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Rise Housing: How Real Estate Should Be

Rise Housing will be regarded as a Robin Hood company that will change the way people rent forever, provide liquidity options to property owners, and allow participants to simply own portions of properties for the first time. Instead of putting money into someone else's pocket, everyone will have access to equity. There are no loans, no mortgages, no interest, and no banks involved in our ecosystem!








The Existing Problem

Homeownership has traditionally been the path to a secure financial future. Yet with homeownership on a historic decline, home equity is no longer achievable for many. This has diminished the middle class and led to rising inequality. The reality is that equity-driven wealth is out of touch for many.




How Rise Housing solves this


Rise is a transformative platform that provides equity access to real estate for tenants -- and rapid liquidity for asset owners. We are committed to the democratization of equity. Through the power of blockchain technology, we partner with real estate firms to expand equity access in the traditional market. We serve the same users as our strategic partners:

1) the rent to own/rent with the right to purchase model for tenants to become homeowners,

2) the international membership model for tenants to become homeowners who want to be able to move without losing their accrued equity, and

3) the real estate participants who want to gain access to the returns provided by the real estate market or gain liquidity from their real estate asset.

The Rise Platform allows people from all walks of life to access equity-tied returns through the means, and at prices, that fit their lifestyle. Our platform drastically reduces the fees associated with traditional models and opens up a new asset trading market for global trading.



How we help even further




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January 4th to April 8th - Seed Round (60% Bonus) 5 RSE for every $1 worth of ETH
April 8th to May 23rd - Pre-ICO (50% KICKCOIN Bonus / 30% ETH Bonus) 5 RSE for every $1 worth of ETH
May 28th to July 12th - ICO (20% Bonus) 5 RSE for every $1 worth of ETH


We envision a real estate market that is no longer dominated by the top 1%, but is instead distributed amongst many investor classes without discrimination based on race, gender, credit score, or social caste.

Rent Like an Owner

Rise housing has created an ecosystem that will allow renters to receive Rise tokens (RSE) when they pay a little extra each month on their rent. All members of Rise Housing will have access to our platform that will contain the RSE wallet, an exchange to sell or buy RSE—On our platform, you can purchase portions of actual assets we've tokenized and put on the blockchain. You can choose to pay a little extra and receive more tokens in return each month to start growing that equity towards a new home.

Each renter under Rise Housing will have the opportunity to earn equity for the first time and will be part of our unique dividends program.

Fast, Easy Liquidity for Property Owners

Rise Housing is changing the way everyone can access equity in the real estate market while helping property owners gain liquidity faster and more cheaply by disintermediating the process of property buying and selling. By tokenizing real estate assets, we are taking the most used asset class - shelter - and making the returns from that asset available to everyone, without a credit score and without paying interest fees.

What are Rise Housing tokens (RSE)?

“We take real-world analog real estate assets and split them up into digital tokens, known as Rise tokens.”

Rise will be using blockchain technology to create an ecosystem on our platform that is user-friendly and educational. We will be tokenizing buildings utilizing the HAT (Hard Asset Token).This token will be directly tied to the actual asset and can be traded for RSE within the Rise platform. HAT will be given to the property owner and they will be able to list their portions on our platform. We will allow registered RSE holders to purchase portions of assets by exchanging it for HAT to gain instant access to equity. We’re using an atomic swamp technology, so a token becomes more stable after a user purchases portions of an asset. When you sell portions of the properties you have acquired it is sold back as DAI (MakerDao) token, which is similarly stable to the US dollar.

To read more about Rise Housing: Whitepaper
Languages: English, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese

Rise Housing summary is also available: Summary

ICO Launch

Our pre-ICO launched with KICKICO on April 10th, 2018, and our main ICO launches on June 1st, 2018.

Rise Housing token Overview

•   Ticker (market symbol): RSE

•   RSE is tied to actual real estate assets acquired by Rise Housing.

•   RSE has a progressive dividends program which is stable to USD.

•   The coin value goes up when it is traded on open markets.

