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750.00 Soft Cap, ETH
7,500.00 Hard Cap, ETH
31 Jan, 2019 - 28 Feb, 2019 Campaign Duration (UTC)

Table of Content

1. Slogan

2. Pitch

3. The Problem & Solution

4. USP

5. Our Vision

6. How Medibit Platform Will Work

7. Roadmap

8. Tokenomics

9. Token Sales & Bonus Structure

10. Token Allocation

11. Use of Funds

12. Funds Raising Targets

13. Investment Process

14. The Team

15. White Paper


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One of the most ambitious blockchain projects you may come across, we aim to save millions of lives, globally. 

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Millions of patients are misdiagnosed / undiagnosed for their medical conditions by healthcare systems/practitioners, affecting them adversely. Patients dying due to this problem, is a disturbing yet not an unknown fact. The problem stems from:


  • Patients having no access to quick & inexpensive consultative healthcare
  • Healthcare systems are incompetent to reduce the impact of problem as these are designed around policies, procedures & guidelines motivated by profit-making
  • There’s a lack of trust in healthcare systems, as these systems have evolved into a mechanism for extraction of money for people outside the practice of medicine. As an example insurance company delays & extremely complicated insurance policies are commonly experienced. 
  • Offering new/innovative treatments, combined with greater administrative burdens & complexity of the healthcare delivery system, have created unsustainable cost growth
  • Patient-centric care is blurring out by profit centric practices. 


Developing a new system or suggesting improvements in existing systems to address all of the above identified & many unidentified problem doesn’t seem an appropriate solution. This is because complexity of systems, profit-making motives, and ‘one-size-fits-all’ issues would still remain unaddressed. 

A more viable approach would be addressing niche use cases. One such is misdiagnosis /undiagnosed medical conditions, claiming precious human lives. 

Our platform, Medibitcoin Network aims to connect patients seeking 2nd opinion on their initial medical diagnostics with consultative healthcare practitioners, globally. The benefits of this platform are: 

  • Affordable & easily accessible consultation; 
  • Highly cost-effective service available & accessible by a population of 1 billion across the globe, unknown, unthought & unheard until now; 
  • Potentially saving millions of precious lives that had been lost prior to this service;
  • Reducing the burden from healthcare systems;
  • Giving people an option to self-manage health


Before this technology, such platform wasn’t possible to function in a cost-effective manner, making transactions prompt along with ensuring patients’ data security. Blockchain technology makes this possible.


Millions of people have no choice but to trust their healthcare systems. These systems have no exception of  being state-owned or private. Practitioners are trained to comply with the healthcare system whilst making diagnosis. But do such practices, always work? Let’s see…

Doctors basic errors are killing 1,000 a month

The third-leading cause of death in US most doctors don't want you to know about

Complaints against doctors at all-time high

A simple google search would bring up many more similar stories from leading newspapers

The results are shocking. Most importantly knowing that precious lives can be saved by a very simple solution i.e. seek 2nd opinion on initial diagnostics from a practitioner who is working independent of any healthcare system. 


Surprisingly no! You may find apps that offer primary healthcare such as connecting patient with family doctors, or telemedicine services where you can call your doctor, health & fitness, but in this niche use case, no such service is available in best of our knowledge & at the writing of this campaign. 

4. USP

It's the technology paired with business acumen, we can't be challenged for


Build a community, empowered enough to self-manage its health by embracing disruptive technology- the blockchain. Being one of very few players in this market, we see ourselves as the best in the business and apex innovative and disruptive technologies to their full potential. Being committed to our community, transparent and ethical in all business activities, we envision synergising the ecosystem, through establishing collaborative partnerships. 

A short story 

This story is true for someone, somewhere..

