it will increase a campaign’s chances to get into the FEATURED section, a large slider at the top of the site. All KICKONOMY participants will also appear in daily mass mail and weekly digests sent by the platform to its subscribers. Investors will be more loyal to companies that participate in the KICKONOMY, because they understand that the success of such campaigns will affect the value of the KC they receive. Buyers are interested in increasing the number of such campaigns and having them successfully finish fundraising on the platform. And, of course, companies that participate in the KICKONOMY will have extra traffic, first users or customers, and, to be sure, money after they start to accept KC.


No Risk of Excessive KickCoin Surplus

Some may think that this distribution of KC will result in excessive surplus. However, our calculations show that a surplus is highly unlikely, as KickCoins are not mined. KC are emitted only if a campaign has successful fundraising on the platform. As a matter of fact, if a campaign is successfully completed, the emission is a kind of mining in itself, a proof of successful fundraising, POSF. Of course, that’s a joke, but there is a grain of truth in every joke.

For example, over the 9 years from the moment when it was launched, 126,771 campaigns successfully raised money on Kickstarter. Even if that rate allows an author to have the maximum possible amount of KC and, provided that we have the same number of successful campaigns as on Kickstarter, this will replenish the market with only 48 billion KC. If we consider the rate increasing to at least $5, which will likely happen in 2 or 3 years, then this figure is reduced to 9.4 billion. If we theoretically assume that KC suddenly rises to $100, then this figure is only 481 million KC for 9 years, which is a ridiculous amount for a cryptocurrency. Since KC are to be constantly distributed by all kinds of people, we are not afraid that the market will be flooded. On the contrary, we only welcome such spread of KC in the world. As a comparison, we can make calculations on the example of Kickstarter. 13,087,813 people made payments there for 9 years. That means that in the same time, KC will be able to spread all over the world, penetrate into a wide variety of societies, and eventually become a universal, top-level cryptocurrency in the market.


Summary: KICKICO Benefits

  1. Unlike most other projects that launch a preICO or even an ICO, we are conducting this campaign on our own platform. The idea came into being three years ago, and it has been developed for over a year now. Thus, unlike many others, we have not only an idea and a beautiful landing page but a functioning product that you can try right now;

  2. Our platform allows you to launch not only ICO and preICO campaigns, but crowdfunding and crowdinvesting campaigns as well, which significantly expands our user base;

  3. We solve the problem of low-quality contracts that disable the entire Ethereum blockchain but we leave the possibility of fine-tuning an ICO campaign due to tiers (rewards);

  4. We allow you not only to raise funds but, due to the flexible tier (reward) system, to simply and easily set up different deals, promos, discounts, early birds, and even arrange competitions;

  5. Unlike other platforms, it is simple and easy for our authors to create tokens or cryptocurrencies for their ICO, preICO, and crowdinvesting campaigns. It will be sufficient to specify the parameters of their tokens when they create a campaign. If authors have their own tokens, they can also use them;

  6. We protect the risks of our backers with our own cryptocurrency which will grow in value and can become not only a means of protection but a profitable investment;

  7. We don’t just distribute KickCoins for subsequent profiteering at exchanges and markets. We are forming the KICKONOMY economics system, whose development will increase the demand for KickCoins and, as a result, their liquidity;

  8. Authors of crowdfunding campaigns can hail from any part of the world, not only from a list of select prosperous countries;

  9. Investors and backers can pay from any part of the world, which is not possible on any competing platform, which accept only fiat money;

  10. We allow you to pay in various cryptocurrencies, to use different bank cards, and even to make wire transfers to take part in campaigns;

  11. Despite its technological complexity, the platform is simple and easy to use for end users, and even a child will be able to understand how it works;





Initial KickCoin Emission Details

For each round, we'll generate as much KickCoins as required, or until cap is reached. Undistributed KickCoins will be eliminated.

Closed Round   10,000,000 KC (cap)



 30,000,000 KC (cap)



600,000,000 KC (max cap)

Founder pool


100,000,000 KC

Advisory pool


25,000,000 KC

Bounty pool


25,000,000 KC

Lottery pool


30,000,000 KC



810,000,000 KC




If the campaign fails to reach the minimum amount of 5300 ETH or gets canceled, the funds will be returned to the wallets that they came from.

KickCoin Freezing

KickCoins will be frozen until late September 2017 (when the ICO is complete). Then, in the first weeks after the ICO is complete, KickCoins will be added to exchanges and markets.



0% Complete



0.00 ETH

Goal 2,000 ETH
Cap 5,000 ETH
Not yet started