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PLAZA — Worlds Fastest Blockchain — Designed for Commerce preICO preICO
500.00 Soft Cap, ETH
5,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
01 Aug, 2018 - 12 Sep, 2018 Campaign Duration
834,13 ETH Raised
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42 Duration, days
500.00 ETH Soft cap
5,000.00 ETH Hard Cap

The World's Fastest Blockchain


Plaza's MerchantChain™ fuels Total bCommerce — next-gen commerce on the blockchain — with transaction speeds that eclipse current distributed ledger technologies.

It is faster and lighter than any of its competitors and allows businesses large and small to build their own decentralised applications or choose from a range of cost-effective solutions.

Total bCommerce™ by Plaza Systems

Plaza Systems occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology. We are a systems integration company focused on commerce on the blockchain:

Sellers & Businesses

We offer a next-generation blockchain commerce (bCommerce) infrastructure — the fastest on Earth

Buyers & Consumers

We offer an escape from high prices and “big data”

It’s a Total bCommerce solution integrating:

The fast and future-proof MerchantChain™

The Freedom Lifestyle™ suite of search & payment tools

Total bCommerce = MerchantChain + Freedom Lifestyle

Total bCommerce! is a simplified, secure, and cost-effective means for both buyers & sellers to transact in the crypto/blockchain era.

Fast & future-proof MerchantChain

The foundation of Total bCommerce, the MerchantChain is the fastest, most scaleable, most sustainable, most secure, and most future-proof distributed ledger for commerce.

Incredible Speed

Benchmarked at 15,000+ tps with less than 3 seconds average confirmation times

Inherent Sustainability

A ledger maintained by ultra-low-powered IOT (internet of things) devices and mobile/desktop apps according to a proof-of-reputation (PoR) algorithm

Infinite Scaleability

Positive correlation between user numbers and deployed nodes, more users equals more capacity

Elevated Security

All parties must possess the AURA SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate, preventing fraud and instilling trust and confidence in the ecosystem


The ledger will remain secure long after the code-breaking power of quantum computing becomes a problem

MerchantChain Transaction Coin™ (MTC)

Sellers on the MerchantChain can mint their own MTC:

Tethered to real-world value (not market sentiment)

Designed for spending (not holding)

Consumer-friendly with only two decimal places (not 18)

Any seller can build decentralised applications on top of the MerchantChain. Some have called it the Shopify or Magento of the distributed ledger era — we call it Total bCommerce!

Technology Application Layers

In addition to applying AI technology, Plaza will integrate the existing payment functionality with the key emerging technology of the blockchain in layers.

Payment Processing Layer

Debit card transactions are processed through the standard card processing network when a purchase is made and subsequently verified or denied by the Plaza MerchantChain

Public Transaction Layer

Plaza’s Public Transaction Layer (PTL) is how the Plaza Ecosystem interacts with the outside world via third-party exchanges. It utilises the Ethereum blockchain

MerchantChain Layer

Plaza’s e-commerce-specific Merchant blockchain, MerchantChain™, is an internal Proof of Reputation (PoR), low-power blockchain developed in-house. It provides enhanced coin protocol functionality throughout the ecosystem

Communication Layer

Using a separate lightweight message layer, all communication between ecosystem participants are fully encrypted and distributed across the Plaza Protocol nodes

Plaza Core Layer

The Plaza Core layer is the public smart contracts layer which provides a trusted, conflict-free environment and open-sourced implementation of the key components of the PLAZA Token ecosystem

See our Website for all of the Details

Although you can also find most of the information right here, so read on!

Plaza Freedom Lifestyle

Plaza’s Freedom Lifestyle™ suite of browsing, search, and payment tools are more convenient, more private, more liberating, more rewarding, less expensive, and just as secure as traditional tools. They all interact with the state-of-the-art PlazaWallet™.


