Aleksey Khayrutdinov
FLOGmall - An international e-commerce site preICO preICO
3,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
6,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
22 Feb, 2018 - 22 Mar, 2018 Campaign Duration
5 175,51 ETH Raised
156 Backers
28 Duration, days
3,000.00 ETH Soft cap
6,000.00 ETH Hard Cap


FLOGmall is a multi-format for online stores and free message boards that unites sellers and buyers of any goods/services for any tokens all over the world.

FLOGmall is a comprehensible free resource with a user-friendly interface and easy market launch from any part of the world.

FLOGmall is a modern ecosystem of goods and services purchase and sale in a new format.
It is a new video format for sellers - LiveStore with powerful features for your business presentation.


LiveStore is a video content block about sellers, stores, goods and services. To be more exact:

  • A video presentation of a store
  • A video message of the store owner to the audience
  • Video ads for each product/service
  • Video blog of the store to report on important events and promotions
  • Online video sales (streaming), video auctions, game models
  • Video advertising on the platform.



21fbc08f647b781.png 1. Buyers

Millions of everyday goods, a lower price, payment by any altcoins, heightened cashback, a secure transaction through a smart contract, transparent transactions.



2.  Sellers (business and private)

A free platform for private sellers, minimum charges for business sellers, savings on commissions fees of payment systems, a new modern video format of LiveStore, a new sales market with a financially reliable audience, buyers all over the world.



3.  Holders of any cryptocurrency

Purchase of goods for any altcoins previously obtained at the stages of third-party ICO or other way.


4.  Miners

Boosting the growth of cryptocurrency mining, an additional tool to change coins for goods.


5.  Traders

Boosting the growth of many altcoins, Mallcoin (MLC) conventional capitalization with entering stock exchanges, market pricing of Mallcoin (MLC) rate of exchange.


6.  Crypto enthusiasts and crypto-anarchists

Changing the paradigm of price perception, the formation of a new category of cryptocurrency users (only exchange for goods), abandonment of fiat money towards infinite liquidity.







FLOGmall provides an open source cryptographic token - Mallcoin. Mallcoin - cryptocurrency, which can be paid in the FLOGmall platform. This token will be used as the payment unit for all transactions in the FLOGmall system and as a basis for interacting with other digital services.

Mallcoin is a limited-edition token. He is not exposed to inflation in the long run. Mallcoin tokens are equivalent and translatable. It is planned to sell tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The main and most attractive innovation of FLOGmall for the participants is the built-in automated token exchange service (hereafter ATES) of Mallcoin.

This is a simple and transparent system with an internal token rate, as well as a clear algorithm for selling tokens between sellers and customers of the site.


An additional advantage of ATES is the ability to purchase by users of Mallcoin tokens directly on the site, without the need to use various crypto-exchanges.

Since ATES is primarily created for tokens holders who purchase tokens in the preSalepre-ICO and ICO, stages, let's take a closer look at the algorithm of its operation.




  • Tokens of the FLOGmall team will be blocked for 2 years with 4 periods of six month every having limited usage for this period.
  • Tokens of advisors and those who support the project at the early stage will be blocked for 6 months.
  • Tokens of the Bounty program participants will be blocked for 3 months.
  • 2 500 000 MLC tokens will be allocated for the support of the Crypto alms charity project for the period of 8 years and for the assistance rendering to the needy children.
    These tokens are blocked for the whole period and will be defrosting gradually.
    Every month 1 % of the whole token fund, except for the last, 96 months, when the rest of tokes will be defrosted.
  • Tokens of the reserve fund will be partially blocked.
  • 20% of tokens of the reserve fund are free from blocking and will be used for the maintaining of uninterrupted work of the FLOGmall platform.
  • 80% of tokens of the reserve fund will start distributing from May 2019 during 2 years in order to attract new users on the international market.

Other tokens are not exposed to freeze.


  • Creation, token issue or token mining after the ending of the ICO period are not envisaged;
  • Tokens are allowed to pass after the ending of the ICO period;
  • If the minimum goal is not accomplished , all funds will be returned back to the participants;
  • ICO will be immediately finished as soon as all tokens are sold that are allocated for the ICO participants at the every stage.

We are moving to the Mallcoin rate formation at the stages of sale and to the financial information on profits for participants:


The sale rate of tokens Mallcoin has a strict peg to Ethereum and changes due to the stages of sale. It means that when the Ethereum exchange rate is increasing, the Mallcoin exchange rate is increasing as well and vice versa. For convenience of the ICO participants an approximate cost of tokens Mallcoin are shown in USD and it is automatically calculated according to the current cost of Ethereum for the current date. A minimal target for Mallcoin tokens sale is designated in USD at every stage. For convenience of the ICO participants a minimal target is automatically calculated according to the current cost of Ethereum for the current date.

