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Agrolifecoin ICO ICO
7,500.00 Soft Cap, ETH
74,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
28 Jun, 2019 - 23 Aug, 2019 Campaign Duration (UTC)


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About Agrolifecoin

The AgrolifeCoin system grows thanks to the efforts of multiple stakeholders in our cryptocurrency and in our project. So far it has been funded by a group of cofounders and the AgrolifeCoin team. It aims to be the alternative to financial institutions in developing countries to improve credit capacities in the agricultural sector.

It should not ignore the fact that the primary sector environment is generated an important parallel economic activity, which has to do with other sectors such as transport, technical, economic and legal advice, biotechnology or creation of means of production. If the agricultural sector is of great importance in developed countries, in those that are still developing, this importance is even greater. In these environments, agriculture is the true axis that supports the subsistence of the population (in 2005 it occupied between 18 and 22% of the active population and today almost 40%), reduces poverty, creates jobs and resources energetics to self-supply the activity.

The majority of farmers in these countries also lack consolidated financial systems and that can able to support large agricultural extension projects. The most important source of funding comes from corporate initiatives and is often limited and ineffective. All this makes them perfect scenarios to apply the project and its AgrolifeCoin currency. Currently, intense work sessions are being held with groups in countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America to promote the project.

AgroLifeCoin Project

AgroLifeCoin is a social network of agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing, where everyone can have their own stores to sell or buy products, both farmers and companies dedicated to the sale of agricultural products and tools. But this time in cryptocurrencies.

The AgroLifeCoin project strives to deliver value to investors while providing opportunities for growth and enrichment to its users and business partners on agriculture, while always ensuring honesty, fairness and integrity. AgroLifeCoin will assist in the development of villages, providing great benefits to producers and consumers of agricultural products. The use of blockchain technology will significantly reduce the commissions paid for the purchase of said products.

In the near future, AgroLifeCoin is aiming to create a decentralized application for mobile phones with a chat, wallets and a marketplace. Another introduction will be the ability to purchase farms to start plantations of organic products and the creation of a pilot plant for aquaponics.

The key objective of AgroLifeCoin is to create a global, transparent, efficient and safe ecosystem that allows agricultural and food companies to significantly reduce expenses related to production, sales and logistics. The project welcomes all crypto enthusiasts to participate in the IEO and help AgroLifeCoin build a better future for agriculture and the food we and our children will consume.

"The objective of our project is to develop the sustainable growth of the agricultural sector through the use of blockchain technologies. We are looking to promote human potential by expanding market offerings for basic agricultural products. The IEO is an important step in the development of our product and we encourage all those interested in sustainable development to join and open the way to a free and more civilized agricultural market. "

Traian Borgovan
CEO of AgrolifeCoin






May 2016 First meeting to define the AgrolifeCoin Project.
Jun 2016 Launch of the Social Network with all services and stores included.
Mar 2017 Creation of the company AgrolifeGren S.L. Registered in Spain with the CIF B04860227.
Sep 2018 Start in the creation of our own exchange where the agrolifecoin token will be in the main pairs.
Feb 2019 Creation of the Agrolifecoin token on the WAVES platform.
May 2019 Launch of the ICO.
Jul 2019 Token integration as a form of payments in the Social Network
Jan 2020 Creation of a decentralized application for mobile phones with chat, walets and stores included.
Mar 2020 Purchase of farms for organic farming and start-up Aquaponics.

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