ENVIENTA-The affordable and self-sustaining living space of the future

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Before anything else...

ENVIENTA is not just a nice vision or a great idea. We are working on this project for almost 2 years now. Please see our communities and achievements in our social groups:

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If you have anything to ask we are always available and happy to answer all of your questions. You can find me personally on Twitter | Telegram or any of us (see the team below). // Gabriel Varaljay



ENVIENTA is a next generation, sharing economy model, a DIY maker-movement and community-based solution package for the 21st century, which provides sharing of know-how, blueprints, products and resources for members. It's a P2P open source platform cooperative, sustainable, cost-effective, decentralized and scaled socioeconomic framework. ENVIENTA is a community-controlled initiative with full transparency. As befits our purpose, we're operating as a registered non-profit association.

Let's build together. ENVIENTA Open Source Ecology provides cheap and well-designed living for individuals, families and communities. It's an alternative lifestyle for the near future. Why pay household bills if there are existing technologies which can reduce your dependencies? Renewable energy is free. Self-sustainable living requires alternative gardening solutions based on effective water usage, without soil or farming knowledge. Custom designed interior elements made from 3D printed recycled materials can reduce industrial waste. ENVIENTA is a modular system and our plans can be implemented in cities and the countryside too.



What do the experts say about us?



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What can we do for you?


We are inviting you to spend time in our future homes. Try the experience and see how it feels to live in the future. Spending a few days in our showcase self-sustainable innovation center will not only inspire you in how to live in a symbiotic relationship with revolutionary technologies, but you can learn much more about a sustainable way of living which benefits the whole of society. You can also become a member of an incredible community of experts in different fields, from all around the world.

The technologies which you will interact with will become yours too as you will have access to the blueprints, so you can develop them further with your own ideas.

Who else benefits from our project? Everybody!!!




What's next?

All the blueprints, the land / the plans, budgeting has already been implemented and the first homes in Gran Canaria, Spain have been built. Implementing the decentralized token structure after this initial sale, everybody will have a chance to book a few days, or more, to enjoy what Gran Canaria and the technology has to offer.



v5.0 (Updated: 2017-09-14) 


Note: The team is working hard on a new update on a white paper, giving you even more details about token contributions, grades, etc. Please come back later and check it out.


Asociación ENVIENTA Open Source Ecología
C/ Lanzarote Duplex Eurovillas No. 15.
San Fernando De Maspalomas
35100 | San Bartolome De Tirajana, Spain

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +34 646 401 417

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If you are reading this line that means you are a person with incredible sophistication and attention to detail, so we are especially grateful for your time. We hope you will become involved with our project.