Alexey Burdyko
Play2Live - a streaming platform ICO ICO
3,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
36,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
21 Feb, 2018 - 14 Mar, 2018 Campaign Duration
28 365,83 ETH Raised
25 Backers
21 Duration, days
3,000.00 ETH Soft cap
36,000.00 ETH Hard Cap

Play2Live is the first decentralized streaming platform for streamers, gamers and eSports fans.

Its goal is to create an ecosystem where every participant, including the viewer, the streamer and the eSports tournament organiser, is part of a seamless interactive system. Everybody can be part of peer-to-peer interaction and everybody — even the viewer — can earn tokens. We have been featured in numerous ratings, and have already hit the soft cap!

MVP of the streaming platform has already been launched. Check it out!


What problem are you solving?

eSports is a good example of an industry that has become “stuck” because existing technology did not allow for what participants in the industry really wanted:

· To move beyond just viewing and chatting, to interacting directly with the games and players
· To have personalization options
· To influence content generation
· To monetize their interest or their input to the business, without having to go through laborious administrative procedures and long waits
· To avoid being bombarded with advertising content


Other issues that have become boiling recently: 

· Lack of opportunity for amateurs in lower leagues of games, because most funding is being skewed towards professional players.
· Cheating, both within the gamer community and within the betting community.
· Monetization of digital goods earned in games is problematic. Related to this is skin gambling. There is no secure way to sell these digital assets to other players or across games or geographical borders, and to convert skins to fiat currencies.

Why is Play2Live the best way of solving the problem?


The economic model of the platform empowers streamers and users to determine the type of content they want, the way it is displayed and its monetization type. All users incur costs — paid for in Level Up Coin (LUC) to P2L. But they can all also earn LUC.

Streamers can earn money from a very first stream regardless of the size of the followers base and withdraw money instantly. The platform offers top-notch mechanisms for the streamers to boost their followers count: a system of interactive tasks during a stream, betting service, enhanced communication in the chat, and other engaging activities!

Whereas viewers can monetize their content in 5 ways - compared to zero elsewhere in the eSports video streaming industry. They can earn income through watching adverts (by default, the platform is ads-free), performing tasks set by streamers, voting for content, and sharing their internet bandwidth via peer-to-peer CDN. Viewers can place bets with bookmakers without leaving the P2L site and can purchase games using LUC tokens received through various activities within the platform.

Ultimately, P2L has 15 sources of revenue, which is three times more compared to the streaming industry leaders.

Level Up Coin

The key feature of the streaming platform is its internal currency, Level Up Coin. It would be impossible to implement various features described in the Whitepaper without a blockchain-based token. LUC is the only currency on the platform, which ensures maximum utilization across all of the monetization options available.

We will buy back and eliminate 80% of the company's gross profit prior to reaching a break-even point in profits (we plan to continue to burn it afterwards). 


Token Sale details


Project Roadmap

Play2Live's roadmap highlights key milestones, which the team plans to achieve in 2-years time. We expect that by the start of the 2020, MAU of Play2Live will have climbed to 20 million users. It is truly ambitious, but achievable. 


The team

Play2Live has a very dedicated team onboard — it is run by trailblazers of gaming and eSports industries in CIS as well as prominent tech folks with high-grade projects in their portfolio.


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