ICO REANIMATOR movie project
200.00 Soft Cap, ETH
2,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
05 Jun, 2018 - 05 Sep, 2018 Campaign Duration (UTC)




In order to invest in the REANIMATOR ICO, you need to send the chosen amount of Ethereum to the following smart contract address:


RNM tokens will be automatically transferred into your wallet by means of an Ethereum-based smart contract.

The token price during the main ICO round is set at 1 RNM = 0.2 USD.

Confirming the availability of tokens RNM (Reanimator Coin) ERC20 in the network ETHEREUM:


Which wallet should I use to purchase RNM tokens?

RNM tokens comply with the ERC20 standard are are issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Token holders can easily store and use their RNM using ONLY existing Ethereum clients, including official Ethereum wallets (ethereumwallet.com), Mist (ethereum.org), MyEtherWallet.com (myetherwallet.com).

How much can investors earn on the REANIMATOR ICO?
The cost of the tokens RNM ERC20 will depend on the profit from the box office fees for the REANIMATOR film and the license sale of the blockchain platform CRYPTOMOVIE.

First phase:

The hedge fund CRISSE guarantees to buy out REANIMATOR tokens held by investors in December 2018, once the film is released in Russia, the CIS, and Europe, using 30% of the revenue gained from box office sales, DVD sales and rentals, sales of merchandise and computer games featuring the characters. Purchase orders placed on the LIVECOIN and HOTBIT,  digital exchange will be used for the buyback. 

Second phase:
Once the company receives its first profits from licensing the CRYPTOMOVIE technology to China Film Group by December 2019, the hedge fund CRISSE will begin the buyback of RNM tokens from investors using 30% of the net profits; the buyback will be organized by placing purchase orders on the LIVECOIN and HOTBIT digital exchange. 

The REANIMATOR team is creating a revolutionary box office platform called CRYPTOMOVIE, which will the first to introduce blockchain technologies into the global cinema industry and eliminate box office revenue fraud. The CRYPTOMOVIE platform is completely transparent and has numerous advantages over the existing services of online and offline movie ticket sales.

Our goal is to eliminate middlemen and make the CRYPTOMOVIE platform easily available to all business in the cinema industry. The CRYPTOMOVIE app will allow users to buy tickets for all movies and all cinemas across the world paying in RNM tokens or fiat money. CRYPTOMOVIE will allow film production companies and the general public to monitor the number of tickets sold for any film rated by country, city, and cinema chain.

Our 12 years of experience in making and distributing films, as well as our professional team of developers and blockchain specialists will help us create an innovative platform that will be far superior to all existing rivals. To test the beta version of CRYPTOMOVIE, we will use the original sci-fi film rnr, produced by the LAM film company using the funds raised during the pre-sale in November-December 2017.

Production is in full swing, and the film is to be released in 2018. Apart from serving to test the efficiency of the CRYPTOMOVIE platform, the film will involve highly original plot twists and amazing special effects courtesy of the ILM studio in London, which worked on the Star Wars and Iron Man franchises.


Alan Klaudis, Berlin, Germany
Screenwriter, producer, president of the CRISSE Hedge Fund

Ruslan Magomadov, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Vsevolod Lukovsky, Moscow, Russia
Head of the CRYPTOMOVIE development department and CTO, responsible for the technological features of the CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain platform, research, and analysis. 
Education - National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Mosow. Leading specialist of the bank of TINKOFF BANK: Software development, database access rights distribution, T-SQL programming: triggers, queries.

Sergey Petriga - Lead cinematographer
Four generations of Sergey's family have worked in the cinema industry, and both his parents are cinematographers. 
Graduated from the Cinematography Department of the All-Russian State University of Cinema named after S. Gerasimov (I.Klebanov's class) in 2009. Has an extensive experience in shooting documentaries; member of the Documentary Cinema & Television Guild; worked on films that have won numerous prizes at various festivals, including prizes for cinematography.

The Estonian hedge fund CRISSE is responsible for the REANIMATOR ICO and the development of the CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain platform. The Russian film production company LAM, in accordance with CRISSE, will produce the sci-fi thriller REANIMATOR in order to test the CRYPTOMOVIE MVP across 12 cinemas in the EU and then sell a 5-year license to the Chinese state-owned company China Film Group. The screenplay was written by Alan Klaudis, and Ruslan Magomadov will direct.