From this table it follows that with each subsequent stage of sale, the value of Mallcoin (MLC) increases (in other words, we give a discount for the purchase of our tokens, which decreases with each stage).

The maximum benefit, equal to 600%, is achieved by purchasing Mallcoin tokens (MLC) in the very first stage of preSale.

Возможный заработок, равный 300%, достигается за счет приобретения токенов Mallcoin (MLC) на этапе pre-ICO.

Возможный заработок, равный 200%, достигается за счет приобретения токенов Mallcoin (MLC) на этапе ICO, когда будет продана основная часть токенов.

It is important to note that the Mallcoin tokens will not have additional issues afterwards. And all unsold tokens will be destroyed.




Immediately after the launch of FLOGmall and the start of sales of goods and services from individuals or online stores, ordinary users need to purchase Mallcoin tokens.

The reason is that despite the absolutely free logon of users to the site and the possibility of free ad placements, the number of such ads is limited.

This applies to both online stores (professional sellers) and private sellers when selling certain goods and services.

In the process of work, users will need to purchase services to promote their online store and/or a private ad.

With the popularity of the site, the need for tokens will be increasing day by day. Demand for tokens will be directly proportional to the demand for site services, which is achieved through international marketing and promotion of the site, as well as its mass popularization.


Earlier it was pointed out that the main idea of launching ATES is a quick and guaranteed sale of Mallcoin tokens from the early holders of our tokens. Therefore, immediately after launching the site, we offer users 2 options for purchasing Mallcoin tokens:


The release of the token to the exchanges will occur gradually within a few months after the launch of the site.


You can learn some more detailed information on every ATES paragraph and it’s working principle in our White Paper.




Despite the fact that FLOGmall has absolutely free logon for both customers and sellers to exchange goods and services with tokens, the site plans to earn on a wide range of services that will be in demand among all categories of users of the service.

These categories include:

  • Professional sellers - with an assortment of 10 to 500 or more positions simultaneously placed in the window of your live store.
  • Private sellers - with an assortment of over 5 personal ads.
  • Ordinary customers - making purchases through the guarantor of the site.

Let’s consider the basic points of monitoring FLOGmall for every category of users.

  1. For professional sellers
    • Monthly payment for the placement of goods/services:
    • 3b84c0815735f91.jpeg
    • Promotion of the seller in a certain category:
      • Promotion of 1 category of goods/services in the top list: for 1 week.
      • Promotion of 2 categories of goods/services in the top list: for 1 week.
      • Promotion of the 3 or more categories of goods/services in the top list: for 1 week.
    • Special placement of the seller in the category of "TOP sellers":
      • Placement of the store in the TOP rotation of sellers for 1 week.
  2. For private sellers
    • Placement of ads over the limit (5 free active ads):
      • Number of users who post from 5 to 10 ads.
      • Number of users who post more than 10 ads.
    • Promotion of ads in search and categories:
      • Raising ads in TOP for 2 times (immediately and the next day) in the list.
      • Highlighting in the search by color for 7 days + 1 free raising for 1 time.
      • VIP-status in a special block for 7 days + 1 free raising for 1 time.
      • Premium accommodation in the most visible place.
      • Combo: highlighting + raising the ad in the TOP.
      • Turbo-combo. All types of services together (premium + highlighting in the search + raising in the top for 2 times).
      • Rate of use of the service per month.
  3. For customers
    • Commission for the services of the guarantor of FLOGmall "Safe transaction".

The services described above as the main points of FLOGmall monetization are indicative and incomplete. They will be supplemented or abolished in the process of work.

All FLOGmall services can be paid only by Mallcoin tokens.

The value of services will vary depending on:

  1. The current market conditions.
  2. The exchange rate of the token.

If Mallcoin rate goes up, the value of services on site in its tokens (Mallcoin) will be recalculated downward (inversely proportional) to the equivalent fiat value remained significantly competitive with respect to other marketplaces.

Consider this logic on the example. Let's say that the value of a service for promotion of a seller's ad in search is 1 token, which translates into fiat money for $2. Suppose that the token rate has risen to $4. The site immediately recalculates the cost of the service, and it will become equal to 0.5 tokens.

In this case, if the price of the token is reduced on the exchange to $1 as a result of market movements, the value of the service, equal to 1 token, remains unchanged.

You can learn a detailed assessment of the economic model of the project in our White Paper.











You can learn some more detailed information on road map of our project going to the official web site.



