GoNetwork - disrupting trillion dollar mobile & virtual goods economy

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About GoNetwork

GoNetwork is disrupting the trillion dollar virtual content and mobile economy! Our mission is to move virtual goods to the blockchain by creating the first ever decentralized virtual goods commerce platform. We are creating a future where all the virtual contents that you purchase on the web or mobile will sit on a decentralized blockchain. Buy, trade or exchange virtual goods - every transaction will benefit the content creator, node operators and GoToken stakers.

GoToken - A Solid Cryptocurrency

GoToken is a cryptocurrency that will be accepted and used by games and apps on the web and mobile! On GoExchange you will be able to trade, buy or sell any virtual item that you see in games or apps. You will earn staking profits for keeping the GoTokens. Initial ICO investors earn extra monthly profit from staking GoTokens.


GoToken is designed for the trillion dollar mobile economy and virtual goods market.


Earn extra GoTokens by simply keeping them in your wallet.


Billions of dollars are lost in virtual goods fraud yearly. Using the security provided by the blockchain technology, we will save developers from this massive fraud. This feature will increase demand for GoToken overtime, hence increasing its value.


Connect your GoToken account wallet to your GoToken debit card to spend your GoTokens as fiat currency anywhere in the world. Fees will be minimal and as the card uses Visa infrastructure you can use it almost anywhere in the world.


Expected growth for GoNetwork

As more mobile apps, games, internet sites/games and computer games get on the GoNetwork, GoTokens demand will grow. Moreover, to kickstart this process, we have partnered with Infinidy Corp - one of the largest game developers in Canada and the Dubsquad.me app. Infinidy has an install base of over 15 million users and they will integrate GoNetwork SDK in all their active games. Dubsquad.me, a video social network for teens, with over 1 million installs, will also integrate the GoNetwork SDK.

  •  To be integrated in all Inifnidy corp games with over 15 million downloads
  •  To be integrated in Dubsquad.me app with over 1 million downloads
  •  GoNetwork hackathons worldwide will drive usage
  •  Exclusive deals with large developers for aggressive adoption


Token Destribution

  •  Target on crowdsale: $30,000,000
  •  Presale Cap: $20,000,000
  •  Total token supply: 100,000,000 GOT
  •  GOT Token type: ERC20
  •  Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH


Passive Income & Bonuses

Each transaction that happens in the network will incur a transaction fee. Part of it will go to GoNetwork for maintenance and proliferation work, part of it will go to the node operators and the rest will be awarded to everyone who is holding GoTokens in their GoToken wallet. 
In addition to staking, during the first two years after the ICO, we will make a limited bonus emission to reward our community members who hold GoTokens. The bonuses will be credited on the last day of each month. Everyone who holds GoTokens will get added GoTokens automatically at the last day of each month. Bonus emission will be active during 2 years. 10 million GoTokens will be emitted in the first 8 quarters moving the total token supply to 40 million tokens. Each quarter the percent is different: 6.67%, 4.69%, 4.48%, 4.29% etc. 
Moreover, for pre-sale investors and early crowdsale participants, generous discounts will be given from 5% upto 20%.




What started as a multi-billion dollar platform on internet, is now becoming a reality for the mobile ecosystem and commerce at large. Although we have years of work behind us, there is a long road with clear objectives ahead. We are going through an amazing, transformative period in history — a technological revolution — the opportunities are endless and extremely exciting.


Core Team

Over 30 years of cumulative experience in Computer Software, Mobile Apps, Game Dev and Blockchain!

Rashid Khan


Founder of Infinidy Corp, one of Canada's leading game development studios. Graduated from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Created the biggest iOS theme park simulation game called Happy Park. Over 15 million people have downloaded Infinidy's games! Founded Dubsquad that became one of the largest video social networks among teens worldwide with over 1 million users. Selected by YCombinator for in-person interview at Mountain View, California. Early bitcoin miner.

Amit Shah


Software architect & Blockchain expert. Graduated from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Spearheaded research and development while working at BlueRover as Vice President of Software Architecture R&D. BlueRover is a leading Canadian Internet of Things (IOT) technology company. Worked at several Ethereum based open source projects. Etherium Investor.

Xun Cai


Graduated with distinction and honours in Software Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Xun is the co-founder and CTO of Infinidy Corp. He is a serial entrepreneur who has created products that have been used by millions of people and have acquired a large active user base. Led Infinidy to become one of the first companies to join Communitech, Canada's top digital media incubator. Infinidy was also a part of Accelerator Center (world-leading tech incubator of Canada - http://acceleratorcentre.com/), sharing the platform with top tech companies like Kik Interactive.

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