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2,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
10,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
29 Jan, 2019 - 29 Apr, 2019 Campaign Duration (UTC)
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PhotoLike - not a day without a photo.

Contests quick participation. SIMPLICITY, SPEED, MASS.

PhotoLike is a project that provides freedom of choice to every photographer or ordinary lover of beautiful photos. You can decide for yourself what prizes to fight for, photos from which category to send and to which tour to continue participating.


From registration to victory

PhotoLike is a platform for free and paid participation in international photo contests. By registering, the user can use any opportunity in the project:

1. Member. Chooses a contest with prizes of interest, a category of photos and uploads your work or photos. In order for the system to open public access to the picture, the photographer must first evaluate a number of other users' works or pass on to an expert for evaluation.



2. Developed a large number of competitions

10 contests on an ongoing basis
Regular contests
Contests from sponsors are free (with material gifts)
Competition with the final on television in the format TELE SHOW
All free (with virtual rewards)
Paid (from $ 0.0008 to $ 1 with material prizes)
One-time themed contests
For each competition developed a unique standings

"Album" for uploading photos is divided into categories.
When uploading a photo, the user can, if necessary, adjust its size and edit the parameters.
There is also a “Archive” of photos in which a participant can look at the entire path of each photo participating in the contest in detail (what tour it went up with, what photo it competed in each round, who put how many likes ...)

There are many categories in which photos can participate.

10 categories on a permanent basis
There is a category "Any photo" in which you can upload any topic.
Temporary categories that are available during thematic competitions.

  The number of contests and categories will increase with the number of users

The application provides entertainment.

A participant can collect virtual parts, make puzzles from participating photos and collect them, participate in exhibitions, share virtual resources with other users and receive funds for participation in paid competitions.

In the next versions - Competitions between the participants. Contests that users themselves can create. Communication clubs. Categories with videos and much more.

3. Expert. Obtaining the status of an expert, you can evaluate the works of participants and become a high-level expert with great influence on the outcome of the competition.


3 "chips" of the project

Contests that you can choose. The user always has the choice of what content to show to the world. At your disposal - several options. And, let's say, if you haven’t managed to photograph the most amazing views on travels or make shots reflecting the social problems of your country, you can always find a subject that is closer to you.  

Prizes that interest you. On the platform in parallel passes several competitions with different prizes. And in order to prove oneself, it is not necessary to settle for a lens that you already have, or a set for taking care of photographic equipment, which you have long since acquired. Choose the competition, the gifts in which motivate you to show the world as much of your work as possible.


Categories that you like. Perhaps you have accumulated a few good shots with children or a demonstration of strong feelings? Or maybe you are a connoisseur of beautiful landscapes and natural macro photography? PhotoLayk allows you to choose the category that is close to you in any of the competitions held. And with the development of the project, the range of topics will be expanded, expanding your creative possibilities.


PhotoLayk is a platform that allows you to participate in photo-life all the time: to demonstrate your work, evaluate pictures of other users, communicate with the same enthusiastic artists.

We want your bookmarks to have another source of inspiration and constant motivation to shoot, create and create great work!

Advantages over existing similar projects.

In most cases, contests on such resources are designed for professionals and connoisseurs of the art of photography.

Anyone can take part in the PhotLike contests, even if he is far from the art of photography.

When organizing a contest on the site, the administration determines the time of its start and informs the participants in advance.

The foundation "Photolike" is a large number of competitions on an ongoing basis. Photos can be put up for a contest at any time (and immediately)

During the competition, the category of the photo is determined in advance.

In "PhotoLike" you can select a contest and select a category in which the photo will participate.

Prizes and awards for such services are provided only for the winners.

In "PhotoLike" each participant receives at least the virtual resources of the project (collection) that have their own value.

The value of prizes for winners directly depends on the cost of participation in the competition. The more expensive the reward, the more you need to pay the participant for posting your photo

In the PhotLike paid competitions, the cost of participation is from $ 0.0001 to $ 1, while the maximum gifts to the winner exceed the price of $ 1 million.

In most cases in such projects there is a jury or a panel of experts who decide which photo is better.

In “PhotoLike”, the participants themselves act as a jury and choose the best not because they are art historians, but according to the principle “I liked this photo more”

Usually the competition is held in one round and it is very difficult to choose a winner from a large number of photos, and participants have to languish in anticipation of the result.

The contests are held in several rounds at the PhotLike service and unique prize tournament tables have been developed for each contest. It is pleasant and exciting for participants to follow the progress of their photo to the victory pedestal. In this case, the user can pick up your gift after any tour.

No referral system

There is a referral system. in which the victory of your referral brings you bonuses.