Website of the LAM film studio, which will film REANIMATOR :





A total number of 10 million of REANIMATOR tokens have already been issued on the Ethereum platform at the starting price of $0.2 USD each, without option of additional emission.
The Ethereum-based smart contract for the REANIMATOR ICO is developed using an open code and can be accessed freely.


The smart contract can be found at the following address: 


A graph illustrating how the REANIMATOR ICO tokens will be used:


55% - Marketing of the platform blockchain CRYPTOMOVIE; 9% - ICO Team; 22 % - Post-production of a test film REANIMATOR, 10% - Software Development CRYPTOMOVIE; 2% - ICO REANIMATOR bounty campaign, 2%- Unforeseen expenses. 


The diagram illustrates how the CRYPTOMOVIE online ticket sales system works.

Whenever a user chooses to buy cinema tickets for fiat cash directly at a cinema,  the online CRYPTOMOVIE system (integrated with the API of the cinema's ticket counter) will automatically record the transaction data (including the price, date, movie title, and cinema name) on the film's unique blockchain address. This way, all the date on the number and price of sold tickets will be permanently stored on the CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain without any risk of falsification. 
Whenever a user purchases a movie ticket online paying with RNM, CRYPTOMOVIE will automatically transmit the transaction information using an encrypted channel to the online data center of the movie theater in question, where the user can choose to obtain a classic paper ticket by presenting the QR code or simply show the QR code upon entering. 

In case of large queues at the ticket counter or when paying for tickets with RNM is not possible, customers will be able to used dedicated ticket terminals installed in cinemas, paying with RNM or fiat money. Such terminals will be installed by the movie theater management or by independent entrepreneurs in exchange for a 0.1% fee on each ticket sale.
Here is a brief summary: information on the number of sold tickets for each film becomes impossible  to falsify, since it is stored on the CRYPTOMOVIE blockchain platform. Thus, the owners of distribution rights for the film are protected from fraud and can be sure to receive a revenue that exactly corresponds to the actual number of sold tickets (in accordance with the revenue sharing agreements signed with each cinema chain).

The release of REANIMATOR is planned for December 2018 in Russia, the CIS, Europe, and China. The MVP ticket sale system using the CRYPTOMOVIE technology will be tested during pilot showings of REANIMATOR in 12 EU cinemas in May 2019.


Competition analysis:
•    RUSSIA: Central Partnership - the largest film and TV distributor in Russia
•    EUROPE: UCI - the largest cinema chain in Europe
•    CHINA: State-owned company China Media Capital
•    U.S.: AMC Theatres - the largest cinema chain in the U.S.

Holders of REANIMATOR tokens will get a unique opportunity to use their tokens to participate in the film. You can appear in the film in person, advertise your product, get first copies of the film and personal gifts signed by the director, and much more:

1)    100 RNM – honorary REANIMATOR Contributor: you will receive a personalized REANIMATOR certificate by email, together with a link to download REANIMATOR in HD after its release.
Description of the bonus: We will send you a personalized REANIMATOR certificate by email, signed by the director Ruslan Magomadov, together with a unique link allowing you to download REANIMATOR in HD after its release.
2) 500 RNM – link to the director’s cut of REANIMATOR in HD with extra materials 
Description of the bonus: unique link allowing to download REANIMATOR in HD + footage not included in the wide release version + extended director’s cut of the REANIMATOR.
3) 1000 RNM – a REANIMATOR poster (A2 format 60x40cm) signed for you personally by the film’s director.
Description of the bonus: A glossy REANIMATOR pin-up poster, with a personalized autograph of the directors Ruslan Magomadov and Alan Klaudis (including your name and surname) + a unique link allowing you to download REANIMATOR in HD after its release.
4) 1500 RNM – A Blu-Ray copy of REANIMATOR with extra footage and materials + directors’ autograph.
Description of the bonus: You will get REANIMATOR on Blu-Ray in HD with extra materials + the director’s autograph + a poster “REANIMATOR on the Path of Vengeance” + a personalized REANIMATOR certificate.
5) 15000 RNM – REANIMATOR CONTRIBUTOR certificate with your name and surname
Description of the bonus: You will get a REANIMATOR CONTRIBUTOR ID + an invitation to a closed pre-opening red carpet showing of REANIMATOR in Moscow. Entrance upon showing the CONTRIBUTOR ID. + Your name in the closing titles of REANIMATOR. You will have to pay your own transportation expenses to attend the film premiere. We will allocate a seat for you and make all necessary arrangements.
6) 20 000 RNM – REANIMATOR BENEFACTOR: you will become part of an exclusive focus group selected for a test screening. Share your opinion on the film’s pre-release version with the director and producer and spend a pleasant evening with the film crew.
Description of the bonus: As soon as the fine cut of the film is completed, you will be invited to a test screening in Moscow (you will have to pay your travel and accommodation expenses). You will be part of an exclusive focus group selected for the screening of the film. You will be able to share your comments on the fine cut with the director and producer and spend a pleasant evening with the production team. + A mention of your name as PRODUCTION BENEFACTOR of the film.
7) 20 000 RNM – REANIMATOR ARTEFACT KIT – a baseball cap, jacket, boots, wingsuit, and many more items from the REANIMATOR protagonist’s kit.
Description of the bonus: become a proud owner of REANIMATOR items used during the filming. + Actor’s personalized autograph on the REANIMATOR artefact kit.
8) 30 000 RNM – PLAY a special ops agent in the scene where the REANIMATOR is pursued by his enemies at a water tower.
Description of the bonus: you will get a chance to play one of the special forces fighters in a highly original manhunt scene, created by the director and bound to become one of the most stunning episodes of the film. You will witness the stand-off between the REANIMATOR and a colonel of the special forces and learn how it ends long before the movie audiences do. Most of the main characters will be present, so you are guaranteed a few exclusive photos with the actors. Before ordering the bonus, please contact us by email: [email protected] We will need a few pictures of you; after you receive a written confirmation that your participation has been approved, you will be able to execute the payment.
We will take care of you on the day of the filming, but you will need to pay your travel and accommodation expenses. + Your name in the closing titles of the film.
9) 100 000 RNM – PLAY one of the two policemen CHASING the REANIMATOR along the streets of Moscow in their Mercedes patrol car, as he is trying to escape on his super bike    Before ordering the bonus, please contact us by email: [email protected] We will need a few pictures of you; after you receive a written confirmation that your participation has been approved, you will be able to execute the payment.
We will take care of you on the day of the filming, but you will need to pay your travel and accommodation expenses. + Your name in the closing titles of the film.
10) 200 000 RNM – PLAY one of the assassins in the scene where the Klaudis family is brutally shot.
Description of the bonus: You have a unique opportunity to participate in the filming of the super-ambitious sci-fi thriller REANIMATOR and enter the history of Russian cinema. You will play one of the thugs who execute the protagonist’s brother and his family. + You will get to handle a real AK-47 in the execution scene. + You will participate in the scene where the Klaudis family house is burned to the ground. + Your name will appear in the REANIMATOR closing titles.
Before ordering the bonus, please contact us by email: [email protected] We will need a few pictures of you; after you receive a written confirmation that your participation has been approved, you will be able to execute the payment.
We will take care of you on the day of the filming, but you will need to pay your travel and accommodation expenses.
11) 300 000 RNM – PR PARTNER – become a REANIMATOR ambassador on social networks, in the media, on cable TV channels, news & entertainment websites.
Description of the bonus: you will be named as a PR Partner in the closing titles, together with your brand logo;
- Participation in the PR campaign;
- Exclusive promotion of the film on Partner’s platforms;
- Integration into the PR Partner promo materials;
- Integration of the PR Partners’ brand into the film;
- Personal mention of the PR Partner in the production team’s thank you speech and a presentation of the PR Partner at the premiere.
14) 1 000 000 – 10 000 000 RNM – REANIMATOR Style. Special offer for brands and corporate partners.
Description of the bonus: the world of REANIMATOR is a fascinating space filled with elite brands, memorable and attractive to the audience. Over a dozen iconic brands may feature in REANIMATOR, such as Pepsi, MasterCard, Mercedes Benz, Apple, etc. They will be naturally integrated into the plot, almost becoming characters in the film. Everything that surrounds the REANIMATOR – be it cars, money exchanges, banks, cryptocurrency, gadgets, clothes, jewelry – are the best products available on their respective markets. Only chosen brands can become part of the REANIMATOR background. 
15) 1 000 000 RNM – Get featured as the author of the book lying on the REANIMATOR’s desk. 
Contact us by email if you want to use this unique chance to enter the elite ranks of the REANIMATOR film. You will never get a second chance like this. [email protected]

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