A debit card offers the flexibility to spend crypto on the move, at shops, restaurants, and hotels, and withdraw into local currency from ATMs

Plaza Merchants

Sell pre-paid PlazaCards packaged with instructions on how to set up their PlazaWallets and give cardholders an offline means to top up their PlazaWallets using local currency

Easy to Use Apps

The PlazaDesktop™ and PlazaMobile™ applications provide a familiar online shopping experience with the additional benefits of: powerful AI-driven e-commerce meta-search, anonymous browsing, low transaction fees, AI (artificial intelligence) personal assistant, and easily earn hands-free mining royalties


A voice-activated smart speaker (based on Amazon Alexa AI) that works exclusively for you, its owner, not the developer who sold it to you.

It offers: Hands-free personal assistance and anonymous shopping, a secure crypto hardware wallet, and easily earn hands-free mining royalties

Plaza Lifestyle Rewards™

All Plaza stakeholders—consumers, sellers, merchants—enjoy Plaza Lifestyle Rewards™, which pays out real value instantly and automatically without conditions attached

Total bCommerce Ecosystem

Plaza’s Total bCommerce™ ecosystem integrates the fast and future-proof MerchantChain™—the FASTEST distributed ledger designed for commerce—and the Freedom Lifestyle™ suite of consumer-friendly product search & payment tools. Any seller, large or small, may build a presence within the Total bCommerce Ecosystem by tapping the power of the MerchantChain.

Sign Up

To participate as a buyer or seller, simply create an account on the Plaza Platform, complete the easy KYC process and start transacting with MTC, a fixed-value cryptocurrency whose value never changes.

Start Mining

Download our Desktop or Mobile app and start mining (witnessing transactions) instantly. You will start earning royalties 24/7 with our eco-friendly MerchantChain, which uses no more power than any other mobile app.

Enjoy Your PlazaCard

The PlazaCard enables cryptocurrency owners to use the crypto assets stored in their wallet to transact with most standard merchants in the world, even if they are not a Plaza Merchant.

With a lifestyle-first focus, we concentrate on the needs and concerns of people accustomed to convenience and security and who are cognizant of the creeping invasion of corporations and governments into their digital lives.

Dual Cryptocurrencies Fuel the Ecosystem

Limited-supply tokens lead to price volatility as realised by even hardened “currencies” such as Bitcoin and Ether. Thus, to stabilise prices and provide certainty for both buyers and sellers, the MerchantChain issues a dedicated transaction coin; a true currency backed by real-world value.


A reusable ERC20 coin that is freely transferable on the Ethereum blockchain, PLAZA links the Total bCommerce Ecosystem with the rest of the crypto world. On a day-to-day basis, holders of PLAZA tokens interact with the Ecosystem through fee-free exchanges of PLAZA to and from MTCs.

PLAZA is also used to build dApps on the MerchantChain and pay ledger maintenance royalties, Plaza Lifestyle Rewards, arbitration fees, etc.


MerchantChain Transaction Coins (MTCs) allow for frictionless e-commerce throughout the Plaza Ecosystem as buyers and sellers freely conduct their business without worrying about large movements in the value of their medium of exchange.

MTCs are priced, issued, and redeemed according to the value of any fiat currency or a select list of commodities. MerchantChain dApp developers can even mint their own branded MTCs.


Plaza creates the leading decentralized consumer market with a lifestyle-first focus, the first to integrate a range of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

Q2 2017

PlazaMarket and PlazaCard integrated concept created.

Q3 2017

Plaza Concierge concept created. Founders started discussing with other experts to validate demand for concepts.

Q4 2017 - Q1 2018

White paper produced and validated. Prototypes developed to refine product offerings.

Q2 2018

Plaza to conduct Private & Public Presale Events. Alpha testing of MerchantChain. Demo MerchantChain technology at live events.

Q3 2018

Plaza to conduct a Token Generation Event. Alpha testing of PlazaConcierge. Platform UI/UX development. MerchantChain beta testing.

Q4 2018

Develop Plaza platform. MerchantChain live trials. Platform live trials. Plaza Concierge beta testing.

Q1 2019

Platform launch. Issue PlazaCards. Plaza Concierge production.

Q2 2019

Ship PlazaConcierge. Launch MerchantChain.

Q3 2019 and Beyond

Geographical expansion and growing the platform and MerchantChain protocol.

Read our White Paper for More Details

We trust you will find it informative and that it inspires you to join Plaza!

