Royal Flush Poker becomes a DAO Poker!

0.00 ETH


1,000 ETH

Soft cap (max 2,000)




Launch Date


We are developers of Royal Flush Poker. Now it works for PC/Mac/Web, soon will be released on Steam, Facebook, Google Play and Apple Appstore (in fact, we are waiting for approval in those stores). And since we have the game ready and working (you can try it yourself), it's a great idea to add cryptocurrency to the game. And we can do it very very quick and easy.

So! We are the first game of such quality that will let you play for cryptocurrency - KickCoins. We have been developing this game for years, and it's already launched in a softlaunch mode and with only play money. Now, when we have tested it, we can implement cryptocurrency tables and make it first ever good-looking cryptocurrency poker in history.



We'll accept KickCoins as a payment method. No. Not right. KickCoins will be the official currency within the game. ETH, BTC and etc will be accepted and converted to KickCoins that you can bet, lose or win, and sell on the markets later.

Support this campaign - and you'll receive KickCoins that you'll be able to bet. We'll build the first game in the KICKONOMY ecosystem, and we'll push the KickCoins price up by making it accepted in our game.

Good deal!



You might have played in many poker rooms, but you have never played such a realistic, high-quality 3D game of poker made with love. The purpose of its creation is to give you an opportunity to feel the game as if you play in real life, and to experience the feelings that players have when playing in real world. 



Unlike other poker rooms, a game here only takes place at one table, which cuts off sharks and regulars “playing” at dozens of tables at the same time. Here you will be together with players who play for fun and cannot use any special analytical software to give them unfair competitive advantages. Crypto Flush Poker is a game for all, and you can win here!



Create your own unique appearance by selecting the face, skin color, and hairstyle you like. The game offers a huge variety of outfits that you can dye in your own colors to make sure your appearance is one of a kind. When at the table, you can use various animated emotions or activate special effects that will make your game more fun, more diverse, and will add a special touch.



Play Crypto Flush Poker with your friends, and this realistic Unlimited Texas Hold'em will conquer your heart. You have a variety of beautiful game rooms at your disposal, each with its own unique atmosphere. You can choose tables for 6 or 9 persons, as well as tables where you can meet your opponent face to face — a real heads-up!