DEVELOPEO - Next-Gen Education - Special PreSale For KICKICO Community preSale preSale
500.00 Soft Cap, ETH
2,500.00 Hard Cap, ETH
19 Mar, 2018 - 29 Apr, 2018 Campaign Duration
514,33 ETH Raised
48 Backers
41 Duration, days
500.00 ETH Soft cap
2,500.00 ETH Hard Cap

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Art, FullStack Coding, AR/VR,  Smartwears, Future Banking, Future Healthcare and more. 

The Developeo NEXT-GEN Education platform seeks to solve major problems of the 4th Industrial Revolution; OpenSource & Commercial Software Development and problems that await Humanity, with a never-before-seen reward pool and a highly beneficial operational model, along with ambitious targets; such as DEVX BootCamps, DEVX Certification, DEVX Marketplace, DEVX Advisory Services and finally the Developeo NEXT-GEN University.



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This is a special collaboration between Developeo and Kickico to empower the real owners of Blockchain; a chance to participate on a private sale, which is the most advantageous part of the ICO in terms of financial gains. Developeo is offering this Special Presale for the DEVX community on KICKICO with the lowest prices per the DEVX token.During the PRE-ICO and ICO phase the prices will be significantly higher. (i.e 4x-5x-6x-7x-8x)

»» Limited Community Presale Kickico Price: 0.05$ + bonuses ««
Private Sale for Venture Capital: 0.05$ lesser bonuses
PREICO: 0.15$ to 0.25$ (25 JUNE 2018)
ICO: 0.30$ to 0.40$ (06 AUGUST 2018)
Airdropalert estimated DEVX Token value in the future: 10-15$
First Day Bonus %10 + First Week Bonus %5
Extra bonuses up to %50 with 10,000 USD+.
Smart contract updates itself realtime for the current ETH/USD.

Developeo is offering this Special Presale for the DEVX community on KICKICO with the lowest prices per the DEVX token.During the PRE-ICO and ICO phase the prices will be significantly higher. (i.e 4x-5x-6x-7x-8x)

The raised amount through the Kickico Campaign will be used for the an enormous marketing campaign of the Developeo & Viral Marketing Flash Mobs (AI taking over Jobs) at London, San Francisco and Berlin, Telegram/Slack/Reddit Community, hiring best talents for the team, new partnerships and offices worldwide.



Developeo will operate its native ERC20 token, which will go by the symbol DEVX. The token will be a utility token, which means its purpose goes much deeper than speculation on exchanges. The DEVX tokens will have several applications within the Developeo platform itself, including:

● Rewards for committed code on the open source projects/platform

● As a currency in the Developeo marketplace

● Registration for Bootcamps, Certification Programs, and the Developeo NEXT-GEN University, Events and Hackathons. Tokens will also be used for Student Loans.

Admissions with the DEVX token will actually lead to a significant discount in price. By making the DEVX token an integral part of the operations and user experience in the Developeo platform, the demand for the token will be naturally increasing, proportional to the growth in the user base of Developeo. Thus, unlike most blockchain projects, the token demand will be driven by its actual utility case, rather than speculative purposes.

While the Developeo platform is in a development stage, the team looks to fund the project with a token sale in Q1 to Q3 of 2018.

With a potential user base upwards of 30 million, the platform needs to be developed in a scalable way in terms of infrastructure.

The token sale is planned as follows:

  • 480,000,000 DEVX for Private Presale - Public Presale - Public ICO
  • 250,000,000 DEVX for Private Presale + KICKICO
  • 130,000,000 DEVX for PreIco
  • 100,000,000 DEVX for ICO
  • 120,000,000 DEVX for Rewards - Team - Bounty - Treasury
  • 120M Token Breakdown: 
  • Rewards + Reserve (80M) - Extra layer of protection against market speculation (i.e pump & dump)
  • Bounty (15M) - Team + Founders (25M)
  • Hard Cap = 480,000,000 DEVX TOKENS for Private Presale - PreICO - ICO



We are confident that Developeo is a great long-term investment and the market will value its long-term potential. We acknowledge that certain tokens have been used as speculative investment vehicles, resulting in significant volatility.


To manage the risks of post-ICO downward price fluctuations; we are committed to support purchases on the market for 180 days from the date of commencement of trading, in the unlikely event that we are below the price of ICO. The amount of funds for which support purchases may be made will not exceed 20% of the funds raised in the public offering.


