Lydia Voß
azultec ICO ICO
1.00 Soft Cap, ETH
50,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
20 Mar, 2019 - 20 Oct, 2019 Campaign Duration (UTC)

What is azultec?

The easiest way to earn cryptocurrencies!

azultec is a Germany-based company for production of supercomputers, targeting rendering and AI in an environmental friendly manner.

With the azultec products you can generate cryptocurrencies through cloud computing. The best part: our products use renewable energy and recuperate the generated heat – making them environmental-friendly!


azultec was founded because we identified a demand for an environmental friendlier and energy-efficient solution for high performance computing like rendering or mining as we want to offer a more sustainable solution. With the growing popularity of Blockchain based net-work services such as rendering, cloud computing, cloud storage or cryptocurrency mining, an increase in energy demand by computer centers can be observed. Fossil fuels are used to produce an overwhelming amount of energy needed for high performance computing services offered by the data centers, which has a negative impact on climate change.

azultec wants to become the biggest CGI rendering farm. In order to get the biggest market share azultec is using two approaches: With the already available azultec Cube product line, users can earn crypto currencies with CGI rendering at home and connect to the azultec CGI rendering cloud.


  • Products ready: Our products are liquid cooled, factory made, out of the box rendering solutions aiming to enhance rendering performance for all clienteles by a significant amount. The Cube 300: The Cube 300 contains unique, upgraded graphics cards that are designed to achieve the best possible performance for CGI rendering. The RenderMaster: The RenderMaster® 300 is the entry level industrial solution for cloud computing.

  • Own research & development: By using only customized liquid cooling methods, which we have 15 years experience with, in our rendering products, we are able to prevent thermal throttling of the GPU and provide high performance for lower cost.

  • Own distribution: We have our own logistics center with Aquatuning as partner.

  • Own factory: Our custom water blocks cost less than standard water cooling blocks, with factory built units assembled at mass production cost.

  • Recuperation: Our products allow the use of this energy that would otherwise be lost. The hot water solution makes it possible to funnel the generated heat into an external heat storage tank and save money, e.g. heating costs, and protects the environment. Up to 72% of the generated heat can be used to operate heating systems.


Note: The Cube 300 won the 2019 CES Innovation Honoree award for Sustainability and Eco-Design.


The azultec RenderMaster

azultec's vision

Azultec’s vision: through more efficient and environment friendly solutions to save companies money and make rendering more affordable and accessible for creative minds.

Build and establish a watercooled rendering hardware brand.

Set up a GPU based cloud rendering facility and sell rendering/computing power on the open market while letting investors partake in the revenue.


What is rendering

Rendering is the process of generating a photorealistic or nonphotorealistic two-dimensional or three-dimensional images from a model by means of application programs such as the ones used by azultec.


The market for professional visualization hardware (rendering servers for movies and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is mainly based on CPU (serial) processing. However, with the introduction of NVidia’s revolutionary ray tracing technology Q4 2018, the market is expected to shift rapidly towards GPU (parallel) computing, with far higher performance for less resources.

In addition, the technology shift will open the market-place to many motivated and creative individuals with lower budgets, who until recently lacked access to the Production Data center
necessary resources. We expect to see a significant rise in the number and variety of self-made productions in the months and years to come.


The computing power of the azultec products will highly accelerate computing processes for various clienteles:

  • Designer & artists

  • Rendering farms

  • Data centers / service providers

  • profiteers

  • everyone.

Token economy

Azul Token

Azul (AZU) is azultec’s platform cryptocurrency.
AZU is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 Token with a built-in deflation mechanism. The Azul Token is not an asset and offers the holder no re-turns, profit or any right to shares of the profit generated by azultec and of its business activities. By purchasing an Azul Token, the owner acquires benefits in relation to the services that azultec will provide after the ICO. These benefits take the form of a special discount on selected services.

Customers can use their Tokens to obtain discounts when purchasing mining hardware. Furthermore, rendering farm or cloud storage services can also be purchased at a discount.

Token Value

After being used for azultec’s or azultec’s partners’ services the Azul Tokens (AZU) will be burned (that means “made irreversible unusable”). As the number of azultec’s partners and offered services increases, the versatility of Azul Tokens increases in equal measure. The purchase of Tokens is also an opportunity to contribute to our vision of decentralizing the world and promoting green energy sources. In the case of practical use - for example, redeeming Azul tokens to get a computer or service for a discounted price - each used token is burned. This process has a deflationary character, as it will significantly reduce the number of tokens over the coming years.
Redeemed Tokens will be put aside to re-launch them on the market later. This allows azultec to meet need and demand and stabilize the market.

How the azultec AZU Token discount works

The Token may be used to purchase products or services at a reduced price. The percentage depends on the dedicated product or service. It can be for example for the Cube 300 10% and will cost 600 AZU Token per Cube.


The following roadmap shows that there are several amazing objectives ahead of us. We are investigating how to produce our own graphics cards and mainboards to optimize the efficiency of our Cubes even further. We are developing a business orientated 19″ server rack solution for windparks and enterprises. Our engineers are working on a heat-to-cool conversion to take
advantage of the generated heat during summertime.


Token allocation


50% of the reserves Tokens will be locked for 6 months the other 50% will be locked for 12 months. The founders Tokens will be also locked for 12 months.

Three companies One vision


The founding team of azultec has the experience of three successful enterprises.

Alphacool - 15 years of worldwide liquid cooling experience
Aquatuning - biggest warehouse and distributor of DIY PC cooling
technikPR - PR agency with the world's top IT companies as clients




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