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Plaza Core Team

Kevin Johnson

CEO & Chief Architect

A serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, Kevin is an autodidact computer whiz kid, who has lived at the vanguard of various technology growth revolutions: early on embracing the DotCom boom, the e-commerce wave and more recently blockchain as a disruptive innovator. He relishes the challenges of leading companies through the startup phases of development.

Growing up a Silicon Valley nerd and tech insider, he was considered a prototypical “tech geek” who received grants from HP and designed his high school’s very first IT admin system. During the DotCom revolution, in 1997 (coinciding with going public and when 14% of the worldwide Internet users were located in California), Kevin founded his own successful California-wide ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Tracey Allan Powell

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Total bCommerce™ developer Plaza Systems has engaged veteran banking operations professional and in-demand consultant Tracey Allan Powell as Interim COO & Operations Advisor.

A careerist with more than six years at Washington Mutual followed by more than nine years at JP Morgan Chase, Mr Powell rose quickly up the ranks to take on vice presidential and senior executive directorship roles in banking operations and business analysis.

Ronald Aai

Technology Director

Ronald is a serial entrepreneur in the new world industry for the last twenty five years. He successfully built several internet businesses in his early career and has been developing new technologies for social media, payment, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telco systems, IOT solutions and blockchain technology. Ronald has several IP filed under his name related to mobile software development.

Michael Sinclair

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years. His primary focus has been development marketing and technology based companies in the U.S. and the Philippines. So much so, that he developed and sold Eprintpress, a successful online printing and marketing company to UBM, a Fortune 1000 company, in 1999. After Eprintpress, he created a successful nationwide real-estate company and built a large portfolio of real-estate holdings.

Michael is now an investor and serial entrepreneur involved in several ventures and startups. Michael also recognizes the importance of developing leadership in others and became a certified life coach from Choice Centre Worldwide. As CEO and Founder of several companies, Michael is responsible for executing the vision and bringing new ventures to market as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy.

David Gillbanks

Chief Communications Officer

An accomplished online communications & web content manager, David conceived and supervised the development of a website that won an international award, and was a member of a communications team lauded for its responses to humanitarian disasters and industry crises. David's background is in publishing and corporate & marketing communications in the lifestyle, property, travel & tourism, not-for-profit, and economic development sectors.

David Colton

Chief Commercial Officer

David was educated in the fields of finance and business administration in the UK. He has over 15 years of experience working as an entrepreneur and advisor in Southeast Asian markets. Formerly an Operations Manager for Marketplace Authority and a co-founder of Plaza.

Dr. Jason Corbett

Chief Legal Advisor

As a Managing Partner of Silk Legal, a Bangkok based international law firm, Jason has embraced the complexities opportunities and the benefits of conducting business in Thailand.

Based in Bangkok, he operates extensively in Hong Kong and Singapore serving clients from all over the globe.

A corporate lawyer by trade, and an entrepreneur at heart, Jason values long term relationships and loyalty towards long term success. Trained in the law and private practice in one of Canada’s largest law firms, his range extends from small business and start-ups to fortune industries in legal, finance, beverage manufacturing, hotel’s, environmental, e-commerce and professional consulting.

Jason's passion is in his output and results. He values connectivity and understands the need to push doors to get to the next level. To create and sustain businesses comes with good advice, financial support and proper mentor ship. He and the Silk Legal team do whatever it takes towards preparation and getting it done.

Yehoshua Westover

Director of Business Development & Innovation, Greater China

Angel Investor and Trusted Advisor, Yehoshua is the COO of China-Israel Science Technology Innovation Center (CISTIC), attending to project selection, overall investor relations, corporate funding, Blockchain innovation, corporate branding campaign and China Israel Chamber activities. He is Co-Founder of the publicly listed company 1st Prestige Wealth Management, Inc.

Additionally he is the Chairman of October Investment Management, which owns Wizards Capital (Funds: Fintech, Blockchain, Education, Travel, Agriculture), VIP Study Abroad, October Media, Super-Chain Software Solutions.