  • Between 400 Million and 800 Million individuals will be displaced by automation and need to find new jobs by 2030 globally.
  • Potential net employment will change for more than 800 professions/occupations.
  • “Robots” Could Steal 40% of U.S. Jobs by 2030.
  • Automated bots could take nearly 4 in 10 (38%) jobs in the U.S., and take 30% of jobs in United Kingdom, 35% in Germany, and 21% in Japan.
  • For individual workers, the key differentiating factor is education. For those with just GCSE-level (high school) education or lower, the estimated potential risk of automation is as high as 46% in the UK.
  • Education related to new next-gen technologies is a key to remain unaffected. Next-gen jobs will require a blend of industrial and digital expertise.
  • 83% of companies and 99% of users already use/run open-source software - often they have no idea what is running “under the hood”.
  • Open-source Projects are growing in big numbers and has become the dominant software development method. Even long-time open-source antagonist Microsoft has begun to embrace open-source, partnering with Red Hat with its open-source .NET Core 2.0 programming framework.
  • 76% of managers say hiring of open source professionals will increase over other areas of the business in the next six months.
  • A growing number of companies (60%) are looking for full-time open-source hires, compared with 53% last year.
  • Nearly half (47%) of companies will pay for employees to become open-source certified.  

* Data provided by Deloitte *PWC *McKinsey&Company




  • Tokens will be used for admissions of Developeo University, Developeo Bootcamps, Marketplace, Advisory Services & Rewarding.
  • Some of the top Universities In the world, is currently showing a lot of interest to work within the scope of the Developeo University.
  • With the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is already happening, even if you are the best lawyer in your field, this will not matter much in the future. Your competitor will be an AI, which is 1 million times smarter than you, learning all of the laws of any country just within seconds, checking all the related cases and cross referencing them, acting immediately and without taking a break. This phenomenon applies to every profession. In the future, there will be people who combined their profession with the next-gen digital expertise, and there will be people who are basically, jobless. Developeo University, Bootcamps and Certification programs will ensure that the best intensive education in the most up-to-date curriculum will reach to its students.
  • DEVX plans to create a new smart contract system for managing the learning process (i.e admissions, registration, learning management and certification) and also will share this with the community so that it is accessible by everyone.
  • Also DEVX blockchain will be integrated with future banking systems. PSD2 Banking (Payment Service Directive)  and API Banking will be the future of banking systems expected to be implemented during 2018 and we plan to create a One-Click-Student-Loans for our platforms; so students can have access to affordable student loans and manage their Student Loans (either in Fiat or DEVX Tokens) with just one click and apply to our admissions in seconds, all handled within DEVX platform.
  • Developeo rewards every user of its platform, with Developeo tokens, for any open source contribution to any valid project in github. (Currently 27,000,000 Github Users)
  • Reward pool starts with 60,000,000 tokens and increases every day with Developeo’s own revenue models; sharing each of the revenue’s 20% with the reward pool. Also, when the tokens’ value increases, the reward increases in alignment.
  • Reward quantity will be decided by Decentralized Democratic Voting System, by the members of the contributed project, checking Quality of the code, Importance of the code, and how respected the member is in the project’s community.
  • Developeo will earn 1,3 million USD from each bootcamp; utilizing top notch members of the community and also hiring the best instructors and subject matter experts on related technologies.
  • Developeo offers NEXT-GEN hardcore education. Developeo University will be launched on Year 3. Apart from increasing the talent pool and serving the market need for both software education and talent acquisition, the University will essentially become an ecosystem where ideas and projects are developed in a collaborative manner.
  • Developeo University will be a pioneer in the studies of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Full Stack Programming, Deep Learning, VR/AR, Neural Networks, Data Science, Data Art, New-Age Architecture, Robotics, Smartwear and other related technologies to become available. These areas have been growing exponentially and will continue to do so, as their applications in real-life expand.
  • Bootcamps, University, Certification Programs, Marketplace, Advisory Services will be paid with either fiat or Developeo token. If paid with our tokens, a 20% discount will be introduced automatically.



Dave Sifry: VP Product and Engineering at Lyft. Founder CEO Offbeat Guides, Technorati, Linuxcare, Sputnik and more. Experienced CEO and CTO. Technology Innovator and Architect. Since 2010,  he began advising and investing in companies, including Mozilla, Causes, Xola, and Readme, among others.

Ryan Rutan: Founding Partner of, Launchrock, Fundable, Zirtual, Zana, Bizplan, Killerstartups. 

