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Ignite Ratings - Decentralized Ratings Agency and Investment Index ICO ICO
600.00 Soft Cap, ETH
10,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
15 Feb, 2018 - 28 Feb, 2018 Campaign Duration
3 535,54 ETH Raised
9 Backers
12 Duration, days
600.00 ETH Soft cap
10,000.00 ETH Hard Cap

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Ignite RATINGS - Decentralising Asset Ratings and Incentivising Wisdom of the Crowd.

Introducing Ignite RATINGS

Ignite RATINGS is building a fully decentralised and self-regulating ratings platform and linked investment vehicle, the Ignite INDEX (powered in partnership with TZero). The Ignite RATINGS community, the HIVE, will contribute a sustainable source of reliable and crowd verified information on blockchain/non-blockchain based issues and assets. Wisdom of the Crowd. The HIVE is incentivised to contribute and rate with a source of income from the diversified, crowd-managed Ignite INDEX, linked to the highest performing and rated digital assets available. We accept KickCoin!

Ignite's Mission Objective 

Ignite RATINGs aims to wholly disrupt and decentralise the traditional investment ratings process, through the wisdom of a democratic and borderless community - the Ignite HIVE. The RATINGS platform permits each HIVE member to submit and rate issues/assets, analyse and rate the data provided by other Hive members, build a 5* reputation, and have access to the Ignite INDEX trading signals.


Ignite’s Solution to a Problem 

The Problem with Centralised Ratings

Two of the main drivers of the global financial collapse of 2008 were the industry’s systemic reliance upon centralised ratings structures and a fundamentally flawed scheme of incentivisation for those agencies, whereby issuers themselves pay the credit ratings agencies to rate their securities. This is an antiquated system ,which creates its own demand, underpinned by bias, and justifies the existence of the ratings agencies themselves.

Ignite's Decentralised Ratings Solution

Coupling a decentralised and incorruptible ratings structure, with an incentive scheme which rewards the ratings body based directly on the performance of its highest-rated assets. This will drastically limit the amount, and impact, of questionable/false ratings.

It’s this principle which forms the backbone of the Ignite ecosystem, as the entire HIVE would suffer financially by allowing poor and inaccurate ratings to influence the composition of the Ignite INDEX. The Ignite RATINGS platform creates the World’s first democratic, self-levelling, and self-governing ratings system.  

Ignite in Practice

Step 1 - Knowledge Share.

Members of the HIVE are able to populate a community accessible knowledge store with all available information regarding a particular issue/asset. HIVE members are encouraged to contribute their own research findings, and/or information sourced from third parties. Information is broadly separated into 4 categories: Financial, Environmental, Demand, and Execution, with more granular sub-categories available for rating/review.

Step 2 - Review and Reputation.

The Ignite solution aggregates all relevant ratings in real-time and awards the issue/asset an Ignite RATINGS score (variable in real time). Only those HIVE members who have actually reviewed the available information can participate in, and influence, the Ignite RATINGS score, and we combine numerous technical solutions to prevent any attempts to manipulate the same. The Ignite REPUTATION ENGINE dictates how much influence an individual may have on the overall ratings process and, consequently, how much reward they may receive for their interactions with the Ignite RATINGS platform.

Step 3 - Ratings Score.

The Ignite RATINGS scorecard uses an easy to understand “5 star” grading scale to aggregate and represent the HIVE’s overall analysis. The ratings process remains ongoing indefinitely, thus an issue's/asset’s score continues to develop and update itself in real time, including when more information becomes available to the Ignite HIVE as to how an issue is tracking against its stated objectives.

Step 4 - HIVE Rewards.

What’s in it for you? As a reward for lending their collective wisdom to the HIVE, and powering the trading activity of the Ignite INDEX, Hive members are entitled to a performance fee which is equal to 50% of any gains realised by the Ignite INDEX. The remaining 50% will be divided 30:20, with 30% added to the deployable capital base of the Ignite INDEX, and 20% used for operational costs respectively.


 Ignite RATINGS - Your Platform

The Ignite RATINGS platform will provide Hive members with access to:

  • Real Time Ratings
  • ICOs Ratings - buy into the facts, avoid the hype
  • Progress Reports
  • Charting - real-time pricing of all listed digital assets
  • News Feeds and Intelligence
  • Interaction with the Ignite INDEX
  • Independent trading
  • Automatic arbitrage
  • Paper trading
  • Technical analysis

The Ignite INDEX - Your Incentive Investment Vehicle 

What is the Ignite INDEX?

