Sleekplay: Blockchain-based Monetization Platform preICO preICO
700.00 Soft Cap, ETH
1,500.00 Hard Cap, ETH
11 Mar, 2018 - 18 Mar, 2018 Campaign Duration (UTC)

Reinventing Online Content Monetization


SleekPlay is a content monetization platform that reinvents the way digital content driven applications are consumed, distributed and monetized. Sleekplay as a new cryptocurrency and blockchain powered platform is designed for long-session applications and incentives users with rewards for contributing device computing power and creates a new stream of income for application developers.  Long-session applications such as streaming and gaming apps as well as other applications that engage users for hours at a time, are prime beneficiaries of the SleekPlay blockchain platform.




The Problem: Ads are Obsolute

Ads distort the overall experience of a user engaging with content within an application. This eventually affects brand equity and decreases the overall value derived by the user. There is also definite price sensitivity in the market place, leading users to opt for free offerings as opposed to paid subscriptions.


The Solution: Decentralised Incentivisation

Our platform gives application developers a new way to monetize content and offer users incentives for contributing the computational power of their devices. Users can enjoy premium access, quality experience and unlimited content at no cost whilst application developers generate revenue from the value of their user-driven contributions.

Why Sleekplay?


Attractive Revenue Model

Developers and service providers can make more money without having to bug users with ads, as is the case with existing models.


Incentivized Engagement

SleekPlay encourages users to spend more time engaging with an application and are rewarded for doing so.



SleekPlay makes it possible for developers and providers to monetize content through our model without necessarily having to emliminate existing traditional models they may be employing. This way, our model can be tested and the results can lead the developer to completely implement our model for monetization.


Favorable compensation structure

Our compensation structure is unique in comparision to traditional models. We reward both users and developers for their participation. Payouts are very regular and faster than traditional methods.

How it Works

Sleekplay empowers users and developers, the two main actors within the content consumption cycle.

A Unique Goal-based Monetization Model

The SleekPlay platform adopts a goal system to determine how users and developers engage within the network to unlock rewards. A goal on the Sleekplay platform is a con-stant determined by, on one hand, device computing output and on the other hand,figures derived from our research done on long-session applications and core application categories (i.e. Media streaming applications and games). From our research, users spend 60 mins on music streaming, 140 mins on video streaming and 180 mins on games.

Sleekplay Value Flow Diagram


For Users

Users engaging with SleekPlay powered applications are given goals based on average session times as shown in our research. Within this period, they are able to contribute a certain amount of hashes to the network based on device capabilities which facilitates the unlocking of block rewards. These rewards are then paid out to the various actors within the system.

  • Quality user expereince while consuming content.
  • Opportunity to earn SKP and accrue value over time.
  • Gaining rewards for contributing to the network

For Developers

Developers integrate their application with SleekPlay after successfully going through our approval process. As users engage with their application and unlock rewards, the developers in turn incentivize users with certain application specific rewards such as discounted rates, ad free viewing, unlimited access to content, etc. These rewards are relative to the contribution made and are discretionary to the developer but incentivizes users to contribute more so developers earn more.

  • Developers benefit from our model than they would from ads in terms of revenue, with the same amount of users, since with SleekPlay, every users contributes but not every user clicks on an ad.
  • Increased engagement time within an application based on incentives offered
  • Quality service delivery and brand equity protection.
  • Developers integrating with SleekPlay attract more users with the allure of earning SKP, giving them a competitive edge over similar applications not integrating with Sleekplay.

Sharing Formula

In addition to application or service specific incentives offered to users by developers, the Sleekplay platform also offers user engagement rewards to users who surpass their daily goals. Users are rewarded with SKP coins accordingly when they meet their daily engagement goals, however users who fail to reach their engagement targets still get rewarded based on their contribution. In order to claim Sleekplay direct incentives users would need to create a Sleekplay account and connect their accounts to any Sleekplay powered application.


Developer Payouts

70% of the SKP generated is paid out to the developer. The developer can then decide on ways to incentive users to encourage continous engagement for more profit.

User Payouts

Users that meet and surpass their goals split 20% of SKP and 5% goes to users that fall short of the goal but still contribute to the network. This is a direct incentive from SleekPlay to encourage long session engagement with applications.

MarketPlace Analysis


Users spend over 60 mins on music streaming application, 140 mins on video streaming and over 180 on gaming applications.


At present, over 74% of all internet traffic come from video content.


85% of adults consume content on multiple devices at once.


Music streaming platforms such as Spotify have over 140 millions users, clearly showing a strong demand for digital content.

The Opportunity for SleekPlay

Our Focus: Long Session Applications

Long-session applications are applications that engage users for a sustained period of time. On-demand streaming providers such as Netflix, Spotify & Hulu are examples of providers that long-session applications. Video games are another example of long-session applications. Social media and communication driven applications are also of interest to SleekPlay and we are exploring its potential.

