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Ping! Congratulations, You've Been PingPaid!
PingPaid - The payment solution

PingPaid is a payment solution platform and protocol that aims to enable p2p transactions of a variety of assets, from bed and breakfast rentals to tangible goods and remittance services. Using the PingPaid platform and protocol, you are able to safely and securely unleash your assets globally. PingPaid is powered by the PingPaid token. The PingPaid token is an ERC20 token operating on the Ethereum platform.

PingPaid, formulated to solve the problems that plague the trustless transfer of assets, is a unique payment solution that will revolutionize the way we transact, by bringing practicality and security to “Trade and Value” transactions. PingPaid is an easy to use, working platform and protocol that allows parties to secure and transact payment for goods and services using a secured and advanced modular control program. We put power and ease in your control as merchant and consumer. You can define terms, agree to terms, and use PingPaid’s unique technologies to accept the terms defined. PingPaid takes “Smart Contracts” to the next level. We have focused on simplicity and effectiveness; this is the future of making and receiving payments using blockchain.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that will find itself in so many different applications in our lives. Blockchain technology has already begun to make an unmatched impact on the digital age; no technology holds a greater potential for humanity. PingPaid is capitalizing on this and positioning ourselves as the premier choice for conducting various forms of transactions on the blockchain. Value transfer is the primary application of the Blockchain.

The PingPaid token powers the platform and protocol known as PingPaid. PingPaid is a technology developed using a variety of digital technologies and development environments: PHP, MySql, Javascript, C, etc. are some of the tools deployed to create the PingPaid ecosystem. Under development for months, we have completed the foundation of the PingPaid core and can safely accept registrations for the PingPaid platform and protocol.

Based in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, PingPaid is a platform and protocol designed to allow anyone to instantly and safely transact over the blockchain. We are excited for the many things to come. Here are some important details for our initial coin offering. To participate, you have to register on the PingPaid platform.

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The PingPaid platform allows you to buy and sell items using cryptocurrency. PingPaid takes things to the next level.


Browse the PingPaid platform. 


Unique QR code scanner, link real world items on the blockchain. 


Unleash your payment potential on the blockchain using PingPaid. A new way to send and receive cryptocurrency safely, securelyand with either no fee or very minimal fees. Ping! Congratulations you've been PingPaid! 



Token Mechanics & Value

PingPaid is a platform, powered by its token of the same name. The PingPaid token (an ER20 Ethereum-based token) is used to pay the fees on the PingPaid platform. PingPaid will allow asset transfer safely and securely in various cryptocurrency assets. The roadmap will elaborate how PingPaid will progress as a platform and show plans of the platform and protocol. There are 75 million PingPaid tokens. 60 million tokens are available in an ICO to invest in and grow the platform. 

Token Economics

PingPaid token holders pay NO FEES to use the PingPaid platform and must use the PingPaid token on the PingPaid platform to receive this benefit.

The PingPaid Clearing Cycle ensures that the PPD ecosystem propels the PingPaid token usage, through the platform and protocol. The PingPaid Clearing Cycle incentivizes the PingPaid token in the token economics, and provides a way to utilize other cryptocurrencies without limiting the use of other assets. This encourages global cryptocurrency usage in the mainstream. The PingPaid token powers the platform, protocol, discount and loyalty programs.

The PingPaid clearing cycle is a mechanism used in the PingPaid token economics. The PingPaid clearing cycle is what happens when a consumer uses the PingPaid platform or protocol to complete a transaction. If the consumer uses PPD tokens to complete the transaction, the clearing cycle is completed. If a non-PPD token is used, the algorithm automatically demands and deduces a fee of the cryptocurrency used to complete the transaction. The system automatically allocates a certain percentage of the collected fees towards providing discounts to accounts holding PPD (merchant or client). The discounts continue progressively as the system collects more and more fees. The discount levels increase respectively. The discounts are applied to PingPaid PPD account holders after a certain threshold of collected amounts have been reached. We have many plans for the discount program. This can translate to being redeemable assets in the PingPaid token ecosystem. Theoretically, this allows PPD holders to enjoy massive benefits in the PingPaid ecosystem. Both merchants and clients are eligible to participate on the virtue of having a PingPaid account and being PingPaid token holders.

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Roadmap and Development



PingPaid is offered on the KickICO platform 5% less than our normal sale ( The KICKICO token WILL be implemented on the PingPaid platform and token, one of the very first implementations and tokens that will enjoy usage on the platform. We will introduce this functionality that will allow transactions on the PingPaid platform using the KickICO token. You can buy and sell in the PingPaid ecosystem using PingPaid and KickICO tokens. More information coming. 

PPD Normal Price: 

1 PPD token = 0.000873 ETH

PPD Price through KickICO:

1 PPD token = 0.000746415 ETH

Total Supply: 75,000,000
Available in ICO: 60,000,000


Project Name: PingPaid
Toke Symbol: PPD
Token Total Supply: 75,000,000
Offered in ICO: 60,000,000
ICO Date – Present – September 30 2018
ICO Status: Ongoing
Official Website:
Project Video:
Project logo:
Twitter Page:
YoutTube Channel:
Reddit Forum:
Official Email: [email protected]
Contract Address:
1 PPD token = (NORMAL) 0.000873 ETH
1 PPD token = (KICKICO discount) 0.000746415  ETH

Application Programming Interface

We are working to make a compatible application programming interface so developers can easily and seamlessly integrate PingPaid into their own unique systems. Our application programming interface (API) will allow you to tap into PingPaid to manage, transact, and review information on our platform. Once everything is ready, we will announce the rollout plan for PingPaid API.

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