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Market Maker Technology preICO preICO
50.00 Soft Cap, ETH
3,700.00 Hard Cap, ETH
01 Jun, 2019 - 15 Jul, 2019 Campaign Duration
3,28 ETH Raised
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43 Duration, days
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50.00 ETH Soft Cap

The 1st professional Market Maker of cryptocurrency market

The infrastructure project Market Maker Technology aims to support the liquidity of the main blockchain cryptocurrencies. 

We will protect the cryptocurrency market from excessive volatility, fraudulent influence and the impact of information stuffing. 


MMT we know  what we are doing

We provide counter quotes

We set quotes for both purchase and sale. You can make deals with us in both small and high volumes.

We buy tokens when there are no buyers

We help investors fix profits without a price collapse. You can sell tokens to us and not wait for the execution of pending orders.

We making the market liquid

We give investors the opportunity to implement their strategies at any time and in any amount.

We sell tokens when market not have sellers

We help investors buy large amounts of tokens without overclocking. You can always enter the market with a large volume and not split up the position into lots.

We create purchase and sale guarantees

Every day we are in the market and are bidding. You always have the opportunity to make deals with us in any direction of the trend.

We form the market

We analyze the real supply and demand, and then, on the basis of the analysis, set quotes. You always see the market price, protected from manipulation and PUMP.



MMT - how we do it


Dynamic portfolio: 

• active storage
• protection by external partner
• distributed storage account system

The largest cryptocurrency exchange:

• trading volumes
• number of clients
• the trust users
• contibution to market development

Result of work:

• best bid price
• best offer price
• minimum spread
• maximum lot
• real price
• PUMP protection 
• crash protection
• lack of panic
• stable trading



• fraud 
(PUMP, price overclocking, trading volume overclocking) 
• volatility 
(Panic fall, unreasonable price increase) 
• manipulation 
(The collapse of a small lot in the "night" session of the trade) 




• real price 
• real trading volume 
• stabilization of the trend 
• the ability to trade large lots without affecting the price 
• minimum spread 


• reduction of losses in case of falling prices of leading cryptocurrencies 
• alternative to storing cryptocurrency 
• contribution to the development of the entire market


  TOP - 1 Partners

  • banking sector
  • stock market
  • cyber defense
  • financial technology
  • blockchain

  TOP - 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • Kraken
  • Gemini
  • Huobi

  TOP - 30 Cryptocurrency

  • capitalization of more than $ 500 million
  • daily turnover of $ 10 million
  • work more than 12 months
  • market leaders
  • trust of millions


The MMT Token


MMT Token was created specifically to replenish project assets and pay for project services. MMT can be used by any market participant without any restrictions. You can purchase an MMT token on Pre-ICO, ICO and Post-ICO while observing all the KYC conditions. The token is back convertible.

Buying MMT tokens, you make a contribution to the development of the entire cryptocurrency market. All funds received from the sale of the MMT token are collected in a portfolio and used to maintain the liquidity of the blockchain's leading cryptocurrencies.


Each time we increase our portfolio, we will issue additional tokens in the form of a reward for credibility of the project for current MMT holders:

• MMT token holders transfer them to their wallet in the site's personal account; 
• MMT tokens must lie on the site for 7 days without movement; 
• on the 8th day, the tokens are replenished according to the following formula: 
Share from the current portfolio = Shares from the additional issue.
• after recharging the tokens, you can withdraw and repeat the operation in the next quarter.



• the current portfolio is 312.500 ETH and there are 31.250.000 MMT in the network;
• additional issue of MMT tokens is 8,437,500 pcs;
• the user add 100.000 MMT (0.32%) on the site and hold it for 7 days;
• on the 8th day the user received +27.000 MMT.

The Smart Contract will be launched every six months, allowing you to exchange the MMT token for cryptocurrency from our portfolio. Thus, the purchase of MMT tokens is not an investment in the project. The MMT Token is a collective contribution tool for maintaining the blockchain's cryptocurrency liquidity. This is a fight against excessive volatility. This is a step towards the independence of the entire cryptoindustry.

Thus, all MMT tokens are always provided with Ethereum cryptocurrency. 


Development map



The project team 


Efimenko Anton


Stock Exchanges: MOEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE 

IR: civil aviation, investment funds, banks, private business, financial companies. 

Education: economics, management, stock markets 

Since 2010, he worked on the stock markets of America, England and Russia. Developed areas of investment in valuable 

Papers on Pre-IPO Stages, Led the Market Team bond makers and high yield stocks. In position Investor Relations raised over $ 400 million in small and medium business, at $ 34 million conducted currency hedging transactions. 

Since September 2017, a consultant has a number of Russian projects on exit on ICO. 

In November 2017, developed the idea of the first Professional Market Maker for Blockchain. 


Anton Vasiliev

Vice president

International Venture Investor. 

Since 2014, he has been promoting the blockchain and advises cryptoinvestors. 

One of the first investors in Bitcoin, holder. Resident school blockchain education. 

Author of a series of courses on blockchain, digital assets and cryptoinvestment analysis. 


Baykevich-Sverdlova Dasha

Head of Design and Marketing

Developer design projects for offline business. 

Head of R & D brand and online promotion. 

An expert on calligraphy and color combination. 

She is has extensive experience in managing the development team, designers, productologists and marketers in remote format. 


Melentyev Andrey

Head of PR

10 years experience in marketing communications and promoting leading Russian business groups, including telecommunications and financial sectors. Information support and PR campaigns within World Cup 2018, Cup Confederations 2017, launch 5G and Gigabit LTE. 

International Specialist GR and Propoganda. 


Baykevich Maxim

Technical Director

Business analyst and technical solutions developer based on Sun Microsystems and Oracle technologies. 

Fullstack developer in an international IT company. 

Project Manager for the development of Internet services. 

Cloud Platform Team Leader in Fintech area. 

Software development and management a team of IT specialists in the field of fintech and the Internet industry.


Kraevoi Roman

Head of Trading

More than 7 years working as a trader in the financial markets: Global Market, Derivatives Market and Market Maker. 

Head of the group of traders performing obligations of liquidity providers. 

The developer of strategies for automated trading systems. 


Semenova Angelika 

Chief Information Officer 

4 years of experience working with foreign companies as a developer of cross-platform software and mobile applications.

Fullstack developer and teamlead in an international IT company. 

JS, angular, react, html, css, python, kotlin, c#

















Let's make Blockchain stable and independent!

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