John has over 20 years experience in the Greater China region as an investment consultant and financial advisor in the asset management and investment industry. John is a popular expert guest speaker in Mandarin Chinese at investment forums and conventions in the region as a professor of Wall Street University, with over 500,000 accumulated students in the past decade.伍利群-2265847

Plaza Advisors

Bob Blower

Banking & Regulations Advisor

Plaza Systems has engaged seasoned banking technology and payments processing professional Bob Blower as Banking & Regulations Advisor.

With international experience with the likes of HSBC, Standard Bank, the UK Treasury, and Reuters, as well as a seat on the Federal Reserve Payments Improvement Committee, Mr Blower has a track record building efficiencies and inclusiveness into financial markets.

Matthew Brussel

InfoSec Advisor

Plaza Systems has engaged veteran data security professional Matthew Brussel as Infosec Advisor.

Currently an independent consultant and trainer in information technology, information security (infosec), and cyber security for US-based clients in the private sector and the US Department of Defence, Mr Brussel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Plaza Systems team.

Per Lind

Business Development Advisor

Blockchain-based e-commerce and consumer lifestyle developer Plaza Systems has engaged IOTA Foundation member Per Lind as Business Development Advisor.

Based in Asia, Mr Lind is a business development expert with a keen interest in what he describes as “new and exciting” software companies, including top-20 blockchain project (by crypto market capitalisation) IOTA and mobile biometric authentication provider HYPR.

Mike Morritt

Community Advisor

Total bCommerce and MerchantChain developer Plaza Systems has engaged the inimitable Mike “CryptoMickey” Morritt as Community Advisor.

Mr Morritt is the self-deprecatory “cock on the internet” who discusses crypto-related investments and token purchases on his growing CryptoFacto YouTube channel.

See our Website for all of the Details

Although you can also find most of the information right here, so read on!

Token Sale Details

The Token Sale will end upon reaching the hard cap or the scheduled end date, whichever comes first. Tokens will be transferable once the Token Sale has been completed.

Token Generation Event Starts

September 15, 2018

Token Name & Protocol

PLAZA is an ERC20 token

Hard Cap

100,000 ETH

Token Exchange Rate

1 ETH = 5,000 PLAZA

Minimum Contribution

0.25 ETH

Use of Proceeds


Token Distribution

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Read our White Paper for More Details

We trust you will find it informative and that it inspires you to join Plaza!


Plaza Deep Dive Series

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Plaza offers a state-of-the-art freedom lifestyle: the ability to quickly and conveniently browse and shop for the best deals across the whole Internet, anytime, and from anywhere; the convenience of AI; …

#2: PlazaMarket™

The Plaza platform is an aspirational consumer lifestyle product. At its centre is an AI-assisted metasearch engine that will scour the world wide web for the best options on goods and services, including those …

#3: PlazaConcierge™

The PlazaConcierge is an Amazon Alexa-enabled smart speaker that supports user interactions and notifications, while silently earning money 24/7 by mining PLAZA -- marketplace utility tokens -- and …

#4: PlazaCard™

The PlazaCard enables cryptocurrency owners to make everyday payments at any merchant. The process is the same as it would be with any other bank-issued debit or credit card. They can even …

#5: Plaza Merchants™

A convenient first step many of our users will take into their new Plaza lifestyle is through the doors of a Plaza Merchant where there will be the capacity to top up PlazaWallet balances, a stock of pre-paid …

#6: PlazaArbitration™

Plaza will introduce sophisticated, natural language, conversational chatbots for dispute resolution. Automated attempts at reconciliation are initiated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots …

#7: Plaza Ecosystem

Home to Plaza’s aspirational consumer lifestyle product, the Plaza ecosystem is created through the intelligent integration of established and emerging technologies. Buyers and sellers may interact within a …

#8: Technology Application Layers & the MerchantChain™

Plaza’s e-commerce-specific Merchant blockchain, MerchantChain, is an internal Proof of Work (PoW), low-power blockchain developed in-house and live tested…

#9: Plaza Business Model

Plaza looks to be one of the most innovative and trendsetting companies in the cutthroat e-commerce industry. To accomplish this we will emphasise the value proposition derived from our …


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