Hermione Way: Former Head of Europe of Tinder. Has been named one of the Business Insider "The 100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter" in 2014.


Aytunc Ozturk (CEO): Previously Founder & CEO of  Sntry, GalataPenthouse, RiseInvest. Production at several TV Channels. Open-Source, Blockchain, AI, & Localization. Successful Athlete and Filmmaker. 

Debersom Tadashi Murashige (DEV): Nexla, AbsolutJavaControl, Comstice. Low Latency Systems. Desktop - SWT, Swing and JAVAFX. Web - Spring (MVC, REST, Data, Web Services & Security). JHipster(microservices), RxJava, Angular.

Andras Fuchs (DEV): Ranked 997 of 621,000 registered algorithm coders on HackerRAnk. Hardware Architect - Bio Balance Detector. Founder & Producer at Zseni Leszek. CoFounder and CTO at 555Lottery and MrKupido.

Marcio Porto (DEV): OrderlyHealth. AI Robotics - Algorithm Design & Analysis - Computer Security - Computer Systems Organization. Computing and Society: Exploring the Political and Social Structure of The Web. Data Mining and Analytics. Deep Learning.

Berk Cengiz (CTO): Associate Director at KnB Consulting. 18+ years of professional work expeirence in IT, with extensive experience in Network and System Administration. Projector Director of many IT projects for both public and private sector clients.

Inanc Akturk (Digital Marketing): Project Manager & Digital Marketing at Edelkrone. Digital Marketing Manager for Sigma Telecom, Fugo and MIOPS. 

Zhivko Todorov (Community Manager): Associate & Entrepreneur. Selection & Growth at Endeavor. Portfolio Operation Manager at DYNAXInvest.

Sara Rubystone (Community Manager): Founder at FoodieForeigner and SRubenstein. An expat making the most of her tiny kitchen. Teaching to pay the bills, cultivating the mind, body, soul with travel and food.

DEADLEY (Legendary Bounty Manager): Bounty Manager of KICKICO, INS, Electroneum, Lendroid and many others. Community & Bounty Legend.

Murat Akcay (Financial Matters): Seniour Executive at one of the Big 4 Accounting / Consulting firms in New York. 10+ years of eperience serving hedge funds, private equity investment banks as well as audits of investment advisors ranging from large, multi billion asset managers to start-ups.

Scannavino Lamb LLP (Legal Advisor): Boutique Law Firm based in New York City offering legal and strategic advice to forward-thinkers.







Along with the 4th Industrial Revolution, many new requirements will arise for the humanity. The world will be divided into two: those who adapt themselves to new technological breakthroughs such as AI, Blockchain, Data Science and those who cannot. As a result of this revolution, the need for people who have comprehensive knowledge in software and new technologies will multiply. All of the current professions will also be forced to learn about coding and AI. In case they fail to do so, they will lose their jobs.

We are unable to fully benefit from the Open Source community, which actually comes up with most of the technological developments. People in the open source community still have a job to do and have a private life and thus we are unable to fully utilize them and do not appreciate their contributions as much as they deserve. Our aim is to create a large developer/potential developer userbase with Developeo's reward system and then feed both Developeo and this userbase with the revolutionary models we establish.

Our economic model accepts fiat or Developeo Tokens. A discount is automatically applied when the payment is made with Developeo Token, directing potential student/user to make the payment with our tokens. The major advantage in introducing this model in each of our business models is that demand is created in the market for the DEVXTOKEN and that we can foresee by ensuring that our takeback is natural and free.

Each step of our economic model is designed in a way that will make everyone in the community happy and Developeo’s current models in the ecosystem feed on each other. In the Bootcamps, Certification and NEXT-GEN University, issues such as Artificial Intelligence, AI Law, AI Psychology / Behaviour, Blockchain, Fullstack Coding, Data Science, Data Art, VR Data Analysis, Next-gen Marketing will be dealt with.

The purpose of Develepeo Bootcamp is to raise highly knowledgeable software developers or potential software developers who are well informed on current practices and on latest technologies. The most important reason why Bootcamp sector has grown and developed is that the current University systems are unable to raise such high quality and specialised people. Bootcamps are growing so fast and they are very expensive but people still choose to go for them. Thanks to our Bootcamps, we will cover the human resource needs in AI and in other technologies and allocate the high income to other rewards.

