Albert Kirillov
Kasko2go preICO preICO
5,140.00 Soft Cap, ETH
0.00 Hard Cap, ETH
12 Jun, 2018 - 25 Jun, 2018 Campaign Duration
7 480,08 ETH Raised
4 Backers
13 Duration, days

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White paper

Smart Contract 

What is our concept?


We reduce insurance expenses by 50% for driving safe. We use AI and telematic Big Data assessments with Pay-as-you- Drive model.



We create decentralized ecosystem, where every careful driver will get an affordable insurance, and insurance agencies will be able to identify low-risk clients.


Our Approach

We are creating the eco system, that allows to get cheap insurance for safe driver and to find low-risk customers for insurance companies.

Our system is open for any companies that can provide their services on clear conditions self-regulating marketplace.

Solving problems

Careful driver
Has to pay large insurance premium, paying for risk of other drivers

Gets cheaper insurance as long as he drives safe
Reliable insurance
Can not find safe clients. Has to pay big price for every new high-risk client.

Gets low-risk clients from safe drivers community.

Our Technology

5+ Years of Researching Millions of Drivers

In 2012, we began to analyse driving styles with the help of our GPS app, the maps for which Google subsequently started buying. During that time, our sample size was three million, one hundred and twenty-nine thousand drivers. According to our information, this is the largest dataset in the world for studying driving habits.


Motor insurance purchase

Customer applies for registration. After the risk assessment and fraud prevention procedures, registration is complete, and the contract data is stored in the blockchain. Customer pays the insurance fee based on an individual rate of the pay-as-you-go model.
Claim processing

When the customer submits a claim, fraud detection and claim evaluation take place. When damage is confirmed, the data is transmitted into the blockchain, requests to the liquidity pool and for reinsurance are filed, and then the K2G token amount is unlocked for the customer.


Token distribution
From the maximal 600 million K2G tokens
Smart contract and ICO wallet developed by Ambisafe, a world leader in secure and reliable smart contract solutions.