Genomequity ICO ICO
2,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
0.00 Hard Cap, ETH
14 Apr, 2018 - 30 Jun, 2018 Campaign Duration (UTC)


Unlock the value of your DNA

The Genomequity Platform

Genomequity is a collaborative platform that rewards users for sharing their DNA with researchers. Our goal is to create one of the world's largest collections of genetic information.

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Earn rewards for submitting DNA samples and participating in research studies.

Discover what your unique DNA profile reveals about your health, ancestry, and behavior.

Access and search a vast database of genetic information.

Create custom surveys with your unique inquiries to make new discoveries and associations. 

Launch your next genomics app on our platform.

Sell personalized DNA tests without the need to acquire, store, or process any DNA samples.


Our vision is to create a platform that allows users to receive compensation for sharing their DNA with researchers.

Users contrubute genetic information by submitting physical samples and by supplying supplemental personal information through sponsored surveys. Individual users' genetic information can be anonymized and aggregated to create a large, dynamic database of genetic information that can be shared or sold to researchers.

We plan to build an open platform, where third party developers and service providers can build applications and sell additional services to users, including additional DNA analysis and genetic counseling. Contrubuting users' DNA samples will only need to be physically processed one time and then can be digitally stored, searched, analyzed, and queried numberous times. This approach both lowers the cost of sample acquisition and analysis for researchers and allows users to continually gain new insights from their DNA with just one physical sample.


Genomequity connects users, researchers, and service providers to share and sell genetic information.


The roles of all of the participants in the Genomequity ecosystem are detailed below:

Genomequity maintains the database of genetic information. The company sells DNA collection kits and genetic reports to users and sells access to the genetic information database to researchers. Genomequity also charges a fee to third parties that sell applications and services on the platform.

Users purchase DNA collection kits from Genomequity, and send in their DNA samples for processing. In turn, they receive genetic reports and receive access to a digital DNA profile in the system. Users may choose to participate in online research studies sponsored by researchers and receive compensation for sharing additional data. Users may also choose to share their genetic profile with third party service providers and purchase additional tests or services from them.

Pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers, and biotech companies pay fees to access and search the database of genetic information. They may also pay fees to sponsor custom surveys offered to the user base. A portion of these fees is given to users as an incentive to participate in the surveys and continuously improve the database.

Application Developers
Application developers sell genetic tests and services to users. Users grant these providers access to their stored digital DNA profiles, and these providers perform additional analysis on the stored dataset.

Third party laboratories provide the services necessary to extract, purify, and analyze user DNA samples. Physical DNA samples from the collection kits are sent to outside laboratories, and the laboratories provide Genomequity with the analysis results. Physical samples are then sent to third party biobanks.

Third party biobanks maintain remnant samples for long term frozen storage. The samples may later be used in additional studies, or sold to researchers.

Genomequity Token

All transactions within the Genomequity platform are conducted using the Genomequity utility token. We envision many uses for the token on the Genomequity platform:

For researchers:

  • Access rights to search and download data from the genetic database
  • Access rights to create and conduct custom surveys on the platform

For application developers and service providers:

  • Access rights to sell services on the platform

For users:

  • Access rights to use services on the platform

In our economic model, users may earn tokens for submitting samples to the platform and for participating in sponsored research studies. Users can then use those tokens to purchase DNA analysis services from Genomequity or its third party service providers. Researchers may pay to access the genetic database and may offer incentives to users for their participation in sponsored surveys. Application developers may pay for the right to list their services on the platform. Genomequity, as the platform operator, may charge a small fee on all transactions within the system.

Token Sale

We plan to fund the development of our platform through a public token sale of Genomequity utility tokens. We plan to raise a minimum of $2M, up to a hard cap of $20M.

Token details are as follows:

Total token supply 100,000,000
Public offering 30,000,000
Genomequity Fund 60,000,000
Team 10,000,000


Tokens reserveed for the public sale will be distributed proportionally to the contributors of the token sale.

Tokens reserved for the Genomequity Fund are controlled by Genomequity and are intended to be used as a pool of incentive tokens to be periodically paid out to users and early adopters who contribute genomic and personal data to the system over time.

If our funding is successful, we plan to use our funds as detailed below.


A large portion of funds will be used to develop the infrastructure for our genetic database systems, to develop our genetic testing reports, and to develop wallets and infrastructure to handle the GEQ tokens.

DNA Analysis
A significant portion of funds will be used to develop our custom DNA collection kits and to provide free DNA kits and analysis to early adopters to build our alpha database.

We expect to spend a considerable amount of funds on legal and regulatory services to ensure that we are compliant with all applicable regulations in the jurisdictions we intend to operate in.

Funds reserved for marketing purposes will be used to attract users, partners, researchers, developers, and service providers needed to build our community.





White Paper

For more information, please read our white paper

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