The Landscape:On-Demand Media Streaming & Video Games

Users are spending more time streaming media and playing games due to the current cross-platform nature of these services and applications. According to the NPD Group, there are over 34 million core gamers in the United States alone spending 22 hours a week playing video games. The story is no different with music and video streaming, where users spend an average of 60 minutes daily on streaming music and 140 minutes daily on video content5. These numbers are very conservative in an effort to paint a realistic picture of current user engagement.

SleekPlay Coin Economy

The SKP coin economy is based on a number of factors integrated into the network to ensure that value goes up over time and the community backing the coin benefits as a result.

Demand Mechanism

By limiting the amount of SKP in supply and making it possible for users to trade SKP in exchange for incentives, we are able to generate constant demand for the coin to enable its growth in value over time.

  • Limit the amount of SKP in supply to 18.4 billion SKP.
  • Reward users with SKP when goals are exceeded, which can then be traded.
  • Implementation of further use cases to promote the liquidity of the coin.

Digital Goods Economy

Users are rewarded with 25% of the SKP generated. This can then be used to purchase in app goods. A good example would be virtual gaming goods. This also creates an avenue for developers to get SKP and keeps the coin within the Sleek-play ecosystem.


The entire goal system is the backbone of the Sleekplay models is made possible by cryptocurrency mining. To meet the goals, users must mine which in turn will affect the economics of the coin. This is how mining positively affects our overall coin value.

  • All devices are connected to a central mining pool to generate SKP for the network.
  • All SKP generated directly goes to the pool and then distributed to developers and users based on hashes generated.
  • 70/25/5 split between developers, users and Sleekplay.
  • Increased mining within the network resulting in increase in coin value over time.

Currency Trading

Having SKP traded on exchanges with high liquidity is also a strategy for having an economically stable coin.  To achieve this goal, the coin has be designed to meet all the security and functionality requirements of popular exchanges. We are currently developing a robust GUI wallet which should be ready by the end of the ICO and integration of SKP into exchanges should be easy.

ICO Breakdown

Coin Offering

The Sleekplay ICO will be held in three stages. Firstly, an exclusive private round, followed by a pre sale event and then finally, the main ico event. For investors that contribute using the KicKICO platform, SKP tokens will be issued to you using the ER20 Ethereum protocol. These tokens can be redeemed for SKP coins on the sleekplay website once our web wallet manager goes live just before the presale event.

Coin Distribution


Unique Private Round

Sleekplay will run two rounds during the presale period before the main token sale. The first round is a private round. Investors get the SKP coins at its lowest possible value. You can join the private round with a minimum investment of 0.07 ETH. Investors that contribute 25 ETH or more get exclusive access to the SleekPlay hierarchy, Sleekplay events and special offers from all the platforms that will integrate with sleekplay as we grow.

Private round Rate:

$0.005 per SKP

Minimum Investment:

0.07 ETH

Private Access Investment:

25 ETH

Private Access Slots Available

40 slots

Soft Cap:

700 ETH

Hard Cap:

1500 ETH



Advisory & Team



Amarpreet Singh

ASEAN Advisor of Global Blockchain Foundation

Amar is one of the leading advocates and contributing member of Global Blockchain community, ASEAN Advisor of Global Blockchain Foundation, ICOBench rated top ‘Expert’ and is Advisory Board Member of many Blockchain projects around the world. Amar’s background includes working with Tier 1 firms such as Microsoft, the World Bank, Airbus etc., and advising startups and speaking at various technology forums. His educational background includes B.E. (Computer Science) and three Masters degrees from three Universities around the globe (including MBA from National University of Singapore).


Martin D Adams

CEO, Codec

CEO and Cofounder of Codec. He has served as a Royal Marines consultant on Psychographic terrain mapping for the UK. He is an advisor for Second Screen and the Inspire Movement and co-founder of the Digital leadership Council


Paul Mc Clements

Manager, Sandals PLC

Quality and Certification Manager at Sandal Plc. He has worked as a Certificates Engineer at Sira Services. He has been an advisor to the Defense Ordnance Safety Group

Core Team


Emmanuel Obare

Developer & CTO, Sleekplay

Responsible for the Sleekplay blockchain and entire back-end infrastructure. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Studied software engineering at the University of East London. He is well travelled and has been part of various tech startups around the world.


Isaac Ikoro

Business Strategist, Sleekplay

He studied Computer science at the University of Manitoba as well as business management. He is part of the development team building the Sleekplay platform and is also a seasoned consultant and business strategist, well-travelled and also consults for governments in developing countries.


Shannon Marie Harkin

Financial Analyst, Barclays bank

She is the financial analyst for the Sleekplay project overseeing all financial projections and decisions and the overall economics of the project. She has worked for Barclays Bank as a financial analyst, she is seasoned and vastly experienced.


Becky George-David

Software Developer, NatWest Markets

She is the overall operations manager for the Sleekplay project and developer. She has worked an associate software developer for NatWest markets and RBS markets.

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