An incentive scheme that will reward, engage, and encourage our HIVE members to participate in the ratings process.

No Paid for or Bias Ratings 

Core to the Ignite business model is that it receives no revenue for providing ratings. It’s “income” is wholly dependent upon the performance of the HIVE, and the Ignite INDEX.

INDEX Functionality 

Every Hive member is encouraged to submit an issue/asset to the HIVE for rating and consideration, and therefore, inclusion in the Ignite INDEX. It is for the Hive alone to decide the appropriate time to close out a gaining trade. The Ignite INDEX will have a limited exposure of 1% investment of the current Net Asset Value to each individual issue/asset that meets the eligibility requirements to be added to the Ignite INDEX. It is anticipated that the Ignite INDEX will not invest in any issue/asset with an Ignite RATINGS score of less than 3.5 stars, but for those issues/assets that surpass 3.5 stars, an investment will be made which is directly proportional to the asset’s Ignite RATINGS score.

50% of any trading gains realised by the Ignite INDEX is paid to the HIVE by way of a performance fee (the Step 4 rewards above), and a further 30% is added to the Ignite INDEX base by way of reinvestment. 20% is retained by Ignite to cover the ongoing development, provision, and upkeep of Ignite’s proprietary software.

The Ignite INDEX is being developed in partnership with T-zero who are designing an Index platform with smart routing technology to facilitate the HIVE placing trades on multiple exchanges at any one time. 

Ignite Tokenomics - IGNT + IGNX

IGNT = Utility Token.

The means by which a member of the HIVE may validate their Ignite RATINGS account, participate in the RATINGS process, and have access to exclusive features of the Ignite RATINGS platform and Ignite INDEX. IGNT is proof of membership and proof of stake. For regulatory reasons, IGNT is a non-tradeable ERC-20 token for use solely on the Ignite RATINGS platform. Kick users will be purchasing IGNT. 

IGNX = Exchange Token

Ignite RATINGS has a dual token segregation strategy. IGNX is the means by which IGNT token holders can liquidate their IGNT holdings, trade on exchanges, or allow new participants to enter the Ignite RATINGS platform and HIVE community by using IGNX to purchase IGNT. IGNX will be available from the date of the first listing of Ignite RATINGS on an exchange. HIVE members will be voting on whether the IGNX will be 10x, 50x, or 100x IGNT.  INGX will be available to IGNT holders on listing with exchanges, subject to any applicable regualtory and compliance checks being satisfactorily completed. 

IGNT Benefits


Every IGNT holder is eligible to receive a share of the Ignite INDEX trading gains by participating in the Ignite RATINGS process. Should an IGNT holder not wish to participate in the Ignite RATINGS process, any rewards that would otherwise be due to them are added to the Ignite INDEX’s deployable capital base, to help drive growth and the value of IGNT - ensuring that all IGNT holders benefit.


30% of all trading gains generated from issues/assets held in the Ignite INDEX are added to the Ignite INDEX’s deployable capital base. Structuring growth in this way increases the income potential and, therefore, value of IGNT through actual performance, rather than market hype.


In addition to providing a decentralised ratings resource for digital assets, the Ignite RATINGS platform will also function as a full trading suite, designed to enhance the active traders profits.

KickICO IGNT Token Offer

Ignite RATINGS is running its main crowdsale from 15th January 2018 to 28th February 2018.

KICKICO contributors who use KickCoin will have a 10% discount on all IGNT tokens. KickCoin contributors who purchase IGNT tokens with ETH have a 5% discount on all IGNT tokens. 

Ignite's IGNT Token Structure 

  • Ignite has minted a total of 60,000,000 IGNT.

  • Ignite is making available 10,000,000 IGNT in total (including ALL presales, and retentions for staff/partner incentives).

  • The remaining 50,000,000 IGNT will be locked up for a period of 12 months from the close of the crowdsale.

  • Ignite may elect to distribute proportions of the retained IGNT to its existing token holders by way of secondary offerings to help meet ongoing capital needs of Ignite, and the Ignite INDEX. Secondary offerings will be limited to lots of 2,000,000 IGNT, with no more than one placement being made per quarter.

  • 200,000 IGNT (2%) will be made available for community outreach/bounty programmes.

