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MDL Talent Hub

One of the most important benefits of blockchain technology is the ability to keep unde- stroyable and uneditable track of records. It is already obvious to every industry enthusi- ast that this will change the world we live in. Transparency and e ciency - these are two fundamental characteristics of the new era.

Our project is to bring this philosophy to the talent sourcing market – dancers, actors, models, all kind of gig performers. We are aiming to consolidate supply and demand channels and o er a non-perishable reputation to every market participant. Initially our tools will help to overcome the majority of existing problems in the talent-booker rela- tionship: comprehensive search for talents / gigs, reputation tracing, and convenient presentation tools for both sides.


MDL - My Daily Life

For last several decades the world economy has been experiencing a massive shift from agriculture and production to services and further to creative sector of economy as it was noted by Richard Florida, the head of the Martin Prosperity Institute, Canada. Modern technologies disrupt the economy in such a way that more and more people are left unemployed and the idea of unconditional basic income, which was earlier per- civied as insane, is already being implemented in advanced countries. Very soon our society will face the momentum when routine physical and even mental human labor is not required any more for advancement. Here comes the question – what the hell will people do?

MDL Talent Hub will probably not save the world, but the platform will certainly make it brighter. One of the fundamental features of the project is that it will be the medium for new jobs in the creative industry and give some meaning to the participants’ life. Isn’t it nice when people can find a paying audience for their talents and monetize their time spent on hobbies? MDL will make that easier!

Market Problems

Success of a promotional event, TVC shooting, or a fashion show highly depends on talents involved. When a big amount of resource is concentrated to push forward a product or an idea it is absolutely necessary to be sure that talents will do their best. On another hand, talents are often misused, cheated, or simply treated bad. That’s why it might be di cult and costly to establish cooperation with professional and well-be- haved models, actors, and other type of artists, until they are sure that everything will go well.7ed8a63e26c630f.png

As the market is continuing to grow there is a sound call for regulations and transparen- cy coming from both sides - bookers and talents. More particularly, there are the follow- ing problems existing within talent-booker relations:

1. Search. Spreading job info is resource consuming and it is di cult to find decent talents. The current supply and demand is hidden, channels are not consolidated. Bookers are not aware of the talents schedule, so it takes time to contact each one. The current solutions are outdated technologically and logically.

2. Reputation. Tracking all talents and bookers blacklist is di cult, since there is no uni- fied database for that. Often job conditions are not described clearly, rude or lie from bookers. No fixed price for jobs, a lot of money cutting and low o ers from bookers. Talents often misbehave or lie about their parameters and skills.

3. Presentation. Collecting and presenting casting info is time-consuming. The final client often goes for talents with just better presentation materials instead of taking that are the best fit.

Our Core Technology

The main idea of the MDL platform is to create a safe and transparent environment for the talent-sourcing segment of the entertainment industry. The core technology of the system is the blockchain-based reputation module.


What is it exactly and how is it organized?

To ensure credibility of talents, bookers, and other platform participants, all the activity on the platform as well as beyond it to some extent, is going to be traced and recorded. This big data is then processed and analyzed via our algorithm, which uses certain weights, and limits and the outcomes of that are recorded on the blockchain as a score once in a period.

Big data indicators are set all around the platform and beyond it with our partners to make the most comprehensive evaluation of certain behavioral patterns. The outcomes of the big data calculations then get intertwined and categorized in the following way:

1. Business trustworthiness - based on agreement fulfillments
2. Talent popularity – based on likes, amount of followers, types and amount of events completed, etc
3. Platform activity – based on the amount of time spent on the platform and amount of functions used.

Each score triggers certain features on the MDL platform, for an instance, having a higher popularity score makes it possible to get higher discounts from brands, or with higher activity on the MDL platform it is possible to get bonus tokens, or for higher business trustworthiness you can get better deals and market exposure.

In addition, the big data collected on the platform can be used for demographical statistics.







C-level members linkedIn profiles:

Dmitry Timokhin - CFO

Roman Tronenko - CTO

Dimitry Doronin - CEO

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