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The instruction for creating a campaign on the KICKICO platform.

To make the process of moderation faster and to preserve your time and energy we strongly recommend that you prepare materials described below beforehand (before sending the campaign draft for moderation). Also please include Telegram User ID of the person in charge of your campaign on the KICKICO platform in the end of the campaign text so that we can easily communicate with you - this is IMPORTANT!

Required materials

Depending on the type of campaign you need to prepare different materials before creating of campaign:

- ICO/preICO

 Detailed campaign text  (see below)

 Elaborate economics of the token — why do you need it in your system, what affects its growth, by what it is provided


 Requirements for smart-contract

 Road-map (development plan)

-  Crowdfunding

 Detailed campaign text (see below)

 Why does your product deserve supporting, what is an originality of your product

 Detailed and balanced rewards for backers (grades)

 Road-map (development plan)

-  Crowdinvesting — depending on campaign features requires the presence of different combination of materials described above, it is likely that you will need all of them.

IMPORTANT: in case you’re planning to raise funds both on our platform and on your own landing page you need to:

  1. Add info about your campaign on our platform to all the calendars where you’re listing

  2. Add info about your campaign on our platform to your landing page including info about KickCoin bonuses that backers get if they back your project through our platform

  3. Add our pixel to your landing page for retargeting

More information about all types of campaigns you can find in FAQ и White Paper for KICKICO platform. We strongly recommend to read this document before creating all necessary materials. Also we recommend to see campaigns that passed moderation on the main page

Important: you can edit the campaign at any stage!

Recommendations for the structure of campaign text on a platform.

Below is an instruction for creating a campaign text for a platform, it is advisory and not all recommendations should be applied to your project.

General text recommendations

1.    The text for your campaign is created by embed instrument — campaign editor.

2.    If you created campaign draft first with another instrument, not the one on the platform, then you need to take into consideration, that there is not any technical opportunity right now to  precisely transfer text formatting of your campaign. Reserve some time for formatting adaptation.

3.    Campaign editor on our platform represents wide choice of instruments, also you can use straight editing of HTML code.

4.    The editor has support of links for anchors in the text, it is strongly recommended to use them.

5.    Please note, that editor works independently with different language versions of your campaign. It means that all changes that you make in Russian version, you need to copy manually to all other versions.


It is not required, but if you have short and meaningful video, it will show that you are serious about your job. Experience shows that it is not always true, but it will add you a few points in eyes of potential investors. Video can contain about the same information as a pitch.


Write a short meaningful slogan containing no more than 1-2 phrases, precisely describing your project. So the people reading it while running on escalator will want learn more about it and buy it.

[The picture of a gadget/product/game]

Table of contents

If you made more than 3 pages of text, you can place a table of contents right there for fast navigation. It can be done very fast and available in basic version of editor on our platform. It is advised to make links near anchors to navigate to contents anchor to enable “text jumping”, what is greatly improves perception and usability when big text is presented.


With this paragraph also briefly describe the specifics and the technical details. So that the whole essence of the project can be understood immediately and very quickly - how it has been done, at the expense of what it works, and what its strength is.


With the next paragraph list USP (unique selling point) – what you have, what no one in the world has. Usually it’s a bullet-list of 2-4 points (no need for more). “Unique next generation graphics” – is not USP, everyone has graphics. The genre – is not USP. But “Controlling during sleep with the help of dreams,” - this is USP.

[Project/product picture, if there is one]


Here goes the project description. It can be various: if it’s ICO, then it can be the project Vision. If it’s a game, then the plot can be given here. In all the cases it's mandatory to create a link. If it's a plot, then it can be an intrigue. If ICO- then a provocation or a formulation of an understandable problem that you're going to solve. The best variant will be a demonstration of you knowing a "pain" of your target audience and precisely knowing how to solve it. This paragraph must stimulate to read what's coming next, and what is the answer to the question/ puzzle/ intrigue / provocation that you suggest.

[Project/ product picture №2]

Section of token economy

If you conduct ICO/preICO/ crowdinvesting, then certainty write, why the token is needed in your system, what its growth depends on, what it is provided with, as well as all possible applications for it in your product. Write when it's planned to enter the stock exchanges, and on which exchanges the entrance is planned.


Block of technical details, how it will be implemented, how you will do it. It's important to demonstrate that you have understanding of the subject. If it's a business a project, then the market description can be here. It's desirable to insert a scheme here, which will help to understand how your product is realized and how it works without going into detail.

[Project/product picture №3, possible even a scheme ]

A big and detailed description

The ordinary people will omit it, but the interested ones read such sections. It's important to take into consideration that if they like what they have read, then they will tell the ordinary people about it and they might get interested. But it's desirable to write this section in a way that it will be interesting also for the ordinary people to read- it's possible if you try and not be shy.

[Timeline picture]

Timeline, aka roadmap

Show your potential investors/ backers that you have planned and precisely know what to do, when and why.  Carefully calculate how much money, time, people you need.  Multiply by two (seriously) and draw a clear diagram of what, where, when. Describe step by step the milestones of the project, and what resources you will attract to implement these plans. If you create an ICO campaign, write when you plan to output the token to exchanges and to which exchanges.

Levels of awards (grades)

If your project falls into the category of crowdfunding / crowdinvesting, then describe in detail all the levels of rewards for the backers / investors. Your audience should understand what exactly they will receive in case they invest a certain amount of money into your project.

[Team picture, developers' faces]

Tell about yourself

Usually a matrix or tabular look is enough: photography - position - experience - description - achievements (if possible, certainly write about the past successful projects), and why that person is a good specialist, and why exactly he/ she is in your team, what he/ she does. Explain why you will not disappear after fundraising.

If you have ICO, then in this section it is recommended to mention the famous specialists who support you.

[Picture KICKONOMY/KickCoins]


If you are going to accept KICKICO’s currency (we recommend that you implement this feature since it’s going to bring you a lot of paying users, loyal audience, platform featuring, and many other advantages), please use this section to explain what can be purchased for this currency in your product.

[Social media icons]

Contact us

Please provide all the relevant contact information, including your location, website, Facebook page and group, Telegram group, Slack chat, Twitter, VK, Instagram. Also, make sure you have provided all the corresponding linked icons.


If this is preICO, ICO or crowdinvesting, a whitepaper is mandatory. Without it, your campaign won’t pass moderation. A whitepaper is a document providing a detailed and transparent description of your product’s technical aspects, the problems it solves, and how it solves (or will solve) them.

You can provide the link to this document located in your Google Drive or attach a pdf file.

If you are going to start a crowdfunding campaign, a whitepaper won’t be too much. Having a whitepaper indicates that the author is actually aware of how they are going to develop their project, what are the pitfalls and challenges, what are the strong sides, how the product is going to function, and so on. When it comes to games and other software, a design document is almost identical to a whitepaper. It can be attached as a pdf file or uploaded to Google Docs in the “Suggested Edits” mode. In this case, the author will get both the money and the feedback, which may well be even more valuable than money at the initial stage.

What’s next?

The next thing you do is click “Save”. Then you click “Send to moderation”.  Now your project is waiting for moderation. Chances are, the moderator will ask you to refine your project, if it doesn’t comply with all the requirements. If you have provided everything required to pass moderation, your project will be published on the website in public draft mode.

What we strongly recommend doing after improving your campaign up to the final stage is translating the content into all the available languages (English is a must and should be done ASAP). At the moment of creating this instruction, our platform supports English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, German, and Hindi. We are going to add even more languages. Multi-language support is a good idea since there are many people around the globe who don’t speak foreign languages but are willing to invest in interesting and promising projects.