A patient sees his family doctor complaining about backache. Not finding any problem, doctor asks him to get back if the backache doesn’t get better in a week’s time. Patient lived with an unbearable pain as painkillers weren’t affective. After a week, the patient sees his doctor again. Still not finding any reason for the pain, doctor tells him that there’s nothing he could do. The advice was same’ if it doesn’t get better, he should get back next week. Unfortunately the next day, pain got worst, & patient’s leg got numb. He was rushed to emergency unit of local hospital. After waiting for 4 hours, he was tested positive for malignant tumour at the bottom of his spine. 

The precious week out of patient’s life, that got wasted just because the family doctor wasn’t able to diagnose the problem and should have referred him to a specialists/consultant, was enough for the tumour to grow and claim patient’s life. 


The patient now has a dapp on his phone that instantly gives him a choice to talk to a  consultant/specialist anywhere in the world. Once he gets back from the family doctor, unsatisfied and living in pain, he know he can get on to the Medibit Dapp. He gets connected to a consultant in Australia within 4 hours. The consultant asks for his symptoms & asks to get few scans/tests done. 48 hours later, patient uploads requested scans within seconds. Consultant suggests that he should be immediately tested for malignant tumour around the nerve system.

The patient goes back to his family doctor. Upon listening to a consultant’s opinion, he immediately refers him to an oncologist. The oncologist agreed with 2nd opinion & immediate treatment, saved patient’s life.


Step 1: Medibit Dapp registers patients and healthcare practitioners

Step 2: Patient request an appointment with the right consultant as per his requirements - Consultant confirms the appointment

Step 3: Patient pays in MDB or buys MDB from internal/external exchange in few seconds

Step 4: Online consultation takes place

Step 5: Payment released, followed be collecting survey/feedback. 





Monetary Economics: Medibit is a medium of exchange in return of services. In simpler words its a currency that will be used in an ecosystem.  The service as explained earlier is connecting patients and consultants in a use niche case. 

Corporate Finance: Securities Token Offerings would raise funds to operate the project.

Market Finance: Medibit is designed to be highly liquid as opposed to IPOs and traceable on exchanges. At present, we are in talking terms with Coinbene, and UBIT to get the token listed. 

Game Theory: Token will incentivise itself by 3 means: exchange of service and encourage patients and consultants to review each other in return of earning Medibit; users will be rewarded for taking actions on the Platform, with the goal of creating disincentives for malicious or fraudulent behaviour; and patients will also be rewarded to share their data with our partners for research and development purposes.

Store of Value (SoV): 3 properties of a token/crypto assets should be fulfilled to make it SoV: it can be stored securely; cannot be reproduced easily; and can be traded cheaply. Medibit possesses all of these properties. First its immune to theft as the tokens are stored in offline digital wallet. Second the network will be developed as such so that its security risks are managed. This means securing it against an attacker who might try to change its rules by force. In addition to outside attacks, only project owners would be able to set the monetary policy whereas no incentive would be able to modify it. Third low cost of conversion comes from trading it cheaply. 

Why do we need a token

Providing a prompt and secure service availability, with significantly lesser transaction fee when compared to bank transfers fees is only possible by means of using a digital currency. Immediate payment transfers are crucial in our service model as we are dealing with precious lives, where timing plays crucial role. Factoring in delays of few workings days while making payments via conventional means, can make a difference of saving and losing a life.

Token Price Appreciation

The growth of the Medibit is highly probable due to the demand of service offering as indicated by our extensive market research. A simple ‘demand and supply’ principle would fuel token demand. As mentioned earlier, Medibit will have its own marketplace where it would be used as prime currency. 

What does it take for a token to be appreciated in a market & how Medibit check all boxes?