In “PhotoLayk” A competition has been developed, the final of which will be held in the format of a TV show

If there are any organized contests on the Internet, the user is not given the choice of the final goal for participating in them. "PhotoLike" invites the user to choose the competition for the prizes in which he will be most interested to participate.

When organizing photo contests, the only category of photos is determined to participate. In the Photolike project, the participant chooses a category of photos (cats, dogs, nature, children, etc.).


The project will use blockchain technology to prevent change of votes and issue of material prizes.

At the moment, there is a huge number of projects on the Internet, (educational, developing, entertaining, etc.) that only charge the user, without offering any material gifts (prizes, awards) in return.

On the Photolike project, the user will be able to receive both small and very valuable gifts from participating in the project,




1. Formation of the project idea

2. Studying the market of Internet offers of similar projects

3. Preparation of descriptions and sketches


4. Conclusion of a development contract

5. Investment of primary funds

6. Creating a prototype program

7. Writing technical assignments for programmers

8. Placing the project on the KICKICO platform


9. Creating a smart contract, the release of tokens FOTLI

10. Capitalization of the project

11. Development of the mobile application "Photolike" (in 6 languages)

12. Development of the WEB version of the project

13. Adaptation and software to global payment systems

14. Running a mobile application (version 1.0)

15. Introduction of currency payment options on the project - KICKICO and FOTLI

16. PR company

17. Launch WEB version


18. The release of project tokens on the exchange EXMO, BitFlip

19. The release of the mobile application (version 2.0) is supplemented.

20. Capitalization of the project (if necessary)

21. Mobile app release (version 2.1) extended

22. Adaptation of applications to various Internet platforms


23. Integration of the project with social networks


GOAL - Instagram Integration (Facebook ’)

Calculation of the Photolike project potential

Based on the fact that at least 300,000,000 photos are laid out on the network every day.

                            per month 9,000,000,000 photos

                           per year 108,000,000,000 photos

while the number only increases

On the basis of participation in free contests 75% in paid contests 25% of photos

The average cost of participation in a paid contest is $ 0.08 of which service income is $ 0.025

100 participating photos - 100 x 0.25 x 0.025 = $ 0.62

For getting 1 000 000 $ it is necessary to participate in contests 160 000 000 photos

For income of $ 1,000,000 per year, you need to master only 0.14% of the existing potential.

For income of $ 1,000,000 per month, the goal is to absorb only 1.5% of the existing potential.

Dear Becker, as you see the potential of the project is huge ..

And we will not dwell on 1.5% of the existing capacity.

Section about the economy of the token

Regulations on manufactured tokens





Production Quantity - 1,000,000,000 (one billion)

The cost in ETN - 0, 00002

Table of bonus accruals

Buying in  ЕТН

Bonus FOTLI  в %

<          1


>          1

   10 %

>         10

   20 %

>       100

   30 %

>     1000

   40 %



in ETN

  Redeem FOTLI

  FOTLI Bonus  

Total have FOTLI


5 000


5 000


50 000

5 000

50 000


250 000

25 000

275 000


500 000

100 000

600 000


5 000 000

1 500 000

6 500 000

1 000

50 000 000

20 000 000

70 000 000

Prospects for the acquisition of FOTLI tokens:

When FOTLI is sold at a price of 0.00002 ETH. After the FOTLI tokens are released on the exchanges, the Company will undertake to pay 50% of the project’s profit to buy FOTLI imitated tokens at a price of at least 0.0006 ETH.

Thus, each invested ETH will bring 30 ETH, and for large buyers 42 ETH. When FOTLI enters the stock exchanges and the company's success, its price may be much more profitable for investments.

1 = 30 (42) = 300 (420) the prospect is obvious.

In addition, in the project, the owners of FOTLI tokens will be able to acquire resources on the “FOTOLIKE” service to participate in both free and paid competitions.


The executor of the project.

The project will be implemented by a team of top-class specialists - Imedia Solution (https://www.imedia.by/about/)


history of the company

The history of the company began with the formation of a small team of like-minded people in 2009 ...

The plans were ambitious, they were supported by the rich experience of the founders, the highly qualified staff and the great desire of each employee to work productively.

From the first day special attention was paid to the careful selection of personnel and the progressive organization of labor. The strategy of working with clients was based on maximizing the potential of the business and developing effective marketing tools. At the same time, the costs of customers have always been disproportionately less than the economic effect they receive.

Due to these factors, over the 7 years the company has been operating, the number of employees has grown almost 10 times, and the customer base is 100 times!


We have implemented a large number of projects. https://www.imedia.by/portfolio/

And we realize PhotLike !!!