  • 2,500,000 IGNT (25%) will be made available as incentives for community members, staff, and partners. In the case of staff and partners, their tokens will be subject to a 24 month lockup period.

  • Any IGNT tokens that remain unsold as at the end of the crowdsale will be added to the 50,000,000 IGNT not being offered for sale via the crowdsale, and will be locked up for a period of 12 months.

Distribution of KickICO Proceeds

Distribution of the KickICO proceeds will be divided in the exact way as the main Ignite crowdsale proceeds. The proceeds will be distributed 60% to seed the Ignite INDEX, and 40% distributed to the operations of Ignite (deployed on platform development and other operational costs). The 40% for operational costs distributed from the proceeds of the crowdsale will be capped at $7,000,000 USD.


Ignite RATINGS - Our Roadmap


Ignite's Top Team 

49eb605b5227cb7.pngDamon BARNARD
Founder and Director

Damon is a seasoned C- level executive and respected professional advisor in the technology and start-up space. Damon is an English -qualified corporate lawyer, specialising in M&A, intellectual property, regulatory affairs and technology law. Having been at the forefront of the highly technical online gaming industry for many years, and having played a significant role in its consolidation, Damon was appointed as General Counsel and Executive Director to one of the world’s largest online gaming communities in 2013, and was instrumental in its sale to an industry giant for a significant 8 -figure sum. Most recently, Damon has served as COO to a leading group of technology and Internet infrastructure companies, and CEO to one of its leading brands–successfully growing the business from nothing to one of the largest within its industry in just 2 years.

Damon has a BA Honours degree in Business Management and Information technology from the University of Manchester, and Postgraduate Diplomas in Law and Legal Practice from the University of Law. Damon is most at home behind a Gibson Explorer, or the wheel of a race car.

b68e3ddc0fe2517.pngChristopher COUSINS
Founder and Director

Christopher began his financial career over 14 years ago learning to trade equities and S&P futures to supplement his income during university. His ability to analyse opportunities and trade profitably allowed him the freedom to pursue a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities. As the years progressed Christopher continued as an equities trader for a private investment group, trading over $20m at his discretion. After moving to Europe in 2010, Christopher continued his career as a buy side trade and acquisitions consultant for privately managed funds. In 2015 Christopher joined a leading group of technology and Internet infrastructure companies as the group’s CRO. Christopher is a true entrepreneur, having launched several successful businesses, including his award -winning (deservedly so!) Thai restaurant. Christopher has a BA in Accounting and Finance from Saint Joseph’s University.

c0b1fca147602d7.pngJoannah BARNARD
Finance and Professional Services

Joannah is a chartered accountant and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. Having qualified with Pricewaterhouse Coopers in the UK, Joannah made a move into industry with one of the UK's largest media groups. Subsequently, Joannah established and headed up the entire finance function of a group of highly profitable technology businesses in Gibraltar, serving as Executive Director and CFO. Joannah was instrumental to the sale of the group's core business for a significant 8 - figure sum in late 2013. Most recently, Joannah has served as COO of a large multinational law firm headquartered in Gibraltar. Joannah has a first-class BA Honours degree in Business Management and Information Technology from the University of Manchester.

82c358c5f44479d.pngOliver SMITH
Legal and Compliance

Oliver cut his legal teeth training with the Investment Funds Team at Hassans International Law Firm before moving in - house with a leading group of technology and infrastructure companies. The last three years has seen him gain widespread experience in all areas of legal practice from intellectual property, financial services, dispute resolution, employment, compliance, and technology law. His day to day duties have included managing the legal affairs of a regulated Gibraltar Experienced Investor Fund, and working closely with organisations such as the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, and the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers on compliance and regulatory matters. Oliver has a BA Honours degree in Law from the University of Birmingham, and qualified as a barrister following successful completion of his Bar Professional Training Course at the University of Law London.

Ignite's Advisors


Specifix -Technology - Technical Architect

Alistair DOULIN
8ad5c34b160aaf3.png Joe CAMMARATA
T-Zero Technology
71aa70744aa7b9d.png Evan HALL
Digital Marketing
211ffbf9137b738.png Lorien NEWMAN
Marketing and Investor Outreach

Ignite's Partners




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Ignite RATINGS. 5.08, World Trade Center, Marina Bay, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA 


[email protected]

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