Developeo Certifications will fulfill the sector's certification and information requirements with programs which are as short as a week but very comprehensive. These programs will ensure high quality content is delivered, enabling us to become the most reliable institution within this domain.

The purpose of Developeo Marketplace is to make the most well-matched business offer to our userbase, as we know they come from the Open Source background and do what they do with passion and with all their hearts, meanwhile recommending the most qualified developers to enterprises to provide a great match. Contractor work is also possible besides hiring.

Our ultimate aim is to build the Develeopeo University. The world will meet a whole other university system with a Next-Gen education model. DEVX will be the token that contributes and creates the future and will constitute the basis for a future-oriented university. Our students will be well-equipped in all required technologies and they will be the faces of the future. All students will be using the Developeo Platform and admission process will be based on DEVX TOKEN.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Before dwelling deeper into Open-Source Software Development, it’s important to understand the macro trends, such as the 4th Industrial Revolution. It’s not only blockchain that’s changing the world we live in. The bigger technological movement is driven by pioneering technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks & Machine Learning, Data Science, Internet of Things, Automation Systems and, of course, blockchain. These technologies are no longer mythical innovations that seem to be the distant future. They are already becoming our reality. Their real-world applications are everywhere around us, changing the way we live. And as their adoption is yet to peak, the demand for talented engineers will increase geometrically, resulting in a serious market gap.

The world and the industry will have an enormous need for talented next-gen tech coders, data scientists and highly approved education and related certifications. A PwC study currently states that 38% of jobs in the U.S. are at high risk of being replaced by A.I. over the next fifteen years. In the future, most professions would need to learn related digital expertise to compete, otherwise it is going to be disruptive for the humankind. We are talking about machines, with calculative capacity of at least 1 million times faster than us. Do you think your job is safe if you do not learn anything about how to control/use them in the future?

Warren Buffett lately stated that AI could be "enormously disruptive." "I would certainly think [AI] would result in significantly less employment." he added.



"One thing about open source is that even the failures contribute to the next thing that comes up. Unlike a company that could spend a million dollars in two years and fail and there's nothing really to show for it, if you spend a million dollars on open source, you probably have something amazing that other people can build on.“ MATT MULLENWEG, WORDPRESS.

Despite billions of dollars poured into proprietary software production each year, the ideology of open-source software is very much alive. In fact, it has been boosted by the macro trend of the collaborative economy. In recent years, we have been noticing a shift from private to public open-source development, largely driven by the growth in the popularity of platforms such as Github. In 2017 alone, the Github community reached an astonishing number of 27 million registered developers, working across 67 million code repositories. These numbers will only be growing in upcoming years as the technology industry has been growing.

But what are the main benefits of Open-Source Software? From a business perspective, elimination of vendors, lowering costs and complete system integration are the top 3 benefits of Open-Source. In addition, according to The 2015 North Bridge and Black Duck Future of Open Source Study, 55% of the surveyed companies believe open source delivers superior security when lined up against proprietary solutions.

Finally, Open-Source has always been a driver of innovation. Blockchain is the latest example. In 2017, for the first time, each and every one of the top 100 supercomputers was running Linux - the Open-Source Operating System. Open-source software is currently everywhere, in your pocket, inside your PC, in your bank account, your monthly healthcare checkups, in your blockchain wallet. It is defining innovation. 83% of companies and 99% of users already run open-source software, most of the time even without noticing, hence open source professionals are and will be in demand more than ever. Open-source development has been picking up speed in recent years, largely thanks to platforms such as Github. However, the open-source landscape is far from being all figured out. There are currently lots of fundamental issues in open-source development, which put the whole ideology at stake. Contemporary issues exist in Open-Source Software while the tech industry has been booming over the last decade.

Open-source software development needs to cope with two fundamental issues in order to match the growth rate, if not exceed it.

First, and foremost, it is absolutely essential to understand that high quality and secure software development is expensive in some ways. In contrast, often open-source software is distributed free of charge. Thus, open-source software development needs to be either sponsored from a market incumbent or talented engineers need to work on code committing their free time. This creates a serious gap between world class open-source software development and talent availability. As noble the idea of open-source development is, not all talented engineers can be expected to be exclusively dedicated to a project; as in most cases they are not rewarded or recognized in the end.

