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19 000 KICK Holders
SOON UOS Holders
WhiteList is Live! All KICK token holders can get new project’s blockchain coins — UOS. Every KICK holder can apply for the whitelist and get new coins in proportion to their current KickCoin stake. Apply for Whitelist

Great news for KICK holders!

Apply for the whitelist and get tokens of the new blockchain protocol - UOS

Don't miss Ur chance. Whitelist application will end on the 15th of September, 2018.

Both KICKICO and U projects share common roots. Its team together with KICKICO's first and primary seed investor is launching a new project - U social capital ledger.

The U social capital ledger consists of the UOS blockchain protocol and the U.Community platform, which serves as the interface to it.

Because the idea of U project was born in cooperation with the KICKICO team and with the help of its community, it's been decided to credit each and every KICK token holder with tokens of the brand new UOS blockchain. Tokens will be distributed among whitelisted KickCoin holders proportionally to their KICK amount.

Learn more about, the interface to the UOS blockchain protocol.

U will know the details and exact dates of the distribution soon.

You can apply for the whitelist using the button above.

NOTE: You don't need to register your ETH address yet, just click the "APPLY FOR WHITELIST" button once.