My name is Aleksey Khayrutdinov, I am the founder and inspirer of the FLOGmall project. Also I am the founder of Topzakazz online store and fulfillment-service I specialize in the successful implementation of e-commerce projects for more than 3 years, and my experience in retail is 6 years. I went through all the standard steps to launch my own online stores and enter international markets in practice.

As the owner of my own fulfillment-service and as an entrepreneur with practical experience in e-commerce, I understand how customers who make purchases through the Internet and entrepreneurs starting their own business in the e-commerce segment think. Contemporary e-commerce is in a pickle. On the one hand, there are customers whose interests are protected selectively, due to the human factor and the diversity of jurisdictions in different countries. On the other hand, there are sellers who are not able to compete with global corporations. Therefore, with the advent of Blocchain technology, I decided to change the situation.

I gathered a strong team of like-minded people who want to make the world e-commerce better, more convenient, more technological and safer. Together we want to create the first e-commerce community and offer sellers and customers a solution that will be beneficial and convenient for everyone. Such a project cannot be implemented without innovative technologies, so we need funding for project development, internal safety module audit and much more.

The backbone of the FLOGmall team consists of entrepreneurs who successfully work in the e-commerce market for 5 years. The subsidiary company of FLOGmall is the company Topzakazz. Topzakazz is a wholesale/retail company with offices in Russia (Krasnodar) and China (Guangzhou).


The entrepreneur, the founder of the FLOGmall project, the Topzakazz online store and the fulfillment-service Co-owner of Cargo in China with delivery to the CIS. Speaker of conferences on commodity business in Russia.


Entrepreneur, crypto-enthusiast, investor, business angel, co-owner of construction and manufacturing companies.


Entrepreneur, crypto-enthusiast, co-founder of the project. Co-owner of insurance agencies and companies for the wholesale supply of accessories for clothing and footwear from the largest Asian associations.


Entrepreneur, producer of online projects, eLearning entrepreneur, author of 7 books on Internet sales, Internet marketer, co-founder of the Topzakazz online store and the fulfillment-service


Entrepreneur, business analyst, investor. The founder of LLC "AS-Stroy" and LLC "Energia-Yug" since 2004, developing in the traditional and alternative energy sectors. Education: Small Business Management Phoenix College, Phoenix Arizona Small Business Management Jonson County Community College Lenexa Kansas.


It-lawyer, author of books on ICO and cryptocurrencies, adviser of several dozen of ICO projects, a participant of the expert council under the State Duma of the Russian Federation and a number of Blockchain associations.


Leader of the company “laboratory of blockchain-technology” ",, more than 20 ICO projects all over the world with a pool of more than 100.000.000$. Co-founder of projects www.криптовалюта.рф. Founder of the channel СEО founder: Organizer of one the biggest conference in Europe Adviser- top 100 of the best in the world. Community director of one of the fastest blockchain, Partner of the киберроссия.рф project.


Technical director, BlockChain/Crypto expert, C/Golang programmer, an entrepreneur. He worked as a lead programmer in Canadian Talkster corporation. He worked as a head of UC Trust certification center. Co-founder of Dapper Hookah. Education in information protection (Specialist on information protection/Complex protection of the informational objects)


An entrepreneur and a crypto-enthusiast. Experience in IT technologies (development of system and application software, business process automation, integration) - 6 years. Cooperated with Microsoft Russia. Currently he leads a team of application software Ltd.Sillion


An expert on automation. Programmer with knowledge of golang, python, Javascript. Experience more than 7 years. A crypto-enthusiast.


Front-end developer, PHP programmer. More than 300 projects have been launched for 7 years. Teacher on web-development courses. Trained more than 100 persons.


Entrepreneur, founder of the international shipping company “Cargo 677” in China. Co-owner of the online store Topzakazz. He’s got a vast experience in retailer more than 10 years. Sphere: manufacturing and distribution of the designer clothes. Support of Russian companies in cooperation with Chinese manufacturers.


Business consultant with 23 years of experience in marketing and sales, author of SMART technology - expert sales without objections, training "Marketing Motivators", founder and the CEO of "Internet Kommersant LLC".


Head of Design&Usability Department, interface designer. Higher artistic education, implemented more than 200 projects for 5 years of work.



The FLOGmall project has an ambitious goal - to revolutionize the world e-commerce, change the market of goods and services completely, saving it from the pressure of retail chains and the costs of inefficient marketing.

The advantages of using the FLOGmall platform for sellers and customers are obvious and significant, therefore we forecast that the project will be successful with a high probability, and its participants will receive a significant benefit. The development of the project will also stimulate the growth of the rate of the majority of altcoins and interest in the crypto industry as a whole.

The world is irreversibly changing. You can observe the changes from outside, and you can make them together with us, for the benefit of progress and humanity. Support the FLOGmall project!

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