The second fundamental issue stems directly from the lack of funding, which results in access to talent. Having in mind the recent technological developments and how big of a part technology plays in our daily routines, the demand for software engineers is exceeding the supply. Furthermore the demand growth rate is only going to increase, most possibly exponentially. More software engineers will need to be professionally trained to be ready for the market. According to a study carried out by the Linux Foundation, a vast majority — 89% of hiring managers said that they were finding it difficult to find the open source talent they need to fill positions. Stemming from this fact, newly trained engineers are quickly snatched up by well-paid jobs in the industry. And for this they cannot be blamed. However, in order to preserve and promote the concept of open-source software, a change is needed as soon as possible.



Developeo is a blockchain startup and platform, which aims to revolutionize the open-source ecosystem by introducing a token-based reward system. Depending on the amount and quality of code that an engineer has contributed, Developeo will reward contributors with tokens which can be instantly converted to fiat currency on any crypto exchange. The contributed code will be reviewed by the community project managers and the community, before the rewards are distributed to the developers’ wallets.

Developeo will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling talented engineers to get rewarded for their software code contributions through smart contracts. The rewards will be distributed in DEVX tokens. There are over tens of millions of engineers involved in the open-source software community and the bigger chunk of the contributions are left unrewarded, except for some “big brand” prizes. We believe that for the long-term sustainability of the open source community and the projects that they build to survive, the contributors should be rewarded accordingly.

We appreciate and love the Open Source community. What Developeo is suggesting is that they continue what they are doing exactly in the way they are doing without hesitation and become the members of Developeo platform in order to receive their rewards, in exchange for their contribution to any valid Open Source project. Thanks to the Github API, we are able to fully monitor their contributions.

Rewards are distributed at the end of each month by a voting system, namely "decentralized voting system" that is similar to reddit operationally. In a nutshell, blockchain is mined with actual effort and distributed at month-ends.

Rewards pool will grow with every takeback and reach to enormous numbers thanks to Developeo's policy on revenue share, defined by the revenue models and its great economic planning. In the short and long term, this will ensure that Developeo establishes a large network of high quality developers in an effective manner. Both the Open Source community and our users will surely benefit from the fact that Developeo's community is large and provides high quality in all of the business models we develop. By making use of the community itself, our business models will provide amazing opportunities for all parties involved in the process.


Once a Developeo member contributes to a project on github and then in the future on DevGit, the project manager has to approve or reject a contribution. At that part decentralization kicks in, as community members and project managers are able to vote on the code submitted.

The voting is performed in a similar fashion to reddit. The Developeo Voting Guidelines outline 3 main factors to be considered for voting:

● Quality of the Code

● Importance of the contribution to the project

● Community Value (Has the developer contributed to a project before and what is his/her track record?)

The decentralized voting system allows for an objective, community-driven approach to distribute rewards. Voting is done over a defined period of time (1 month) after which the rewards in the form of DEVX tokens are distributed to the members. While a project managers’ votes is 2 times powerful in terms of weight, the voting is fundamentally driven by the community, as each member or project manager have one vote at their disposal. The distributed rewards can be spent on the Developeo platform or exchanged at any platform listing the DEVX token.





In year 3, Foundation of Developeo University and in year 5, FullStack Developeo University will be launched, which will aim to connect and educate talent on blockchain, data science, neural networks, artificial intelligence. Apart from increasing the talent pool and serving the market need for both software education and talent acquisition, the University will essentially become an ecosystem where ideas and projects are developed in a collaborative manner. Developeo University will be a pioneer in the studies of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Law, Artificial Intelligence Behaviour / Psychology, Full Stack Programming, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and Data Science, Data Art. These areas have been growing exponentially and will continue to do so, as their applications in real-life expand.

● Blockchain is undoubtedly the fastest growing tech niche at the moment, with the overall cryptocurrency market cap exceeding $700B in 2017.

● Artificial Intelligence market is currently $2.4B, growing at a staggering rate, which is expected to reach $59B by 2025.

● Deep Learning currently grows at 52% per year, about to reach $10.2 B

● The Neural Networks market size, currently valued at around $7.17B, also grows at a pretty steady pace with a CAGR of 33.2%, on its way to reach $22.55B in 2021

● In a similar fashion, the Data Science market grows at about 36.5% per year, forecasted at $128B in 2022.

The point of these statistics is not to throw in some big numbers; it simply shows that these technologies are growing exponentially and so does the demand for talented engineers developing these applications. The Developeo University will focus on becoming the standard for tech education in the aforementioned areas.