•   Circulation will be limited by the escrow contract which will create more demand and also replenish the supply.

•   The robust dividends program will incentivize participants to hold RSE

•   The demand for RSE will increase when more properties are available to purchase.

•   A burn program/phases are in development

•   Can I mine the coin? No, all coins are released, but not all are circulated. An escrow account will hold a majority of RSE tokens under a contract that only releases tokens to property owners who tokenize their building with Rise Housing.

•   What exchanges will it be on? We are currently in talks with LAToken.

• Rise Tokens will be released two-four weeks after ICO is completed and after Rise platform is active

Token Economics







We will continue to be visible in our growth and be present for our participants. After ICO we will release our platform/wallet. We will start to acquire properties to show proof of concept. The properties that are purchased will have a property manager with already built in tenants. All tenants will become a part of the RISE housing ecosystem and will start to receive tokens for things like paying their rent on time.

We will continue to acquire properties and provide equity to multiple renters in progressive cities and countries. Eventually, in phase two we will able to blanket property with partnering landlords, offering them the Rise Housing ecosystem to their tenants for a franchise fee paid by the owner of the building.


Rise Platform

The Rise marketplace enables users to:

1. Offer asset tokens related to their real estate assets for initial sale or option to purchase

2. Purchase tokens related to other real estate assets available for sale or for option to purchase

3. See their current incentives for being a Rise Tenant (if applicable)

The Rise platform, when operational, will allow tokens to be created and sold, then traded on the secondary market. The Rise Token infrastructure includes the Rise wallet, the Rise marketplace, the trading terminal, back office, App store and constructor.




The Rise platform is a standalone P2P network with the custom protocol built for purposes of digitizing real estate in a permissioned network. This network is governed by Hyperledger Fabric*smart contracts (Rise DAO Family), implementing and enforcing rules for entities to interact in tokenizing property.

*HyperledgerFabric is the leading open-source, general-purpose blockchain fabric built for enterprises and is hosted by The Linux Foundation.



DeedCoin's announcement on Medium: Deedcoin partners with Rise Housing to Help maximize real estate equity


Our team includes executives in mortgage and securities finance, with over 40 years experience, both domestically and overseas.






•   How expensive is your rent? We keep our rents right in line with everyone else’s. We stay around the competitive rental prices in your area. There is no premium that you have to pay for being a tenant and owning equity in a Rise building. The benefit is you now have access to equity without having to pay off months or years of interest first. As a Rise tenant, you will have lower transaction rates.

•   What cities are you in? We aim to be in five cities and multiple countries by the end of 2018, depending on funding during our crowdsale rounds. We’re going to focus on major cities that have needed RH for years. We’re also focusing our expansion overseas by early 2019.

•   Why are you focusing on multifamily properties? We want to tokenize a building that has multiple units to adopt the tenants into the Rise platform. The more we can help at once, the better. We want to create a better tenant for that building by giving them potential partial ownership of the building in which they rent.

•   What if I want to become an owner? RH will have a platform where you can use RSE to purchase portions of a property. In our ecosystem, you can own parts of property by purchasing tokens from a tokenized property. When you gain equity on our platform, you can use our equity projection feature to help you get one step closer to a down payment for a home. This feature will help you strategize your contributions by allowing you to put in an amount you would like to contribute each month, and it will show you a projected returns for the next five years. Rise Housing doesn't want to displace traditional real estate; we want to provide options for entry to real estate to help it grow.

•   Do you have partners? Yes, we currently have partnered with DeedCoin. DeedCoin's announcement on Medium:Deedcoin partners with RiseHousing to Help maximize real estate equity. “We see our partnership with Deedcoin as a superior value proposition, enabling any real estate seller to easily onboard to the Rise network and gain liquidity faster and easier,” said Rise Founder Monika Proffitt, “The level of structured security that our respective platforms bring, far surpasses anything that is currently offered in the consumer market. Between our combined efficiency, security and transparency, we intend to change the way real estate works, together.



The Future







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