Denis Bulavin
Hamster Marketplace ICO ICO
2,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
14,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
05 Mar, 2018 - 19 Mar, 2018 Campaign Duration
2 934,14 ETH Raised
7 Backers
13 Duration, days
2,000.00 ETH Soft cap
14,000.00 ETH Hard Cap
Soft Cap – $2 000 000
Hard Cap – $14 000 000
Dates – Feburary19th/March 19th
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I. Our project involves people with experience in the largest companies

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II. Mass media about us

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+ more than 40 publications


III. Project’s tokenomics

Absolutely transparent system of the main indicators of the platform, including budget, development of the marketplace via system of blockchain voting for vendors, transparent quality control for each product, objective information about the delivery - all this is realized through the multi-threaded blockchain system Emercoin. Our platform also uses the Ethereum blockchainfor tokens emission.

HMT token is utility token

Why do Hamster Marketplace participants need an HMT token:

  • Opportunity for manufacturers to sell without commission fees
  • To pay service fee
  • To pay for an internal promo on the platform
  • As a deposit which guarantee compliance with all requirements when verifying manufacturers
  • For discounts on purchases made with tokens
  • For additional functions of the Hamster Marketplace

How the Hamster Marketplace Will Ensure the Stability of Its Token After the crowdsale

Revision of the mechanics of payouts to the bounty hunters

We offer bounty hunters two models of payments: in tokens or immediately with money (by the nominal rate). If bounty hunter select tokens, they will be frozen. Therefore, you can sell tokens on the exchange only after the public beta of the project is launched or 9 months after the end of the main round of crowdsale.

Frozen share of project authors and early investors

In order to exclude suspicions of manipulation with the rate by the founders, early investors and any other persons who purchase or have already purchased tokens under special conditions and with a large discount, the project team freezes their circulation, as is the case with bounty hunters tokens.

Accelerated pace of development

In addition to the team that conducts crowdsale and raising funds, we already have a full development team with an impressive portfolio. This team is already busy creating an alpha version of the marketplace and is preparing for its release in the next 5 months. While maintaining the current pace of development, the launch of the public beta will take place with an easy advance of the Road Map schedule - at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2018.

Post-marketing and active communication with an audience

For these matters we have a full-fledged team of specialists, a marketing plan for the promotion and coverage of the platform and a planned budget, according to the WP

Integration of HMT into the financial mechanics of the project

When establishing the price of the token and the developing the Hamster's fiscal policy, the bank of Canada methodology is taken into account.



HMT token is not just a tool for carrying out crowdsdale and fundraising, but is fully integrated into the economic model of the marketplace. the HMT token has the potential for constant and stable growth not only at the moment of launching the site, but throughout the existence of the marketplace


Chart of the token demand on the secondary market, based on the factor of using the token functionality on the platform.

You can find more information in our technical


IV. Project’s roadmap


V. Sale of HMT tokens


VI. Who works on the project?

The Hamster Marketplace team includes more than 30 specialists with a unique experience in the largest e-commerce platforms of the world, leading financial companies, with experience in creating their own electronics production.

Executive Team

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