Developeo Bootcamps


The Developeo Bootcamps are designed to directly address the need for talent in technologies driving the fourth industrial revolution. However, the market need is much bigger than that. Apart from open-source software and blockchain, the growing tech industry niches are also data science, artificial intelligence, deep learning and neural networks. Currently, there is an extreme demand both for bootcamps in those areas, as well as for computer engineers. Colleges and universities around the world strive to provide a high quality education that covers multiple disciplines to prepare students for the workforce. Although universities teach various subjects, they can only scratch the surface and give a high level overview of the subject matter.

Students that need to specialize in a certain subject matter have looked for alternative solutions. Bootcamps provide the ultimate path to master any such subject matter. Bootcamp participants tend to be the employee of choice to various global employers. The Developeo Bootcamps will be run with the help of instructors on a revenue share model in which the instructors will be chosen amongst the top-rated community members of Developeo or to be chosen amongst the top talents in the specialized topic.

While the cost of a standard bootcamp is around $11,500 per student, a whole bootcamp is projected to bring at least $1.3M in revenue, of which 20% will be distributed to the reward pool/instructors in DEVX tokens. In addition, there will be a 15% bootcamp discount on payments with the DEVX tokens itself. The bootcamps not only serve the purpose of a great revenue stream but will also significantly increase the platform user base, as 100% of the graduated students are expected to become platform members since it is an instant opportunity to earn rewards for their software contributions. What is more, the graduates will be part of the Developeo Marketplace, which addresses the need for access to skilled tech talent.

● In 2017, the bootcamp market will grow by 1.5x, to an estimated 22,949 graduates in 2017, up from 15,077 in 2016.

● This market has grown 10.5x since 2012 when coding bootcamps first launched.

● As a point of comparison, we estimate that there were 79,650 undergraduate computer science graduates from accredited US universities in 2016.

● In 2017, the number of bootcamp providers has grown to 95, compared to 91 last year. (This accounts for 15 new schools and 6 closed schools).

● Average tuition price of qualifying courses is ~$11,400, with an average program length of 14.1 weeks.

● Bootcamps are trending longer – up from 12.9 weeks in 2016

● We estimate that tuition revenue from qualifying US schools will be $266M in 2017, excluding scholarships.

● This year, Full Stack JavaScript continues as the most common teaching language, used in 39% of Web Development bootcamps. Ruby on Rails remains popular, but now accounts for 20% of courses.

● As of June 1, there are coding bootcamps in 74 US cities and 40 states.


The Developeo Marketplace will provide job opportunities to talented software engineers from the Developeo community. The marketplace will be filled with talent from the Developeo Bootcamps. In recent years, tech development has been by far the fastest growing segment of talent hunting and it is only fitting that the platform addresses the market demand. What differentiates Develepeo from other marketplaces is that the members can pick and choose the projects that they are passionate about and interested in doing, rather than working at a company where projects are assigned to them in exchange for a salary.

The members can see the requests coming in from large corporations and SME’s, request to work on the project or sign up for bootcamps to enhance their skillset prior to joining a particular company or project. In short, Developeo creates the ideal matchmaking scenario between employers and employees.


The platform will offer Online Certification Programs for developers. While the mission of Developeo is to preserve and promote open-source software development, the platform looks to enable talented engineers to earn certifications which are needed for some high-profile tech jobs. As certification on these technologies will be a “must-have” in the future to breath after the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Developeo is already ready to deliver.

Combined with world class education and globally renowned faculties as well as state of the art platforms to provide training; Developeo will become a highly trusted institution where the certification will become as valuable as getting an education from world's top 100 higher education institutions.

Developeo aims to take its place among the best education institutions in the world. The integrity and brand value of becoming Developeo certified will make graduates become more valuable and increase chances in landing their dream job. In addition, employers will send their employees for training to Developeo, knowing that the employees will gain valuable knowledge and experiences to continue to add value to their companies.



Check the DEVX Whitepaper for the detailed technicals.




Django Girls organize free Python and Django workshops, creates open sourced online tutorials and curate amazing first experiences with technology.


Since 2014, an army of 1271 volunteers in the Django Girls community organized 573 events in 370 cities and 83 countries.

A total of 12665 incredible women attended events organized by members of Django Girls.



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  • Black Mirror
  • Westworld
  • Humans
  • Person of Interest

Recommended Books

  • Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future
  • Do Robots Dream of Electrical Sheep
  • Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  • Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies
  • The Singularity Is Near