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The First Decentralized Social & Educational Student Network


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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more - social media networks have become an integral part of many lives. Be this as it may, there is one imperative element lacking from all of these websites – educational interaction. 

Tertiary education is daunting to most school leavers; it is a life-changing decision. This is the time they have to decide the path they wish to choose, a path which will mould the decisions they make in future. The fact that information regarding the possibilities available with regards to tertiary education is so widely scattered across the internet makes this decision even more difficult. 

Imagine a platform whereby students had access to institutions and businesses around them. A platform that allows students to network with like-minded people, seek educational assistance on assignments and tests, find study groups, join e-learning classes, find lecturers and tutors, know what events are happening around them, view and apply to available jobs, benefit from student deals and a whole lot more!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this large demographic had access to information on the courses available to them, as well as the necessary requirements for each of these courses on one easy to use platform?

Introducing froshfeel. By combining the educational and social elements of student life, froshfeel caters to a variety of young markets. Our platform revolves around students as they journey through their tertiary education experience. Froshfeel provides a peer-to-peer student platform whereby students, businesses, professionals, institutions and educators can interact with one another on an educational level in a social environment. Through the introduction of blockchain technology, froshfeel announces its own decentralized currency - froins. 

Froshfeel allows users to buy and sell goods and services directly off the platform. Users can easily locate businesses and institutions around them that accept froins through a discover feature.
Froshfeel allows students to pay partnered institutions, educators and businesses. Students could spend froins in numerous ways, including: student accommodation, college fees, text books, student flights, groceries, concert tickets, restaurants, clothing and more directly through their phones with froins anywhere around the world, while taking advantage of special discounts and benefits.
Froins are entirely decentralized which means that the funds are never held up by third parties. A user-friendly, safe and secure platform ensures users can transact at ease, whilst recipients receive payments instantaneously. 

Froshfeel is revolutionizing the social and educational environment through providing a platform that offers a comprehensive solution to all aspects of student life.


As an investor you may be asking why you should choose froshfeel. There are numerous unique selling points that form part of the froshfeel platform, however the most prominent are listed below:

  1. Froshfeel aims to address the lack of resources and educational assistance available to students. The froshfeel platform is both an educational and social network intended for students. We aspire to build a large database of users that will be made available to businesses and institutions.
  2. The student market consists of approximately 1.2 billion people. The need for a single platform, that combines all elements of a student’s tertiary educational journey and beyond, has become imperative. Froshfeel enables users to seek information, ask for educational assistance for exams and assignments, browse all available institutions and qualifications, view and apply to jobs and network with like-minded users. Users will also be able to buy and sell a variety of products and services through the platform.
  3. Institutions will be able to provide particulars on qualifications available, contact details, locations, registrations processes , galleries and other essential information on the froshfeel platform.
  4. Businesses will have access to our database in order to showcase and sell their products and services directly to users on the platform, anywhere around the world.
  5. Educators will have the option to create classes, offer tutoring services, provide assistance to student users, host events and more.


  • Business Directory
    A list of business users will be found easily on the froshfeel platform whereby users can will be able to view current deals, events and competitions from this business user.
  • Competitions
    Business users will be able to run competitions for students. Prizes will be products, coupons or froins from the business directly to the user. For a business to run a competition or campaign, they must make the payment in froins.
  • Advertising
    Froshfeel’s source of income on the platform will come through a model designed specifically for advertisers to directly advertise to their target market by age, gender, demographics, key words, institution and course. The advertising model will enable business and institution users to feature their accounts within their categories. Advertisers will be able to promote their deals, events, jobs and competitions to their intended target market. All payments to froshfeel will be made via froins, therefore keeping the coins continuously in rotation between froshfeel, students, businesses, educators and institutes.
  • Events
    Educational, social and other events will be listed on an events feature. Users will be able to see nearby up-coming events, events by businesses or institutions.Events will be categorized in order for the user to filter what type of event he/she is looking for. Users will be able to view dates of events, times, location, prices and directly add an event to their agenda. The events listed will be by users the user is following or featured events. Users will be able to purchase event tickets directly off the froshfeel platform using froins.
  • Tutors
    Students will be able to search and book a tutor on the froshfeel platform. Tutors will determine their fees in ‘froins per hour’ and the student will pay the tutor directly on the platform.
  • Discover
    Users will be able to view a map in which they will be able to see featured locations listed on the platform whereby they could find businesses that accept froins and interact with these locations on the map. Users will be able to view locations by categories.
  • Jobs
    A job portal will be provided to students. Part-time and full time jobs will be listed by businesses and institutions.
  • Classified Ads
    The classified ads feature will enable students to post items they want to buy and sell - in froins.
  • Deals
    Users will benefit from a deal section on froshfeel and deals will be purchased using froins. Deals provided will be in all sorts of categories, such as restaurants, insurance, medical aids, vehicles, electronics and more. Users will be able to see deals around them by location. These deals and special prices are provided by partnered businesses of froshfeel and therefore are exclusive to users who pay in froins.
  • Questions and Answers
    A “forum” based feature will be provided to froshfeel users who will be able to post questions, discuss, seek help and assist other users. This feature will be used for Educational, Social and Life Style categories.
  • Institutions and Courses
    Froshfeel will provide a feature whereby users are be able to view what institutions are available, what courses can be studied at each institution as well as the requirements for each course.
  • Classes
    Froshfeel will provide groups to encourage group work discussions on specific classes, topics, events and more.
  • Agenda
    Users will have a personal agenda where they will be able to add their class time tables, events they would like to attend, study times, exam schedules, assignment due dates and other social occassions.








f0abadc17f02977.jpegPreICO –

preICO Special - KICKICO Exclusive

Purchase with KickCoins value of 1 ETH = 1,500 froins - 50% bonus!

Purchase with Ethereum value of 1 ETH = 1,250 froins - 25% bonus!

Soft Cap - 1,000 ETH
Hard Cap - 5,000 ETH

These discounted rates provided will be exclusive to KICKICO.



Q1 - Q4 2016 - Research and development on student market - Global analysis

Q1 - Q2 2017 - Initial research complete and concept finalized. Development of the detailed user interface for web and mobile apps.

Q3 - Q4 2017 - Received confirmed interest from numerous esteemed educational institutions. Businesses in essential categories confirm interest in froshfeel and froins.

Q1 2018 - Froshfeel to conduct an ICO and White Paper public announcement.

Q2 2018 - Development of the froshfeel platform - internal infrastructure. Begin listing froins on major exchanges.

Q3 2018 - Development of client based applications.

Q4 2018 - Preparation for launch - Marketing campaigns

Q1 2019 - Launch froshfeel platform to the public

Q2 2019 - Geographical expansion