A well-designed token….


has utility within the ecosystem forked from Ethereum, hence supports the ecosystem growth. Not only that, since it will be a mainstream digital currency in its own market place, the utility is obvious.

resists inflationary pressures

  • has lower operational cost
  • has limited total supply 100,000,000 
  • 50% of the total token supply locked for 5 years
  • 10% founders' tokens locked for 2 years
  • 40% of the total token supply will be released during multiple crowd sales event within first 2 years
  • After 5 years, the remaining 50% of the tokens locked, would be released with due course. 

is scalable/denominational

is scalable/denominational

is a store of value

Medibit Token and platform are designed and being developed to offer maximum utility to users (developers, buyer and sellers). In providing this utility, the inherent stickiness associated with the underlying asset are: a. theft immunity, b. credibly low inflation (strict guidelines to keep security threats at lowest possible levels and collective commitment to low inflation) and c. low cost of conversion (utility and decentralisation).

is fungible

It is interchangable, uniform, divisible, and developed as per ERC20 standard

is acceptable to the people at large

Medibit is accessible and available for anyone who wants to purchase the token with the purpose of either invest in the project, or buy the tokens now at much cheaper rate and save them for later use

is traded on an exchange

the team is in talking terms with exchanges and expecting soon to be listed. 

must incentivise its use

Exchange of value, early bird rewards, incentive provided when consultant and patients leave feedbacks/reviews. Second, users will be rewarded for taking actions on the Platform, with the goal of creating disincentives for malicious or fraudulent behaviour. Third patients will also be rewarded to share their data with our partners for research and development purposes.






2fb0e2a51280c7a.jpeg12. FUNDS RAISING TARGETS





We are a small, yet ambitious team of 2.


I am the Co-founder and developer of this project, also responsible for managing & promoting Security Token Offering (STO). This also includes exploring collaborative partnership opportunities, representing company on social media channels, along with carrying out research & development activities.  

I add value to the project by bringing in my MSc degree in blockchain technology, combined with 7 years experience in IT-Business consultancy provided to 100+ projects. My team and I are focused on excellence. This means being fully aware of the fact that we are working on a truly revolutionary project, hence scalability is at the core of the project. Needless to say, developing infrastructure, technological backbone and playing our part in developing the ecosystem, is what we consider as building the foundations. 

Let’s be very honest here. We are operating in an infant, unregulated and highly volatile market. In addition, projects can go inherently opposite to as planned yet, project timing is crucial to success. 

Therefore, I am laser-focused towards, thoroughly knowing our product; community, team and infrastructure building; security management; and research, research and research (really couldn’t stress more on these). Above all, not to forget that this project aims to make profits, hence as I’d mentioned earlier scalability of the business is always on top of our list.

Next, self and team motivation is pivotal. There are days when bearish market literally floods away all of our effort of selling tokens to fund the project. The way we survive such situation is keep moving, and quickly shift out focus on drawing lessons. 


I am the founder of this project. Working on this exciting & revolutionary project, I started at the conception, development and design stage. At present I am responsible for business networking, creating awareness and why is it really needed, sales and team building, and taking care of legal issues.

My educational background in this disruptive blockchain technology plus self-taught programming, leverages my effort in this domain. But what would interest investors more is how we are going to fund and complete the project. 

I am a people’s person hence hunting and managing the talent is what I do best. Similar to any project, we have learned the hard way that contractors can’t be beneficial to the project as much as home-grown team, who is literally dedicated fully to the project. This calls for self-management, self-motivation along with managing and motivating the team. Due to the infancy of this market, there are days, when none of us know what we are really doing, but all we know that we have to keep moving. For example, at present we are developing in house, fully scalable KYC system that should be both secure and very efficient. Available services such as ICOBoxSoftware, failed to deliver what it sold, hence we are facing time delays as we aren’t left with much choice but to build the system form scratch. 

I've mastered patience and commitment whilst working as a Forex trader for 10 years. I am actively engaged in networking & offline community building ventures. Although, market volatility still remains a challenge, I am 70% successful in overcoming this by educating people how to use volatile market in our benefits. My team & I take pride in successfully running this project over a period of 1 year by now.



Successfully raising funds from KICKONOMY, KICKICO’s currency can be exchange-able with MEDIBIT Tokens for use of our servcies, once the dapp is launched in the market.


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